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Jeddah nana

  1. 1. JEDDAH
  2. 2. J DDAH Elocated on the coast of the Red Sea and is the major urban center of western Saudi Arabia. It is thelargest city in Makkah Province, the largest sea port on the Red Sea, and the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital city, Riyadh. With a population currently at 3.2 million, Jeddah is an important commercial hub in Saudi Arabia.
  3. 3. J DDAH EJeddah is the principal gateway to Mecca, Islams holiest city, which able-bodied Muslims are required to visit at least once in their lifetime. It is also a gateway to Medina, the second holiest place in Islam.
  4. 4. J DDAH EJeddah is focusing on further developing capital investment in scientific and engineering leadership within Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East. Jeddah was independently ranked 4th in the Africa / Mid-East region in terms of innovation in 2009
  5. 5. J DDAH EJeddah is one of Saudi Arabias primary resort cities and was named a Gamma world city by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network (GaWC).
  6. 6. J DDAH E Jeddah has been well known for its legendary money changers. The largest of said money changers at the time (the late Sheikh Salem BinMahfouz) eventually founded Saudi Arabias firstbank, the National Commercial Bank (NCB). Other notable trading families that have greatly impacted Saudi Arabia include the Ba-eshen,Bajubair, Bajammal, Bakhashab, Bakhashwain, Ali- Reda, Bin Zagr, Bin Mahfouz,Abdulfatah, Balubaid, and Kamel families, respectively.
  7. 7. J DDAH E Climate Jeddah features an arid climate under Koppens climate classification. Unlike other Saudi Arabian cities, Jeddah retains its warm temperature in winter, which can range from 15 °C (59 °F) at midnight to 25 °C (77 °F) in the afternoon. Summer temperatures are very hot, often breaking the 40 °C (104 °F) mark in the afternoon anddropping to 30 °C (86 °F) in the evening. Rainfall in Jeddahis generally sparse, and usually occurs in small amounts in December.
  8. 8. J DDAH E There have also been several notable incidents of hail. Heavy thunderstorms are common in winter. The thunderstorm of December 2008 was the largest in recent memory, with rain reaching around 3 inches (7.6 cm).In November 2009, there was a flood causing many cars to crash and many people to die.The king Abdullah then announced a 100,000 SR to thevictims. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Jeddah was 3 °C (37 °F) in the winter of 1995. The highest temperature ever recorded in Jeddah was 52.0 °C (125.6 °F) on June 22, 2010.
  9. 9. J DDAH E Location on map
  10. 10. J DDAH RE AURANT E ST S ALBAIKI find it hard to believe that a restaurant like Albaik is yet to be mentioned on this ingenious website. Then again, who doesn’t know Albaik? The fact that the place is so popular that it needs no mentioning might have been the reason..
  11. 11. J DDAH RE AURANT E ST S TOKIis a member of the Leylaty Group of restaurants, this alone raises ones expectations. From the outside you would be forgiven to think the building was just another part of Leylaty’s Wedding Hall. There really isn’t a lot that..
  12. 12. J DDAH RE AURANT E ST S WakameJeddah already has a thriving sushi culture with restaurants like Osaka, Sushi Yoshi, Benihana and Tempura all now well established. Even Danube now sell it. So its not surprising to
  13. 13. J DDAH VIE E W
  14. 14. J DDAH VIE E W
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