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LocalSocial @ MoMoLo


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LocalSocial presentation at Mobile Monday London April 2011

Published in: Technology
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LocalSocial @ MoMoLo

  1. 1. POWERING PROXIMITY Sean  O Sullivan   CEO,  Rococo  So*ware   sos@rococoso*.com   twi5er  @sos100  
  3. 3. Make is as easy to use Proximity in yourapplications, as it is to use Location today
  4. 4. Proximity  Pla<orm  
  5. 5. + + LocalSocial Client Libraries Apps Cloud Service for Mobile Devices Developers build proximity-enabled applications using theLocalSocial Libraries. The libraries in turn use the LocalSocial Cloudservice (via APIs). LocalSocial Developers Cloud Service Retail / Location Partner Apps can react when other LocalSocial-enabled Apps are within range,or when any location is within range. Enables loyalty tracking, hyperlocaloffers, vouchers, gaming, social browsing….
  6. 6. ArchitectureMobile   Proximity   Cloud   Social   LinkedIn   Oauth   Android   Dowser   Dowser   Android   Tagster   J2ME   Website   Interface  for   third  party  service   LinkedIn   Facebook   API LocalSocial  SDK   LocalSocial  Service     Twi5er    JSR82   Android   Server   DB    Java  /J2ME  
  7. 7. ApplicationsPerson to person Person to Business
  8. 8. tagster
  9. 9. dowser
  10. 10. nearbuyers
  11. 11. Open API Android and J2ME Support Android Market Apps: tagster, dowser