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  1. 1. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Equatorial Guinea The rebirth of a nationPHOTO: MUNDO EN ARMONIA
  2. 2. Equatorial Guinea SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION 2A new U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelleapproach for Obama meet with Equatoguineansustainable President Teodoro Obiang and First Lady Constanciagrowth Mangue de Obiang in New York in 2010This past summer asthe eyes of the worldfollowed the came away effective-unfolding drama of ly shaking their headsWorld Cup soccer in in surprise, whileSouth Africa, another global market ana-lesser-known event, lysts immediately fol-but with far more lowed up by urginglong-term global emerging marketimpact, was taking investors to take aplace at the same new look at the area.time just down the Secondly,Presidentroad. Obiang addressedEquatorial Guinea’s the forum and an-President Obiang nounced that Equa-attended the Fortune torial Guinea wasGlobal Forum to effectively ‘turning thepresent to other page’.attendees the new The Fortune Global Forum each year brings In the speech that followed,the President out-and improved face of together the Fortune 500 CEOs,heads of state lined five major steps that will be taken in ordera nation that is and other dignitaries to discuss global eco- to fuel the country’s ongoing development,andrearing to develop nomic dynamics.This year’s forum,held in Cape to launch it into a new era. Over the nextunder sustainable Town from June 26-28 and entitled ‘The New decade, his government will: 1) Ensure Equato-principles Global Opportunity’,was also attended by Time rial Guinea’s membership in the Extractive Indus- 100 members – the world’s most influential tries Transparency Initiative; 2) Develop the people from diverse fields – as well as the Pres- social sectors; 3)Reform judicial institutions; 4) ident of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea Maintain close relations with international human Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. rights organizations;and 5) Work to ensure the Dedicated to exploring the extraordinary country’s environmental preservation. promise of the developing world with a special The President concluded by saying,“We have emphasis on Africa and its youthful and grow- a long road ahead of us to achieve these goals. ing population of 900 million consumers,the 2010 In many ways, we must radically change the forum did indeed witness some extraordinary, course of our history and some of our cul- though unexpected, and far-reaching events. ture.We will not ask those global groups whoTHIS SUPPLEMENT Firstly, Sub-Saharan Africa was exposed. Par- have criticized us to look the other way, butTO FOREIGN POLICY WAS ticipants, who were briefed on the opportuni- we do ask for patience and support from thePRODUCED BY ties and growth in the 48 countries that make international community so that we can becomeUNIVERSAL NEWS up the region by the McKinsey Global Institute, a full member of the world’s democracies.”Suite 341, Chrysler Building,132 East 43rd StreetNew York, NY 10017 At a glance oil reserves, and in AreaTel: (212) 497-5057 the last decade has 17,430 sq miles -Fax: (212) 845-8305 Independence become sub-Saha- slightly smalleruniversalnews@universal Equatorial Guinea gained inde- ran Africa’s third- than pendence in 1968 after 190 largest oil exporter Natural years of Spanish rule Location ResourcesEQUATORIAL GUINEA PROJECT: Petroleum Industry Western Africa, Petroleum, nat-Andrea Soifer, Project Director The nation has experienced bordering the Bight of Biafra, ural gas, timber, gold, baux-Juan Carlos Jover, Editorial Director rapid economic growth due to between Cameroon and ite, diamonds, tantalum, clay, the discovery of large offshore Gabon sand and gravel
  3. 3. Equatorial GuineaSPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION3The pillar of growth and Portugal’s Galp Energia,state- owned Sonagas is in the process of drafting a sector master plan that should be completed by theHydrocarbons are leveraging end of this year. Minister Owono credits North American companies forthe country’s development much of the success of the coun- try’s oil industry and says EG is seeking to ramp up activityNearly 95% of EG’s GDP is Africa’s third largest producer Marcelino Owono Edu, throughout the sector throughderived from its hydrocarbon of crude oil, currently pumping Minister of Mines, Industry new investment.industry. As Minister of Mines, more than 400,000 bpd. and Energy “We want to attract more FDIIndustry & Energy, Marcelino The country is looking to dou- throughout the sector’s entireOwono Edu oversees the vast ble output of natural gas in order regional electricity supply.In col- value chain,” he says,adding thatreserves that have transformed to serve gas-hungry Europe and laboration with Germany’s E.ON a new licensing round will openthe country into Sub-Saharan become a greater source of Ruhrgas, Spain’s Union Fenosa, at the end of 2010.A milestonefor thesubregion’shydrocarbonindustryCreated in 2001 totake over the directmanagement of thecountry’s petroleumassets, state oil giant GEPetrol has unveiled plans to create a network of service stations across the countryGEPetrol has sincegone on to exceed Becoming an oil and gas operator in Equato- mic work for operators in the country, andexpectations, rial Guinea is no small accomplishment. “We which is used by GEPetrol to survey unlicen-becoming the first are very proud of the fact that we are the first sed areas. GEPetrol is also an active investorCentral African national petroleum company in Central Africa and partner in Luba Freeport, which GEPetrolcompany to operate a to do so.We have long worked with interna- hopes to develop as a West African oil servicesblock of its own – an tional companies, and our meetings with them hub. Indeed, Luba is already the preferred baseachievement that motivated us to become an operator oursel- for most operators in the country, fast reali-GEPetrol’s ves,” says GEPetrol general manager Cándido zing GEPetrol’s vision of converting the free portmanagement says is a Nsue Okomo. into the operational hub for general Gulf of Gui-milestone for the In addition to being the technical operator nea activities.subregion’s of Equatorial Guinea’s offshore Block P, GEPe- In downstream operations,GEPetrol is a part-hydrocarbon industry trol manages the state’s participation in E&P con- ner in the Equatorial Guinea LNG Company, in tracts, acts as an agent for the sale of the addition to other ventures.The Equatorial Gui- government’s share of hydrocarbons and for nea LNG Company, a joint venture between licensing open acreage within the country, and Marathon Oil and the state company, operates participates in commercial ventures with other an LNG facility at Punta Europa on Bioko Island, national and foreign companies both in Equa- which shipped its first product in May 2007. In torial Guinea and abroad. GEPetrol works clo- May of this year, GEPetrol announced plans for sely with the Ministry of Mines, Industry and a new 20,000 barrel per day oil refinery at Mbi- Energy, the overall regulatory and administra- ni on the Atlantic coast. It also unveiled plans tive body for the sector. to build a nationwide network of service sta- GEPetrol’s partnerships include GESeis,a joint tions,construction on which is expected to get venture with Terra Energy that undertakes seis- under way before the end of the year.
  4. 4. Equatorial Guinea SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION 4Segesa: While Segesa has built up capac- ity, its distribution network re- quires a bit of fine-tuning. Powerclearing supply is still at times unreliable in the country due to aging equip-obstacles ment,and blackouts are not un- heard of in the nation’s capital. Consequently, and in lineto Horizon with the development goals of the Horizon 2020 national strat- egy,efforts are underway to mod-2020 ernize the grid,and some of the government’s largest infra-struc-With a monopoly on ture investments to date haveEquatorial Guinea’s been destined to this end.electricity sector, “We consider that electrical Segesa is working to improve power supplystate-run utility power is a key element in thecompany Segesa has a development process. Large- Omogo,a project to expand pro- will eventually generate 220 KWgenerating capacity scale projects are now underway duction on Bioko from 30MW for the mainland.that is more than on a national level in the coun- to 160MW and another project “We also have a project forcapable of meeting try’s electricity sector aimed pri- for the medium and low voltage the transport of high and lowdemand both on the marily at ensuring that electricity power grid modernization in the voltage from the Wele River tocontinent and the coverage is available throughout city of Malabo,which is being car- the city of Bata, where the lowisland of Bioko the entire country, and also at ried out by a Chinese corpora- and medium voltage network ensuring that it is a quality and low- tion. Another project now will also be replaced.We are also cost electricity supply,” comments underway is the construction of carrying out a project for the Juan Lupercio Nsibi Omogo,Sege- the Djibloho Hydroelectric Plant electrification of all the provin- sa’s general manager. on the continental region,expect- cial districts on the continental These include,according to Mr. ed to be completed in 2011,which region,” concludes Mr. Omogo.
  5. 5. Equatorial GuineaSPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION5A country underconstructionEquatorial Guinea is beingdeveloped from the ground upEG’s oil revenues are literally buildings or energy facilities orpaving the country’s streets as hospitals or electricity. Every-President Obiang lays down the thing that has been built in thefoundations of his Horizon 2020, last few years has been thankswhich aims to gain emerging to petroleum, and, of course,country status by that year. to the effort and work of Sogea Satom builds main roads that serve as vital arteries The country has invested Guineans,led by our president.”heavily in roads, ports, airports, And efforts are ongoing. Ac- 1,500 projects in the country.and housing projects over the last cording to the Ministry of Pub- Today,the infrastructure sectorfew years.As Minister of Mines, lic Works and Infrastructure, boasts a greater foreign presenceIndustry & Energy Marcelino which oversees all infrastructure than even the hydrocarbonOwono Edu said, “We have related projects through its GE industry.built this country from scratch, Projects initiative, there are cur- “The projects that we are cur-we did not inherit a thing.This rently more than 200 compa- rently carrying out will contributewas a village without roads or nies carrying out approximately to the creation of jobs and pave the way for the functioning of many other sectors that cannotEquatorial Guinea’s partner be exploited right now, such as tourism, fisheries, or industry,” José Ela Oyana, Minister ofin road development comments Minister of Public Planning, Economic Works & Infrastructure Marceli- Development & Investment no Oyono Ntutumu.“Personal-With a largely local workforce and a reputation for ly, what motivates me is seeingfinishing on time and on budget, Sogea Satom is the results of our work.We workbuilding EG’s vital arteries on average 15-18 hours a day and A branch of Vinci, the number one the changes that can be seen construction company in the world, throughout the country give me Sogea Satom has been present in a great sense of satisfaction.The Africa for more than 70 years, and infrastructure of ports and roadsin Equatorial Guinea for over 20. help and promote the exchange Sogea Satom GE,whose workforce comprises 90% Guineans, of trade and knowledge through-is helping the government achieve its Horizon Plan 2020 goals out EG.It unites different villagesby concentrating on the company’s strong suit: road construc- that were cut off before.” Marcelino Oyono Ntutumu,tion.And it certainly takes an expert in roads to deal with this Minister of Planning, Eco- Minister of Public Works &country’s tricky topography and climate.Packed with mountains nomic Development & Invest- Infrastructureand rivers, and with annual rainfall ranging between 76 and 430 ment José Ela Oyana adds,“Theinches depending on the zone,Equatorial Guinea presents obsta- exploitation of our petroleum This was the conference thatcles in developing road infrastructure rapidly and safely. as it is now being done was a set the framework for EG’s de- Sogea Satom began years ago building urban roads in Mongo- chieved thanks to the effort of velopment,says Minister, Evinayong, Mbini, Cogo and Bata, and is now addressing main President Obiang and his gov- One of the key strategies wasroads–including a national road from Bata to Mongomo–to afford ernment. Infrastructure was the reconstruction of basic infra-the growing country with improved access and communication. completely destroyed and in a structure.The Minister says that “Areas that were villages ten years ago are becoming towns very poor state of repair. When thanks to the petroleum sectornow, and in ten years from now, they will be cities.The whole he saw the potential that petro- and direct investment in nation-country is a very big construction site, and infrastructure needs leum had, he called the First al infrastructure development,to be developed to set off the economy and allow trade and indus- National Economic Conference, GDP has increased tenfold in thetry,” says Frank Casteleyn,managing director of Sogea Satom EG. it was September of 1997.” past decade.
  6. 6. Equatorial Guinea SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION 6Horizon Construction: a hive of activityMany landmark buildings in EG have Horizon’s signature on themWhile the country has been so I have no doubt that Hori-busy laying roads and building zon 2020 will be successful.”hospitals, ports and airports, For the time being, HorizonHorizon Construction has been will continue to undertake large-equally as active in carving out scale public projects in EG,saysthe architectural face of the new Mr. Jeha, while beginning to layEquatorial Guinea. the foundations of its interna- Horizon’s list of accomplish- tional expansion.Still,the com-ments to date include the ren- pany’s future visions involveovation of Bata’s monumental Horizon’s Tower Liberty will be EG’s tallest building more of an internal expansionclock tower, the Ministry of in design rather than a geo-Communications in Bata, a 10- Headed by Marwan Jeha, the They have put policies in place graphical move. Furthermore,floor commercial tower in Mal- company’s general manager, to build the right infrastructure Mr. Jeha does not foresee anyabo,the Public Treasury in Bata, Horizon has established itself as and to ensure that construction shortage of work in EG forthe Tower Liberty (a landmark one of EG’s leading construc- goes up.All these changes can some time to come.structure topped by a revolving tion companies over the past be seen when you pass by the He says the company is head-restaurant), the Palaces of Jus- decade,also completing a num- roads. You can see that the ing toward the construction oftice in both Bata and Malabo,and ber of residential projects rang- view of Equatorial Guinea is ‘intelligent buildings’,which willBata’s Grand Market shopping ing from individual villas to changing every day, and this use smart systems to controlcenter. Horizon’s upcoming apartment complexes in addi- reflects the vision of the Pres- everything from security toprojects will be equally as tion to major hotel projects. ident.He wants the country to electricity and water con-impressive and include the new Mr.Jeha comments,“The real- be completely transformed. sumption. Horizon also wantsairport in Bata and the city’s ity is that Equatorial Guinea is When he sets a goal, he makes to use more solar panels in itsconference center. a country under development. sure that everyone reaches it construction. Following national development, step by step Specialized in the construction of roads and bridges, Setraco has been putting this experience to good use in EG since 2003 With over 30 years of experi- first-class materials and state- ence, beginning with the con- of-the-art technology, Setraco struction of Nigerian townships EG has since undertaken a num- and district roads in 1977, ber of infrastructure projects Setraco is one of that country’s in Equatorial Guinea. largest construction compa- While the first few years in nies,and has over the last three the country represented a tri- decades made a significant con- al period for Setraco EG with tribution to Nigeria’s infra- relatively small public contracts, structure development. according to general manager In 2003 Setraco Equatorial Danilo Borserini, over the last Guinea (Setraco EG) was estab- five years Setraco has gone on lished.In line with founder Said to complete increasingly larg- Khalaf’s vision of participating er projects, culminating in its in the growth of developing current renovation of an entire countries around the world neighborhood of the capital, through the provision of inter- including the road works and national standard services, sanitation systems. including employing highly- “After a few tests, the gov- trained personnel, and using ernment has offered us a con-
  7. 7. Equatorial GuineaSPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION7Intelligent EG in addition to construction, which include quarrying, real estate services,electro-mechan-building ics, and landscaping. Upcom- ing projects in its construction division include the new MinistryAmerican BusinessInvestment of Finance in Malabo.Construction (ABIC) Although its quarry is anis contributing to equally important part ofpromoting ABIC’s activities in EG, Mr.national tourism Ahmad has a great deal of con-through the fidence in the country’s attrac-construction of tion as a tourist destination,world-class hotels and consequently, in further tourism construction for ABIC. ABIC has helped bring Hilton the brand to EG He states, “The nature and sights that exist in the country“Our job is not only based on be seen in hotels,governmental Ahmad. He comments, “The are incredible; there is greatthe construction or architectur- buildings, or hospitals.” hotel will surely contribute to potential for tourism.The sectoral aspects, the ones people can With the construction of promote national tourism. We has not yet been developed,butsee. Our job is to build and con- world class venues such as the are partners in the hotel and we Horizon 2020 promotes itsstruct intelligent buildings,” says new Hilton Malabo and a sec- have done the construction,but expansion,among other sectors.Yossef Ahmad, general manager ond Hilton hotel to be built in the hotel will be managed by People do not know a lot of theof ABIC, the company behind Bata,ABIC hopes to boost EG’s Hilton, having an international spots in this country because atMalabo’s new Hilton Hotel. budding tourism sector,an indus- operator such as Hilton pro- the moment, these places are “These buildings have systems try targeted for exploitation by motes tourism in addition to not ready to receive tourism.installed that require very spe- Horizon 2020,and which at the promoting the hotel itself.” They don’t have the necessarycific skills and abilities to oper- moment, mainly caters to busi- Established in 2004, ABIC infrastructure,but it is coming andate them, systems that can only ness travel, according to Mr. boasts a number of activities in rapidly.”tract that has given us the child of Said Khalaf, whoopportunity to show what we dreamt of helping Nigeria,andare made of and how to estab- later Equatorial Guinea,devel-lish infrastructure according to op,” says Mr. Borserini.“He isEuropean standards,” says Mr. a person who knows to per-Borserini, referring to the fection what policies a com-Paraiso neighborhood project. pany that is set up in Africa “This is the first time a pro- should adopt. Consequently,ject of this type has been car- we have formed a group ofried out by a single company. companies that can provideNormally one company would all types of services through-be in charge of the street con- out Africa.”struction,another of sanitation, Mr. Borserini says the radi-etc.This time, it is a complete cal transformation that EG isinfrastructure contract.” now undergoing is remark- Setraco EG forms part of the able.“It’s difficult to compareSetraco International Holding, Equatorial Guinea with anya group of over 20 companies other country in Africa,” hethat provide a range of con- says. “I have roughly 30 yearsstruction and infrastructure spe- of experience traveling andcialized services,such as bridge working across the globe, andand building construction, I know accelerated develop-design, and a special projects ment when I see it. If you lookdivision.Therefore,Setraco EG at the last six years in Equa-has access to specialized knowl- torial Guinea,you can see thatedge and can rely on its sister things have changed on a dai-companies to help the compa- ly basis, and that new con-ny expand its project range. structions are popping up “The Group is the brain- non-stop.”
  8. 8. Equatorial Guinea SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION 8Developing tourism ority, the government is pro- moting activities that will fos- ter its development. It will not undertake development activi-An undiscovered jewel in Africa is being unveiled ties per se, but rather facilitate them through issuing visas and streamlining bureaucratic pro- cedures. We have also ear-Minister of Information,Culture How is the government pro- Are there opportunities for marked specific projects andand Tourism Jerónimo Osa Osa moting tourism? private sector involvement? destinations, like the island ofEcoro speaks about one of the The country’s tourism sector The private sector is funda- Corisco,where the governmentworld’s least known destinations. is still in an embryonic stage but mental.Horizon 2020 envisions has committed to building a we are taking concrete steps to tourism as a source of eco- new airport to support tourism make it a reality. nomic growth.As this is a pri- development. Tourist attractions in Equa- torial Guinea are numerous so Modern and luxurious: we are working on a project with the World Tourism Orga- nization to make an inventory of our most attractive destina- tions. We also want to offer differ- the mirror of the new EG The Sofitel Malabo Presidential Palace upholds the ent types of tourism from elite French luxury chain’s standards of quality and service or luxury to ecotourism.There are luxury hotels for those who choose elite travel, but we alsoJerónimo Osa Osa Ecoro, want to provide accommodationMinister of Information, for those who want to travelCulture and Tourism with their backpacks. The beautiful Spanish colonial architecture of the Sofitel Malabo Business travellers arriving in EG today will not be lacking for luxury thanks to the Sofitel Malabo Presidential Palace. Opened in 2007, this 5-star hotel is a converted 18th cen- tury cloister, boasting 100 well-appointed rooms – including a presidential suite and three luxury suites – a world-class restaurant, two bars, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a 300m2 conference room. Located in downtown Malabo and overlooking the port, this hotel bearing the Sofitel seal of excellence, is a landmark establishment that falls right in line with the new image of the country: modern and luxurious. Guests can expect levels of quality and comfort unavailable as of yet outside the hotel, and do not have to worry about the occasional power or water cut.“Sofitel Malabo is our new flagship hotel in the region that will work as a model for further expansion”, says Mr. Chau- vet, General Manager of Sofitel Malabo. “EG is a small, safe and developing country with a gorgeous wildlife and tremendous potential for high class and MICE tourism.The government is building the country from scratch and envisions doing it in a record time; that is why it is very important for Western coun- tries to see and support what is taking place here.”
  9. 9. Equatorial GuineaSPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION9‘In the last Morocco-based Somagec is working to bridge its marine construction expertise withfive years, tourism development as it continues to unroll new mar-the country itime projects,such as the new deepwater port in Malabo, where it is constructing a pro-has really tection dike, 1,200 meters of pier with a roll-on,roll-off sta- tion,and an international con-undergone an tainer terminal. At the same time the com- Somagec is building a new port and boulevard in Kogoinfrastructure pany has also taken on projects such as the construction of a three-mile maritime boulevard nal,a roll-on,roll-off station,and fueling pier. Meanwhile in the city of will begin another soon in Annobon. General manager Jeanrevolution’ in the same city destined to become one of the country’s new leisure attractions. Kogo, Somagec is building a new port terminal, in addition to a new seaside boulevard. Charles Hayoz comments,“We have been here for five years, and in that time, we have suc-Somagec has been quickto recognize the Outside of the capital, Upcoming is a new port pro- cessfully completed manypossibilities in Equatorial Somagec is working on an air- ject on the island of Corisco, large-scale projects. We feelGuinea’s budding port and a new port project a destination targeted by the that the direction that the Pres-tourism industry on Annobon, which will pro- government for future tourism ident has taken with regards to vide the infrastructure the development and where infrastructure is one of the island needs to further devel- Somagec is currently con- best that a new country like op its tourism and trade poten- structing an airport and a hotel. Equatorial Guinea can take. In tial.The project will add a new The company also has hotels the last five years, the country jetty and dike to the port, as under construction in Kogo has really undergone an infra- well as a regional trade termi- and Media Luna (Bata), and structure revolution.”
  10. 10. Equatorial Guinea SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION 10Ports: multiple developmentsalong the coastIn addition to tourism, ports and maritimetransportation are destined to play a large role inEquatorial Guinea’s economic futureAiming to double the country’s ing itself as the hub for the Gulfport capacity through billion- of Guinea hydrocarbon indus-dollar investments in its har- try. A new port at Annobonbors, the government has was completed this year.multiple port renovations now “The ports throughout Equa- Ports and harbors have received significant investmentsunderway, not the least of which torial Guinea are a key pillar inis the $4.5 billion expansion of the development of the country marily for the export of cocoa. create a port that can handlePort of Malabo, aimed at creat- as they are the entryway,” says Today, it is a bustling, modern large tonnage ships and to lat-ing capacity for 1,200 ships a general manager of Equatorial commercial and industrial port er redistribute the goods fromyear and 40,000 containers. Guinea’s Port Administration, as is the Port of Bata, and the these ships to different ports in While the Port of Malabo is Alberto Nguema Lima.“This is expansion and renovation of neighboring countries,” explainsscheduled for full completion in true for all countries, but espe- each has resulted in significant Mr.Nguema. “We want to posi-2013 (80% of the work will be cially for Equatorial Guinea as all interest from the shipping world, tion ourselves as a transit port.completed by the beginning of international companies and according to Mr. Nguema, who This presents some challenges2011),the Port of Bata,the coun- investors must pass through the says the port administration has as there are other ports that aretry’s main port for transporta- ports as a first point of call.” received numerous calls from quite advanced and representtion of agricultural and forestry The ports have come a long shipping companies inquiring strong competition, but Equa-products, is also undergoing way since colonial times,accord- about the ports’ new capacities torial Guinea has two very bigextensive modernization, and a ing to Mr. Nguema, when the and facilities. advantages – the depth of itsthird port at Luba is position- Port of Malabo was used pri- “The government’s aim is to waters and its location.”
  11. 11. Equatorial GuineaSPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION11ICT: challenges and Hits brings innovation and competition to ICT sectorinvestment When Hits arrived in Equatorial Guinea, it hit the ground running, snatching up new customers with its innovative products and competitive pricesEquatorial Guinea’s ICT sector is In May 2008, the government of EG awarded Hits Africa a “We boldly took up the chal- lenge, and that strength got uspositively thriving 20-year license as the country’s second operator, and in No- vember 2009, the company in- to where we are today, still far from reaching our competition, Getesa, but getting closer. WeMinister of Transport, Techno- augurated the country’s first are introducing services thatlogy & IT Vicente Ehate Tomi converged network, consisting people have never seen before,says that although EG’s telecom- of mobile, fixed, and data net- GPRS is now a reality here, andmunications sector is still in its works. This was a historic we are making great strides inbaby stages, large-scale projects moment in EG’s telecoms sec- our efforts to provide service inhave been launched since the tor as it signified the end of the areas that have never hadSecond National Economic Con- main operator’s monopoly and telecommunications coverage.”ference and they will soon see the introduction of competition Mr.Bridault adds that Hits alsothe country’s first fiber optic sub- for the first time. offers mobile phone Internetmarine cable enter into opera- This competition has since service and that all of the com-tion. Further initiatives are Vicente Ehate Tomi, seen Getesa, the country’s first pany’s services are competitive-underway such as the installa- Minister of Transport, operator,drop its prices at least ly priced. Indeed, he says thattion of a national backbone cable Technology & IT three times and launch its first Hits prices are typically 15% toand connection to the ACE net- marketing campaign in 20 years, 20% lower than those of thework that connects SouthAfrica the general changes through- according to Secretary of State competition in the majority ofwith Europe. out Africa and at a global level. for ICT Carmelo Modú Ebuka, the countries where the com- “The evolution of the sector In-deed,all of the development and has resulted in a new impe- pany operates.has been significant and very pos- and investment that the oper- tus in the sector to improve cov- Looking forward, the generalitive,” adds Minister Ehate Tomi. ators and the government have erage, products, service, and manager says his goal is to reach“Just 15 years ago,the only com- made were fundamental; it is connectivity with the world. 300,000 subscribers within themunication device that existed really noticeable how the use Hits general manager, Hugh- next three years.“We want towas the landline.Today we have of the mobile phone has become es Bridault,says that although not reach an 80% penetration rate,”a system that is in operation an essential means of commu- easy,his company’s entrance in- concludes Mr.Bridault.“Equato-thanks to the help we received nication for the population.” to the market was necessary to rial Guinea is a small countryfrom China,which over the past Getesa general manager, end the monopoly and bring in and it can be covered quickly iffew years has built trenches in Catherine Rumillat,says nation- a second competitor. you know what you are doing.”the cities for the necessary infra- wide coverage is on its way.Gete-structure.” sa invested more than 9 billion The Minister says that the cel- FCFA ($19.3 million) last year,lular market has also thrived in she says, and the company hasthe past few years so that today many projects in the pipeline tocommunication within the coun- offer new products and Internettry and with the exterior is eas- service throughout the country.ily established. Mobile operator “In terms of telecommunica-Hits entered the country after tions infrastructure, many bigthe 2008 telecommunications projects are being launched,suchlaw opened the door to new as the cable between Malabooperators,breaking the monop- and Bata and the new opticaloly of the country’s single oper- fiber cable which will link Europeator at the time, Getesa. with South Africa (ACE),” she Secretary of State for ICT, adds.“Thanks to this cable,exist-Carmelo Modú Ebuka, adds, ing telecommunication compa-“We have witnessed tremen- nies and the ones that will comedous change in the sector. in the near future will be ableWe’ve had mobile telephony to offer services that currentlysince 1997. Since then, growth do not exist because of lack ofhas been spectacular, reflecting capacity.”
  12. 12. Equatorial Guinea SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION 12Banking system backs BANGE opens up new opportunities for SMEsrapid development Established in 2007 with a paid-up capital of €3 million, BANGE has quickly worked to establish 3 itself as ‘The Bank for Everyone’New infrastructure and products The National Bank of Equatori- money accessible to people who al Guinea (BANGE) is not just would not normally be able toaid economic diversification the only bank in the country with obtain a bank loan.” state-owned participation (45%), In addition to its corporate but it is also the nation’s favorite business, BANGE also offers aThe country’s banking sector has development, a priority for the with more than 10% market range of retail products for indi-remained strong and well capi- sector, and for the government. share.The Commercial Bank of viduals and has plans to extendtalized throughout the global Minister of Economy, Trade the Philippines is the govern- its branch network throughoutfinancial crisis as a result of its and Business Promotion Pedro ment’s foreign partner in the ven- the country. Services currentlysmall size and relatively scant Ondo Nguema says,“In recent ture (with 30% participation), include deposits,loans,telegraphinternational reach.The sector is years,the institutions in the finan- and private Equatoguinean inter- transfers,money orders,foreigncomprised of just four banks: cial system have made great ests own the remaining 25% of exchange,ATM withdrawal andBGFIBank GE, CCEI Bank GE, strides in the area of infrastruc- the bank’s shares.Société Générale de Banques GE ture, in opening new branches, Equatorial Guineaand National Bank of Equatori- launching communications net- has not had a nation-al Guinea (BANGE).Still,the sec- works etc.,as well as in expand- al bank since thetor, which is overseen by the ing the services they provide, Credit Bank closedBank of Central African States, such as transfers and ATM ser- its doors in large enough to sufficiently cov- vices.What is remaining for them BANGE was creat-er market needs and to finance to do is finance the economy. ed to provide finan- cial support to both public and private commercial and infra- structure projects, including those in the hydrocarbon indus- try.A second objec- tive behind the bank’s establishment was to provide support for the country’s SMEs,a mission that has received new impetus BANGE’s services are focused on since management of SMEs, corporations and homebuyers the bank was assumed by a German group in safety deposit boxes.The bank is the summer of 2009. also hoping to launch Master- “Since then we have devel- Card,Visa, JCB, and AMEX cards oped a special small and medi- before the end of this year. um enterprises department.We “We took over last year and foresee that a specialized SME at that time the bank was still in department in the bank is a its infancy.We are now trying to requirement for the future,” com- push it to the next level,not only ments BANGE’s general manag- in terms of services to the pub- er, Cornelis E.Verheezen. “We lic,but also in product innovation,” are working jointly with the says Mr. Verheezen.“We recent- Deputy Minister of Economic ly launched 20-year mortgages to Affairs to support the govern- allow more people to gain access ment,which wants to make funds to decent housing which is – next available,some €11 million ($15.3 to the SME business and corpo- million),to support SME activity rate – another pillar on which we in the country. We are making want to build the bank’s future.”
  13. 13. Equatorial GuineaSPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION13CCEI Bank GE finances nearly 70% of the national economyThe nation’s largest bank in terms of assets offers invaluable guidance for business in EGA subsidiary of Afriland First clients, not just as bankers, and credit with the faith that one day complete range of credit cards,Bank, a full service operating in consequently places great val- this country would be what it but it will wait until all its cardsvarious sub-Saharan countries, ue on the quality of its con- is today.” are internationally compatibleCCEI Bank GE was established sulting services, which provide Although it boasts a loyal before launching these prod-in Equatorial Guinea in 1994. clients with solid financial advice client base,CCEI Bank GE con- ucts.The bank is also workingWith head offices in the nation’s and assistance. tinues to progress, to expand its microcredit divi-capital,CCEI Bank GE also offers These services are also appar- adapting its sion and SME financing.branches in Bata, Ebibeyin and ently highly valued by the bank’s products “Contrary to what is some-Mongomo. customers – profits jumped by t o times believed,CCEI finances all CCEI Bank GE is currently 47% between 2007 and 2008, types of activities – large,medi-the nation’s largest bank in terms while deposits increased by um and small.We give loans,of assets (NAV was valued at 76% for the same period. technical assistance andmore than $28 million in April CCEI Bank GE deputy advice. Businessmen oftenof 2007), and it provides ser- general manager Alberto know how to grow theirvices to the nation’s largest com- Doria Lajay says,“The phi- business and make money,panies. Indeed, as one of the losophy of our bank, and but do not really under-longest-standing financial insti- the key to our success, has stand finance.When they pre-tutions in Equatorial Guinea, been a strong belief in this coun- sent us with a project, weCCEI Bank GE finances some try, in contrast to many other new technolo- guide them through the best70% of the nation’s economy. companies.We established here gies and seeking to ways of doing things. It’s good In addition to offering the full before the full development of offer the best services in the for the businessman and goodrange of traditional banking the hydrocarbon sector. Since market. Mr. Lajay says the bank for us as well because bad financ-products, CCEI Bank GE sees it believed in the country, the is working towards providing ing would be a problem for bothitself as partners with their bank began to invest and give internet banking as well as a parties,” says Mr. Lajay.
  14. 14. Equatorial Guinea SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION 14Health: a main pillar Health statistics for Equatorial Guinea in comparison to Africa Average for EG Average for Africaof Horizon 2020 Births assisted by qualified health personnel 63% 46% Prenatal care coverage 86% 73% Prevalence of HIV in adultsFor healthcare, the goals are over the age of 15 (2008) Antiretroviral treatment 3,343 per 100,000 4,735 per 100,000quantity as well as quality coverage for people with advanced HIV/AIDS 31% 30% % of children under 5 that received anti-malariaEstablished as a priority in the vide equal healthcare access in treatment for fever 49% 36%national development strategy, rural and urban areas alike.With Access toHorizon 2020, along with edu- aid from the African Develop- sanitation services 51% 33%cation,healthcare must increase ment Bank,the government has Source: World Health Organization (WHO)both in availability and level of constructed 52 counter refer-service, says the government, if ence centers (rural healthcare multinationals operating in the try’s basic transport infrastruc-the country is to reach emerg- clinics) throughout the country, country have their own health ture are also helping to supporting status within a decade. while each city has a district hos- programs as part of their CSR healthcare initiatives, says the Consequently, investment in pital in addition to the provin- initiatives, such as Marathon minister, who adds that themedical infrastructure is being cial and regional hospitals. Oil’s malaria control program, decline in infant mortality in EGmade throughout the country. Moreover, EG now boasts which has succeeded in reduc- is in large part due to the factClinics,hospitals,pharmaceutical some of the region’s most ing the mortality rate from this that parents can actually physi-facilities,and training centers are advanced clinics in private disease by 64% in children under cally get to hospitals thanks tonow under construction in var- healthcare,such as Clinica La Paz the age of five and has achieved new roadways that haveious regions in an effort to pro- in Bata.In addition,many of the a 57% decline in the prevalence improved access. of malaria infections in children Still,much remains to be done. between the ages of two and “The healthcare map has notLa Paz Medical Center five on Bioko Island. “Our mission with regards to the goals set out in Horizon yet covered the entire country,” the minister states,“but we are in the process of providing eachThe La Paz Medical Center ranks among the mostsophisticated and advanced hospitals in the region 2020 is to establish an equitable population nucleus with its own healthcare service for all citizens, medical clinic. We have com-Located in the city of Bata,Clin- an initiative of the government which means both better qual- pleted the construction of 52ica La Paz is one of the most to develop the country’s health- ity and quantity. Healthcare rural centers to date.”modern hospitals inWesternAfr- care sector.The idea was to cre- must be accessible to all,and in Given its current focus onica. Built in 2007 by Internation- ate a modern health clinic with order to bring this about, the healthcare, it was quite fittingal Medical Services GE in collabo- the same standards as there are government has launched a that EG hosted the Worldration with the national govern- in Europe,and to help provide a number of programs for the Health Organization’s 60th ses-ment,the clinic boasts the latest solution to the country’s health- construction of adequate infra- sion of the Regional Commit-technology and a highly qualified care problems.Before,many peo- structure, to create adequate tee for Africa this May.Ministermedical staff.Consequently,it has ple with serious health problems medicinal supply and to pro- Asué,pointing out that his coun-since gone on to quickly estab- have had to leave the country in vide professional training,” com- try has been a WHO memberlish itself as the region’s preferred order to find and receive the ments Minister of Health and since 1980, says, “We cannotmedical facility. healthcare they needed. Today, Social Welfare Francisco Pas- develop Equatorial Guinea’s General manager Dr. Alon they no longer need to do this.” cual Obama Asué. healthcare system in isolation.Stamler comments,“La Paz was Financing for these projects We operate within the frame- is drawn from three different work,and are obliged to follow budgets,says Minister Asué:one the recommendations of the for infrastructure construction, World Health Organization for another for expenses and mate- Africa with regards to the pro- rials and a third called the Social vision of basic healthcare and MINISTRY OF INFORMATION Development Fund, which healthcare development. We finances specific programs such feel that if healthcare is not well as those for the eradication of established in our rural areas malaria,HIV andAIDS,and tuber- then we cannot speak of the culosis, and first aid programs. healthcare for us encapsulated Improvements in the coun- in Horizon 2020.”
  15. 15. Equatorial GuineaSPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION15Education takescenter stage MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, CULTURE AND TOURISMHydrocarbon revenues arehelping build better schoolsWhat specific initiatives are There is now a national curricu-in place for the develop - lum for the level and all of the toolsment of the education sec- and textbooks needed for thetor? level have been provided.Reforms Education is the backbone of are ongoing in secondary edu- Primary education is mandatory for all Equatoguineansdevelopment; it is a guaranteed cation,where a professional train-investment in the future, ensur- ing option is being developed. Can you comment on the A new scientific researching a nation’s sustainable devel- Reforms are also being carried out 2012 African Nations Cup center has just been an-opment.The greatest investment at the university level,as the spe- (ANC), which your country nounced for Malabo. Canstemming from the government’s cializations offered are adapted to will host? you comment on the impor-plans and projects is destined the real needs of the country. These types of events tend tance of science in the coun-for the social sectors,and among More faculties are being intro- to boost the status of the host try’s development?these, the priority is education, duced as new needs arise. nation,depending on their size Science is a course that manyfollowed by healthcare and the and the quality of their orga- countries must take.Awareness-rest of the social aspects. nization. After the country raising campaigns must be orga- EG’s education system has was approved to hold the nized in order to promoterecently been reformed so as to ANC, the government began science and the importance oftransform it into the kind of to undertake preparations. scientists.Also, people must bequality education system that This will not be the first time aware that you can make a liv-meets the expectations of citi- we have organized the event ing as a scientist.zens. Our education system is as we have already hosted the That said, giving science pri-divided into three levels: early female championship, and the ority is difficult even when edu-childhood and pre-school,basic, experience we gained then cation is a government focus.and secondary. will be useful now. We want I do want to say that any sci- Basic,or primary,education is to prepare well so that ANC entist who would like to estab-obligatory for all Equatoguineans, 2012 is magnificently orga- lish himself here would beand there are ongoing reforms Filiberto Ntutumu Nguema, nized, and it positions us warmly welcomed and haveat this level.The first reforms have Minister of Education, Science strongly as a host for inter- access to all the necessary infra-been successfully completed. & Sports national events. structure.Modernizing the nation’s primary education systemPRODEGE is transforming traditional classrooms into interactive learning environmentsThis past May,992 new teachers lic/private partnership led by ence.The schools use an active training program, which wascelebrated their graduation from U.S. oil company Hess and the learning technique that encour- established in 2008, PRODEGEa two-year teacher training pro- government of EG, and imple- ages students to build critical has also built two training labo-gram in Bata.This was the first mented by the Academy for thinking skills and learn cooper- ratories in Bata and of professionals to come Educational Development. atively. Beyond classrooms, the To date, 75 PRODEGE nation-out of the country’s Program for In the four years since it was partnership has also built latrines al staff have been trained in pro-Educational Development of established,PRODEGE has estab- and drilled water wells to ensure ject management; 38 trainersEquatorial Guinea (PRODEGE) lished 40 model schools and intro- that students have safe, potable are mentoring teachers;and 80teacher diploma course. duced accelerated course work water and proper sanitation. inspectors have been trained inPRODEGE is a $50 million pub- in basic math, language, and sci- In addition to the teacher school supervision.