Foss Davao Experience - Nathaniel Jayme


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Foss Davao Experience - Nathaniel Jayme

  1. 1. Davao moving FOSSward Nathaniel B. Jayme DabaweGNU, Inc. - Member Lead Developer, Cruxade
  2. 2. It's about Community and Collaboration - Community of sharing existed before the proprietary world; - It is the basic support of the FOSS ecosystem; - Promotes independence and discovery of strenthgs in the locality as opposed to isolation and over-dependence; - Were weaknesses exist it is where collaboration with other community is needed to serve the Global Ecosystem of FOSS. Who may join the community? Anybody interested in FOSS. Community to support and nurture the values and virtues of FOSS.
  3. 3. Saying “thank you” to FOSS - Donation to projects; - Documentation of the project; - Contribute code - Report bugs - Introduce and assist others in using FOSS.
  4. 4. History of Dabawegnu - Engr. Ricardo Gonzales, considered Davao's FOSS Father - Started with a series of GNU/Linux sessions - Registered with Philippine Securities and Exhange Commission on December 5, 2003 - Aims to provide a venue for technical growth in FOSS technologies 200+ members
  5. 5. Community outreach and awareness - LTSP Project in Kapitan Tomas Elementary School at Magallanes - LTSP Project in Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industries Incorporated - Knowledge Management System and Website (DCCCII) - LinuxWorld 2005 : VO-IP and XUL - 1st Davao Software Freedom Day 2007 w/ USEP FOSS Club
  6. 6. Trainings and Seminars - GNU/Linux Basics and Administration (DabaweGNU lab) - Introduction to GNU/Linux (Notredame of Tacurong) - GNU/Linux Desktop – Ubuntu (National Comprehensive HighSchool of Nabunturan) - OpenOffice w/ Department of Health (STI, C.M. Recto) - Kape at Linux Saturday Sessions Object-oriented PHP GAMBAS Mozilla Programming Framework - XUL Ruby on Rails IPCop Firewall and QOS XML Technology and Specifications Software Version Control Vo-IP Bazaar, Subversion Virtualization Blender 3D GIMP - Creative Commons w/ Kaiban Davao, Inc (DabaweGNU lab) - IPR and Creative Commons: KURO Satellite (DabaweGNU lab)
  7. 7. Davao's FOSS Readiness Internet Cafe Association of Davao GNU/Linux and Internet Cafe Session April 2007 USEP FOSS Club (spearheaded by Val Quimno) 1st Davao Software Freedom Day 2007 University of South Eastern Philippines Presentation with NPTech (Non-profit Technology Roundtable) PhilHDDRA,, DabaweGNU Nov. 26, 2007 Upcoming Presentations with MSITE event (Dec. 07, 2007) Gutsy Linux (Ubuntu) – Holden Hao Browser Apps without the Browser (XulRunner) – Nathaniel Jayme Blender 3D – Marlo Simon “Ragingmon” Noval Ruby on Rails – Charles Pino / Mark Maglana
  8. 8. Davao's FOSS Readiness Companies using FOSS Davao Light Deco Machine Shop Emcor Jewm Eggs Kimbrez Corporation Mynd Consulting NCCC of Davao Non-goverment Organization Initiatitives for International Dialogue Local Goverment Councilor Pete Laviña
  9. 9. Opportunities to advocate for FOSS ICT Davao, Inc. - Officers and leaders are aware of FOSS and interested in helping in the advocacy. - Monthly Teknokapihan Non-Profit Technology Roundtable - 1st round table (Nov 26, 2007); planned to become a monthly meetup of non-profit organizations and technology providers;
  10. 10. Current Projects Cruxade FOSS Project framework utilizing xml technologies and the Mozilla Programming Frameworks. Healthcare System (IOSN ASEAN+3) a FOSS Project utilizing Cruxade for the medical community.
  11. 11. Envisioned Projects FOSS Mentorship Program provide trainees direct exposure to a FOSS project and immerse them as contributors with the help of core professional developers to coach them; trainees in turn are expected to share their experience and mentor new batch. FOSS Mi! A 5-day event comprised of a 2-days 1-track conference with exhibit and a 3-days training camp on FOSS technologies (4 courses). FOSS ICafe A promotional campaign aimed at encouraging Internet Cafes to install and make available FOSS to their customers.
  12. 12. Recipe for Success Understand society issues and the bigger meaning for FOSS Open standards Local ICT Industry Digital divide Out-of-school Youths Open content Be constant in your advocacy Establish e-community. Set monthly schedule of FOSS local users meetup. Be willing to “share” what you know Opportunity for members to develop confidence. Opportunity to practice and acquire good communication skills. Opportunity to build portfolio and for the organization to serve members. Let us collaborate!
  13. 13. Come to Davao! The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. Richard B. Sheridan +639228578028
  14. 14. Questions / Feedbacks