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Dial2Do Backgrounder Q209


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Backgrounder on Dial2Do : One number to get things done. A handsfree phone service that lets you text, email, and more by just dialling a number and speaking.

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Dial2Do Backgrounder Q209

  1. 1. one number to get things done, hands-free Sean O Sullivan Peter Baldwin CTO Strategic Business Development
  2. 2. Hands-free time in the car • 80% of workers commute 48 mins/day • Hands-free legislation rolling out • 70m Bluetooth Headsets sold 2008
  3. 3. What can we do hands-free ? Phone Calls Services • SMS • Email • Reminders • Diary • Twitter • Content Access
  4. 4. To date… • Website opened September ‘08 – Beta, Free, “knock yourself out”… – 30 seconds to register – Showcase for Dial2Do services – Goal: acquire user and usage data and sign up partners • Today – 10k+ users; 40-100 new per day – 80% North America; rest UK, Ireland, others – Average more then one service per call
  5. 5. Proposition • Dial2Do is a Value-Add Voice Platfom • Partner-Driven Approach – Bluetooth Headset / Handsfree manufacturers – Operators/ISPs – Internet players • Not Voice-to-text centric – Services crafted in audio-only and with- transcription variants – Over half the services are “listen to” services – Business model flexibility
  6. 6. Business Model Monthly or Annual Subscription Tiered pricing based on services selected Per-user, Comments Per-month Reminders Listen to reminders $1.99 Basic package Email Listen to Email Audio only Reminders Listen to reminders Email Listen to Email Basic productivity $3.99 With transcription Calendar Listen to Calendar Cap on messages, duration Text Reminders Listen to reminders Business Pro With transcription Email Listen to Email Enterprise App Integration $9.99 Calendar Listen to Calendar (Zimbra, SugarCRM, Salesforce etc.) Xpenser Translate Yammer Call
  7. 7. Headset example: SouthWing
  8. 8. Device Manufacturer Partner
  9. 9. Operator / ISP Example: Zimbra • Irish ISP upgrading web mail platform to Zimbra (500k accounts, 50K weekly active users) • Looking for value-add to “plain” email when they re-launch • Offering “powered by Dial2Do” – Dial2Do Zimlet provisioned – Email and Listen to Email – Calendar and Listen to Calendar • July ‘09 Launch • Integration : 3-4 weeks
  10. 10. Internet Example: If they already have a Dial2Do User offered account - they option to register can just add the for Dial2Do “in service in their situ” from Dial2Do settings Expenser. Happes via Dial2Do API • Xpenser: 10k users; 20% signup; “active” users • Evernote: >800k users
  11. 11. Go To Market • Headset and Hands-free – Commenced discussions with most of the tier 1 providers – SoungWing first public deal • Operator / ISPs – “powered by Dial2Do” for Zimbra in Ireland launches June • Internet players – Premium / Low-cost offerings to fit with the partner offering – First revenue-generating deals in Q2
  12. 12. Dial2Do Platform Simplicity: Easy to launch new services Breadth: 40+ services today Speed: Rapidly launch new services International: 24 countries
  13. 13. one number to get things done, hands-free Sean O Sullivan, CTO