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Dial2Do Slides for ICIN 2009

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Dial2Do ICIN 09

  1. 1. Web and Telecoms : from the trenches Sean O Sullivan, CTO, Dial2Do sos@dial2do.com
  2. 2. Who am I and why do I care? Rococo Software (2000) Java/Bluetooth Software (JSR82) 200M Mobile phones to date (Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, more….) Dial2Do (Rococo spin-out 2009) Voice Activation Platform targeted at hands-free users (e.g. drivers) Text, Email, Twitter, Reminders and more - by dialling a number and speaking Partner with hands-free providers to offer services “Powered by Dial2Do”
  3. 3. What if telcos were really web 2.0 savvy? Text messages might be free, in return for them being open, searchable, and re-usable Every time I texted a friend, or called them, it would be / could be posted to a website When I went to call someone, contextual information would be pulled realtime from the web
  4. 4. Mobile attraction Mobile is simply “where it’s at” for developers The notion of not being able to seamlessly engage with “my web stuff” while on the move will soon be “quaint” Facebook 5M Mobile users (Aug 08) 25M Mobile users (Feb 09) 65M Mobile users (Sep 09) Hence, lots of “web pedigree” developers now rushing to mobile And when they get there, they have quite a reaction…
  5. 5. I’d rather develop for? Internet Mobile Lots of tools, mostly free, core set Lots of tools, mostly free, each set may works for any browser address a different “platform” Different capabilities may be available in different regions, operators, devices Application available day one, Control is with the operators, or worldwide, under my control aggregators, or both. Process could involve both cost and time to be “certified” Billing and pricing easy, and my share Billing can vary wildly, and share will is predictable ! Many apps free… vary based on approach, on-portal, off- portal, aggregators. Free is still treated as suspicious! I figure out how to get noticed Operator cherry picks winners
  6. 6. Wish list Help ease fragmentation issues Simplify getting paid Share more revenue Let me at the network assets Get out of my way
  7. 7. Fragmentation Fragmentation is getting worse, not better platforms : Symbian, Microsoft, J2ME/Java, Apple, Android, LiMo, WebOS,…. devices : regional variations, operator variations,… OMTP-BONDI? approach : native apps, widgets (Yahoo, Google, Widsets, Opera,… ), web apps, … network : Orange APIs, Vodafone APIs, O2 APIs, … ONE-API?
  8. 8. Simplify getting paid Payment options are all over the map Network based billing APIS Minimal intrusion to end user experience Predictable payment timescales
  9. 9. Share more revenue Apple’s 70/30 is a black hole - sucking in developers
  10. 10. What affects developer decision? How hard is it? How cool is it? (rich) Who will be able to use it? (reach) What’s the time-to-use? (speed) How will end users be able to pay? (payment) How much money can I keep? (margin)
  11. 11. Think hard about reach… Source: Shamelessly taken from GetJar App Store Comparison on Slideshare
  12. 12. App Store Comparison Source: Shamelessly taken from GetJar App Store Comparison on Slideshare
  13. 13. Platform / Developer Choice (or confusion) Device APIs telephony service platforms ? Aggregator / Network / Service APIs Operator APIs
  14. 14. Orange APIs
  15. 15. Betavine
  16. 16. oneAPI
  17. 17. Ribbit (part of BT)
  18. 18. Jaduka, Ifbyphone, Twilio, CloudVox
  19. 19. Many social networks Lots of social networks
  20. 20. Summary APIs Lots of them! The question is - how to make a sensible choice, commitment to a given set of APIs? Key considerations Reach, Price, Time-to-Use, Revenue Share, Geography, Skillset, Richness/Features Hard stuff Call control, billing and payment, rich network access. No common APIs across operators/carriers. Help? See links in backup slides
  21. 21. Links / References http://oneapi.aepona.com/ http://developers.facebook.com/ http://blog.dial2do.com/ http://www.slideshare.net/sos100/presentations CEBP and http://www.alanquayle.com Voice Mashups http://thethomashowecompany.com/