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Background on Proximity and Locations for session at Wireless Systems Congress 2011

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Wireless Systems Congress LocalSocial

  1. 1. PROXIMITY AND LOCATIONBEYOND THE CHECK-IN Sean  O Sullivan   CEO,  Rococo  So*ware   sos@rococoso*.com   twi5er  @sos100  
  2. 2. Somewhere  up  here…   WARNING!!  Most  presenta;ons  at  Wireless    Systems  2011  “Close  to  the  metal”   This  presenta;on  
  3. 3. Loca;on  •  Loca;on  has  seen  incredible  adop;on  on   mobile  within  the  last  2-­‐3  years  •  A*er  years  of  talking  about  “LBS”  (and   “finding  the  nearest  Starbucks”)  •  It  finally  happened!  •  Why?  
  4. 4. Loca;on  –  then  and  now   BACK THEN…(say 2005) BUT NOW….Hardware Very few mobile phones had GPS. All the major smartphone Very few Cell-Id enabled phones platforms have GPS, CellId and were available. WiFi-assisted location.Access and No common Location APIs available. Location APIs do vary byAPIs Those that did varied (a lot) by platform, but they are open, and operator. Often restricted in terms of they are consistent. In addition, access. value-add location services are available in abundance.Business Operators wanted to charge for Use of location is provided freeModel location “dips”, discouraging with the platform. Value-add developers and throttling potentially (paid) services are provided by successful applications. third parties, charging for apps, growing “big data”.
  5. 5. Loca;on  unleashed  •  When  loca;on  became  simple,  universal,  and   easy  for  developers,  it  “took  off”  •  Became  s;tched  in  to  a  wide  range  of   applica;ons  and  services  •  Way  beyond  what  might  have  been  originally   intended  •  Some  examples…  
  6. 6. What’s  my  point?  If  we  make  PROXIMITY  as  easy  to  use  for  developers  as  LOCATION  has  now  become,  then  we  will  unleash  a  similar  explosion  of  innova;on  and  crea;vity   That  would  be  GOOD  
  7. 7. Developers  and  Proximity   It’s  too  HARD  *   *  Especially  Bluetooth  
  8. 8. Could  it  be  simpler?  SOME  PROXIMITY  INITIATIVES  
  9. 9. AllJoyn  
  10. 10. AllJoyn  
  11. 11. LoKast  /  Nearverse  
  12. 12. Nokia  Instant  Community  
  13. 13. + + LocalSocial Client Libraries Apps Cloud Service for Mobile Devices Developers build proximity-enabled applications using theLocalSocial Libraries. The libraries in turn use the LocalSocialCloud service (via APIs). LocalSocial Developers Retail / Location Cloud Service Partner Apps can react when other LocalSocial-enabled Apps are withinrange, or when any location is within range. Enables loyaltytracking, hyperlocal offers, vouchers, gaming, social browsing….
  14. 14. LocalSocial: Proximity PlatformApps .. And others... TweetAround   Tagster   Details at http://www.mylocalsocial.com/apps Platform http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAB3ZmrFaLI
  15. 15. Mobile   Cloud   Social   Oauth   Proximity   LinkedIn   Android   Dowser   Dowser   Android   Tagster   J2ME   Website   Interface   mylocalsocial.com   for  third  party   service   LinkedIn   Facebook   API LocalSocial  Library   LocalSocial  Service     Twi5er    JSR82   Last.fm   Android   Server   DB    Java  /J2ME  
  16. 16. ToothTag  /  NeuAer  
  17. 17. Retail  and  more  ….  PROXIMITY  USE  CASES  
  18. 18. Shopkick  
  19. 19. Placecast  
  20. 20. Aisle411  
  21. 21. punchd  
  22. 22. punchd  
  23. 23. JiWire  
  24. 24. FourSquare  Business  trac;on  
  25. 25. NTT  DoCoMo  Tap  to  Follow  NFC  
  26. 26. Nintendo  StreetPass  
  27. 27. Sonar  
  28. 28. Summary    •  If  we  really  make  proximity  easier  to  use,  the   usage,  and  use  cases,  will  explode  •  Several  ini;a;ves  underway  to  help  achieve   this  –  including  LocalSocial  •  Watch  out  for  retail  –  it’s  a  great  market  for   proximity,  including  Low  Energy  Bluetooth  •  More  at  :  www.mylocalsocial.com  
  29. 29. And  if  you’re  really  bored      BACKGROUND  SLIDES  
  30. 30. Proximity  Features  /  Benefits  Indoor Proximity technologies, such as WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC, all work great indoors,operation where many Location-based technologies struggle.Accuracy / The varying resolution distances of Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC are ideal for differentResolution scenarios, so that the service can be used to tell if someone is “nearby”, “in store” or “standing by the handbags”.Interaction WiFi and Bluetooth enable direct two-way connections between, for example, arichness retailer and the customer on-site. For example – a store might like to make staff aware that a “Platinum customer” just walked on premise, or find other entertaining and fun ways to acknowledge to the customer‘s presence. Proximity technology enables “we detect you” functionality (with your permission).Zero action WiFi and Bluetooth may both be used in a symmetrical fashion wrt detectionrequired (“customer detects store”) or (“store detects customer”). As a result, some very useful scenarios are available to customers (“just see me when I’m in store and do something – make me an offer!”) – without them having to do anything.“Right here Short-range wireless can be thought of as enabling a “place based network” – aRight now” spontaneous network that’s right here, right now (not who was here 30 minutes ago). This ability to support real-time interactions can be used to create smarter and more interesting interactions between people and “things nearby”.
  31. 31. NFC QR BLUETOOTH WIFI1 Foot 1-30 Feet 1-50 Feet
  32. 32. Proximity  and  Loca;on  •  We’re  focused  on  proximity  •  We  believe  proximity  is  complimentary,  but   different,  to  loca;on  •  And  we  believe  it  can  help  power  some   scenarios  between  people  and  businesses  in  a   simple,  elegant,  efficient  way  •  As  they  are  related  –  it’s  worth  a  few  minutes   to  clarify  their  rela;onship  
  33. 33. Proximity  and  Loca;on  Proximity   LocaJon   FOCUS  What’s  near?   Where  am  I?  
  34. 34. Proximity  and  Loca;on   Proximity   LocaJon   TECHNOLOGY  Bluetooth,  WiFi,  NFC,  QR   GPS,  Cell  ID,  WiFi  
  35. 35. Proximity  and  Loca;on   Proximity   LocaJon   Uses  See  what’s  near  right  now,  communicate,  see  it   Locate  me,  route  me,  tell  me  about  arrive,  leave…   stuff  nearby  
  36. 36. Uses  LocaJon   Proximity  •  Locate  me   •  For  businesses  -­‐  see  devices  •  Show  me  X  nearby   nearby  –  as  they  arrive,   (restaurant,  pub,  service,   dwell,  leave  (not  only  when/ business,  etc.)   if  they  check-­‐in)  •  Many  uses  keyed  off   •  Real-­‐;me,  here  &  now  view   loca;on   •  Fine-­‐grained  resolu;on  (“in   –  Biz  finding,  rou;ng,  checkins,   the  shop”)  (“on  the  train”)   people  finding,  serendipity  
  37. 37. Proximity  and  Loca;on   Proximity   LocaJon   Examples  StreetPass,  AngryBirds  Magic,   Google  Maps,  FourSquare,  Facebook  Color,…   Places,  geotagging,…  
  38. 38. Proximity  /  Loca;on  •  Of  course  -­‐  they’re  related  •  If  I  know  where  two  things  are   –  I  can  determine  how  close  they  are  (proximity)  •  If  I  can  see  things  nearby  (using  short  range   wireless)   –  Then  I  may  be  able  to  look  them  up  to  find  out  where   they  are  (loca;on)  •  Proximity  is  inherently  “short  range”   –  We  think  of  things  being  “in  the  room”,  “in  the  train   carriage”,  “in  the  café”  with  me  
  39. 39. Proximity  /  Loca;on  •  They  can  work  well   •  Proximity:  to  be   together  –  or  alone   “checked  out”    •  Together:   –  no;ce,  people  check  in   –  Loca;on  to  find   with  FourSquare,  but   businesses  nearby   they  never  check  out!   –  Proximity  :  to  be   •  Proximity  can  bring:   detected  by  that   –  Here  and  right  now   business  when  you’re   –  Talk  to  me  /   right  outside  /  inside   communica;on   –  Proximity:  to  indicate   –  Autodetect     you’re  at  Till2