Women in puerto madero


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Women in puerto madero

  1. 1. Argentinian women Foreign women Alicia Moreau Manuela Sáenz Azucena Villaflor Pierina DealessiJuana Manuela Gorriti Trinidad Guevara
  2. 2.  Alicia Mareau of just: was a doctor and policy in Argentina, a leading figure of feminism and socialism. In 1906 he began his public activity in the forum of free thought with a work on education and that year also founded the first feminist center. In 1910 he was one of the organizers of the first international womens conference, founded the Athenian people. In 1918 he founded the national feminist union. Founded the socialist confederation in Argentina and the foundation john v cules just the prison until his death.
  3. 3.  Azucena Villaflor: Born in Avellaneda on April 7, 1924. His parents were too young (15 years his mother, Emma, and 21 his father, a Florentine) and working class. In 1949 she married Pedro de Vicentini and had 4 children. On April 30, 1977 demonstrated for the first time in the Plaza de Mayo in front of the pink house. On December 10, was kidnapped by gt (task force) His body was identified in 2005. On December 8, 2005 his ashes deposited in Plaza de Mayo.
  4. 4.  Juana Manuela Gorriti: born June 15, 1819 in Salta, the ruling military hija Jose Ignacio Gorriti. Extended study in principle Visitation nuns convent of nuns. She married Manuel Isidoro velzu, warlord of Bolivia. He had to go to Lima with sos children. In 1966 he paid to help care for the wounded at the siege of Callao. He moved to Buenos Aires in 1884. He died on November 6, 1892.
  5. 5.  Manuela Saenz: Born in Quito in 1795 and died in peru paita 1859. Wife of Dr. j thorne, conviertió Bolivars mistress (1822) the saved his life in 1828. He was banished from Peru. She was the daughter of Simon Saenz, her mother inside a school run by nuns of Santa Catalina, was 17 years. He died poor and void after 59 years.
  6. 6.  Pierina Dealessi: Born in Italy and as a child came to Buenos Aires. His career joining the cast in the theater El Nacional. In 1930 began his film career in the film Goodbye Argentina. He had important work. He died on January 1, 1983 in Buenos Aires at age 88.
  7. 7.  Trinidad Guevara was born 1798 in Santo Domingo de Soriano, Uruguay. Uruguayan actress. In the early 1800s, Trinity and his family moved to Montevideo, where his father worked as an actor and archivist. Trinidad began to act as supporting actress, excelling in various genres. At 17 he got his first role Patagonia. She was mistress of a married man with whom he had 6 children. He died in Buenos Aires in 1873.
  8. 8. RocíoXimenaMatíasYamilaCamila