LocalSocial Overview Q409v3


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Background on the LocalSocial Project

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LocalSocial Overview Q409v3

  1. 1. LocalSocial Mobile Social Networking Social Proximity Framework A joint project with Rococo Software, University College Dublin, and the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC)
  2. 2. Who? Who’s behind the LocalSocial Project? What? What are we doing? Why? Why might this be cool? Status Progress / Status
  3. 3. Who? LocalSocial Team • Rococo Software – Java/Bluetooth software (JSR82) – Software shipped on over 200M phones • UCD – Wireless and Mobile R&D – Bluebook Final Year Project • National Digital Research Centre – Translational Research – Focus on Digital Media / Digital technology Kicked off: Jan ‘09, 18 month duration
  4. 4. What? LocalSocial in a nutshell • Social Proximity Framework – Goal: Make it easy for developers to create mobile applications that can combine real- world and social information. Real World Social World What’s around me? Activity Status What can I connect to? Friendship LocalSocial © LocalSocial - Commerical in confidence
  5. 5. What? Some Problems • Heterogeneous social networks with different interfaces – Difficult to work with - especially for mobile • Finding “things or people nearby” is very complex for application developers – Many APIs, and very low-level © LocalSocial - Commerical in confidence
  6. 6. What? LocalSocial Elements Location Location GPS GigMonkey People LOCALSOCIAL Location Devices aGPS LOCALSOCIAL Social Context ?? ?? Aggregation Bluetooth F/W APIs Context Location Access Points WiFi Derivation RfID Things nearby Devices People Photos Location Location © LocalSocial - Commerical in confidence
  7. 7. What? LocalSocial Architecture © LocalSocial - Commerical in confidence
  8. 8. What? On Device Framework © LocalSocial - Commerical in confidence
  9. 9. What? Technical Elements DEVICE WEB GigMonkey! OpenSocial People Places Things Locales … Interfaces Social Aggregation Code Generation Context Custom Gen’d Native WebApp Code Derivation Symbian, Android, J2ME, iPhone BONDI, OpenAjax, JavaFX FRAMEWORK Proximity Monitor Known Locales Profiles Framework Known Devices Event Mgt. … © LocalSocial - Commerical in confidence
  10. 10. Progress Progress to date: Technical • Proximity Framework – Uses Bluetooth for proximity and identity – On-device software • Registers user’s device with the framework • Scans and reports on people/things nearby • Display user’s preferred social profile(s) – Web-based server and service • Users register • Connect themselves to their online profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) – Implemented ; on third version now • GigMonkey (Test app that uses the framework) – Uses Last.fm for music preferences, Facebook for connections • In live test now: – Web Server and Service – Bebo and Facebook Apps – iPhone and Java Mobile clients © LocalSocial - Commerical in confidence
  11. 11. Cool? Proximity Functionality Downloads app and runs it. Scans LocalSocial sees neighbourhood. the User registers with User connects LocalSocial Bluetooth devices LocalSocial. account to supported social nearby. Looks them networks up in L/S Service. nn:nn:nn:nn John’s TV nn:nn:nn:nn Sean’s Phone nn:nn:nn:nn Access Point1 nn:nn:nn:nn Access Point2 Users sees SN For known devices status and chatter with SN profiles - for people nearby latest profile information is pulled from the web © LocalSocial - Commerical in confidence
  12. 12. €? How will we make money? License LocalSocial Aplix, IBM, EMP, Motorola, OpenPlug, Mobile and embedded market HTC, Qualcomm, CSR, iAnywhere LinkedIn, Bebo, Plaxo, Social network players mySpace, Soocial, iMeem, MIG33, BluePulse, itsmy, Jaiku, Zyb Mobile Operators, Other players Mobile Distillery, Nellymoser, Newbay, Conference NDRC helps drive the commercial and licensing options
  13. 13. Sean O Sullivan : sos@mylocalsocial.com Sean Murphy : seanmurphy@mylocalsocial.com Karl Quinn : karl.quinn@ndrc.ie