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Sorrento Scenario Spring 2011- newsletter

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Sorrento Scenario Spring 2011- newsletter

  1. 1. S the Centre cenario the Sorrento Scenario Reflections From the Director Spring 2011 A Newsletter for the Associates of Sorrento Centre The Annual A Message from the Executive Director General Meeting Dear Friends: of the Associates of Sorrento Welcome to the first Scenario for 2011. There’s been lots going on since last we wrote, some of which you will find highlighted in these pages. Centre The Annual General Meeting We continue to work on our communications with you. We hope you liked of the Associates of Sorrento the design as well as the content of our new program book. We were not Centre will be held on Saturday, only able to update the design and increase the content; we were also May 14, 2011, at 1:00 pm. All able to reduce the cost of printing the book due to Norman’s diligent Associates in good standing comparison shopping. Congratulations to Norman! are invited to attend. Those Associates who are registered You will see some of the same design elements in our new website. This for the Associates’ Work/ is the work of Brian Dench, our gifted webpage designer. Brian will be Study Week and who would leading a course in Celtic Knot design at the Centre this summer so make like to stay for the AGM are sure you drop by and give him some feedback on his work! Chris Lind encouraged to do so. Please note that this year the AGM One of the delights of the fall was being contacted by David Stanley, Youth Staff ‘86. David is is being held on a Saturday helping organise a reunion for the youth staff of that year. They are arriving on Saturday July 30 rather than a Friday. This is and leaving on Sunday July 31 though we naturally hope some will want to take in the week being done to make it easier on either side. If that’s your year, you can contact David on Facebook. If you want to organise a for Associates who are not reunion for your year, give the office a call to check out dates. able to attend on a week day. Please contact the office if you One of the other eggs that’s hatching this spring is our new Sabbatical Centre. It will run from need to book a room or extend September through May each year and it will provide an opportunity for writers, artists, clergy, your stay with us. academics and other professionals to retreat from the busy-ness of everyday life. Some will come with specific projects to focus on. Others will simply want to engage in the discipline of reflective practice in order to integrate their work life, their home life and their spiritual life. If you know of anyone in that situation, have them drop me a line at Yours in faith, Chris Spring, 2011 Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line:
  2. 2. Spring Courses at Sorrento Centre Tending the Holy: A Contempletive Silent Lenten Retreat There is no doubt that as our world has March 27-31 become more complex the background layer of noise in it has increased: airplanes flyoverhead, traffic noise is inescapable, and many of us are cocoonedin the world of our ipods or mp3 players. Even in the quietest spaceswe inhabit, plumbing still gurgles, coffee makers still bubble, electriclights still hum and fridges and fans still mumble to us.A contemplative silentretreat is a way for us toescape from the tyranny ofthis “audio graffiti” and tolisten past the surface noiseto the silence at the centre Dave Widesof our relationship with Godand nature.Brian Smith, an experienced Springtime on the Farm:leader in Spiritual Direction Part of the “Ecology andand Centering Prayer, will befacilitating a contemplative Sustainable Agriculture in BC”silent retreat at SorrentoCentre, “Tending the Holy”, Seriesfrom March 27 to March31. Brian is an Anglican For gardeners, even more than forpriest who is currently May 1-6 most people, springtime is a season ofresponsible for St David’s, anticipation and hopeful preparation. Itin Celista, BC, just across the is a time when gardeners impatiently await the coming of summerlake from Sorrento. He and and the prime growing season. Dave Wides, Sorrento Centre’shis wife Eva run the Deep Farm Manager and Grounds Supervisor, kicks off his “Ecology andCreek Retreat House near Sustainable Agriculture in BC” series with a hands-on workshopEnderby, BC. focusing on the common experiences and expectations of gardeners.This short retreat willallow participants to slow Time will be spent getting your hands dirty learning new methods ofthemselves down to a more Brian Smith greenhouse propagation and transplanting seedlings to the field.natural pace in order toexperience the sort of intentional silence that helps brings us closer Classroom presentations will include practical information onto God. Spiritual practices such as meditation, Bible readings and garden planning, crop rotation and growing heirloom vegetables.chanting combined with Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina as well as Discussion topics are expected to be wide-ranging and thoughtopportunities for individual Spiritual Direction will help participants provoking, including ecojustice, planting as an act of faith andto listen to the world with new ears as we enter the season of Lent. explorations of traditional folklore surrounding springtime and the act of gardening. Sorrento Centre Summer Spring, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line: Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, 2011
  3. 3. Spring Courses at Sorrento Centre Associates’ Work/Study Young Sojourners Week On Celtic Christianity Weekend: Holy Ghost Stories As a Sorrento Centre Associate yourself Just as the Sorrento Centre Associates May 8-14 you know how much the Centre depends May13-15 gather in the springtime to help get the on Associates as guardians of the past and Centre prepared for summer, a group ofshapers of the future of Sorrento Centre. Twice a year Associates have young people also gathers at the end of the Associates Week to havethe chance to gather together at the Centre to work and worship as fun, learn, share and work on some projects around the site. Knownone. In the springtime we meet for the Associates’ Work/Study Week as the “Young Sojourners”, these young people – varying in age fromto help ready the Centre for the coming summer season. There 13 to 25 – come together for a weekend of deepening their Christian are numerous projects commitment and enjoying the company of other young people around the site, suitable who are on the same path. The dictionary defines “sojourners” as for any level of activity. anyone temporarily living in a place not their home, such as travelers Gardening projects, or wanderers on a journey, such as the Hebrews in Egypt in the Old painting, sewing, cleaning Testament. In a sense, of course, we are all sojourners in life. and moving benches and picnic tables are among During their “sojourn” the many tasks that need at Sorrento Centre this to be done. Aside from spring, these young work, there are many people will be led by opportunities for worship Andrew Halladay and together and for social David Taylor, both times. Anglican priests with experience in youth This year, the study portion leadership. Their of the Work/Study Week course is called “Holy is led by Ray Simpson Ghost Stories” and from the Holy Island of plays on the tradition Lindisfarne in Scotland. of ghost stories around An Anglican priest and the campfire, but with prolific author, Ray will the twist that these are introduce us to the world stories about the Holy of Celtic Christianity by Ghost or Holy Spirit using the example of working in the world. the Community of Aidan Ray Simpson Like the Associates and Hilda on Lindisfarne. Lindisfarne is often Week, the Youngdescribed as being, in Celtic spiritual terms, a “thin place”, a place Sojourners Weekendwhere the physical and spiritual worlds intermingle. For many of also has a workus, this is also a description of Sorrento Centre. Ray will help us tune component. Theinto the waves of Celtic spirituality that will help us appreciate and Young Sojourners use the weekend to work together on a specificprotect the “thin places” in our mIdst. project which needs their youthful talents and energies. At the same time, the Young Sojourners build life-long friendships withThe Annual General Meeting of the Associates of Sorrento Centre other Sojourners.will be held at the end of the Associates’ Work/Study Week, at 1:00pm on Saturday, May 14. If you plan to stay over for an extra night If you know any young people who you think would like to experienceto be able to attend the AGM, please let the office know when you this remarkable weekend please pass the information on or call ourregister. office. Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • Sorrento Centre Summer Spring, 2011 on-line: e-mail: •
  4. 4. Notes from the Sorrento Farm This is going to be a very exciting year on the farm. There is a lot to look forward to and I am excited to share the abundance of creation with all of you again this season. -Dave Wides, Farm Manager (aka “Farmer Dave”)Did you know that we get an average snow fall of six feet per year in Sorrento? This season has already hit that average and as a resultwe have been busy here shoveling ourselves out and staying warm. When not shoveling snow I have been planning, and preparing forour 2011 growing season. I am feeling confident and excited about our second year of farming at Sorrento Centre. We have opened upan additional 8000 square feet of garden this season. This new space will be used for potatoes this year and converted into the CrawleyVineyard in 2012. There is a lot to look forward to. Our strawberry harvest will be coming in earnest this season and our raspberry crop willbegin as well. In addition to our vegetable crops we will be expanding our growing activities this year.These include: Heirloom Peppers We are growing 10 varieties of heirloom peppers on the farm this season. We will be growing peppers in a full range of colors, sizes, shapes and flavors. Peppers are a favorite in the kitchen and we will freeze some of the produce to be used year round. Our Heirloom Pepper Project is part of our vision to develop “The Taste of Sorrento.” Seed Saving We are beginning to produce our own seeds. This year we will grow snap peas, radishes and romaine lettuce specifically for seed. Our seeds will supply our farm and will also be available for gardeners to purchase. We are working with Stellar Seeds from Johnson’s Landing, BC, to package and sell our seeds. Sorrento Centre Heirloom Seeds will be available in the spring of 2012 at the Sorrento Centre Book Shop. Dry Flower and Decorative Corn We are growing plots of dry flowers and decorative corn this season. We will be focused on growing strawflowers (or in Latin Helichrysum) and a beautiful variety of corn called Painted Mountain Corn. The flowers and corn both dry on the plant and are then used for arts and crafts projects. Our harvests will be incorporated into wreaths that will be available in the fall of 2011. Growing Grains This season we will be growing test plots of grain that include two types of wheat and one type of rye. Our grain production will be primarily dedicated to the making of communion bread for the Centre. Sorrento Centre Summer Spring, 2011 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line: Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E
  5. 5. Fibre Arts Week - April 11-17 Exploring Silk Painting: Curves in Fibre Art A Meditative Journey from Quilt Design Landscape Start to Finish Many quilt designs use curves to achieve a softer, less structured look. While Come and play! Let’s think outside the box. While working with a landscape sewing a quilt of your choice, you can let theme, this workshop will includeMarg Janick-Grayson leads a course for Dianne Jansson help you explore various techniques that can be used in many artpeople who want to enter a meditative methods to successfully sew curves, quilts. Textile artist Kathy Kinsella willjourney as they explore a variety of and leave with the knowledge and discuss personalizing fabrics by usingsilk painting methods which includes: skills required for sewing future curved textile paints and other mediums andwatercolor techniques, salt and alcohol designs. creating trees and shrubbery from fabriceffects, serti, sun painting and over confetti, hand-dyed cheesecloth, silkpainting. An ordained United Church fibres or needle felting. We will explore aminister who has facilitated many silk different technique each day, which youpainting retreats, Marg promises that can choose to include in the landscape“from the time we lay our supplies out you work on this week, and you willto the time we pack them up to head go home with new ideas that can behome, the silk painting experience will incorporated into your fibre infused with meditative practices tohelp us become mindful of the presentmoment and free our creative energy sowe can paint from our intuitive/spiritualcentre”. Time will also be spent soakingin the sheer beauty of this intriguing artform and reflecting upon what the silkpainting process has to teach us aboutlife. Dianne Jansson There are many ways to incorporate curved seams into quilt designs. “Drunkards Path” and “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul” were both popular designs in the 1800s. The early 1900s saw the “Double Wedding Ring” pattern become popular, and in recent years “New York Beauty” and its variations have been favourites of quilters. Bring a favourite Kathy Kinsella pattern that you have been wanting to sew, create your own design or develop A kit will be provided by the instructor at some of the ideas and patterns that will a cost of $35 per participant which will be provided. Class time will be peppered supplement the more easily obtained with demonstrations, tips, completed supplies that you will bring with you to this samples and loads of help. Please contact course. A sewing machine is required. the office for a list of needed supplies. Marg Janick-Grayston Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line: Sorrento Centre Summer Spring, 2011
  6. 6. Sorrento Centre NewsTractor Fund Silent Auction: Good Fun for a Good Cause As many of you know, we began a campaign last summer to raise money to buy a tractor for the Centre. The tractor will be used primarily on the farm but also to mow lawn, clear snow and do some of the more heavy duty tasks around the Centre. Those of you who were here last summer will remember Executive Director Chris Lind’s colourful appeals at the opening night Orientation Gatherings on Sundays or the Director’s Receptions on Wednesdays where he made dramatic use of a toy tractor. Well, that toy tractor is about to become a real live tractor, thanks to a lot of donations and the hard work that everyone put into a fun and creative on-line auction. The auction began in cyberspace in November and wrapped up in December. The idea was for folks to donate time, talent or goods to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, eBay style, with the proceeds going to the Tractor Fund. Sorrento Centre’s friends and Associates, as well The Kubota BX25: The tractor of our dreams! as staff members and the Board of Directors, unleashed their creativity and we wound up with an eclectic roster of auction items ranging from lavish five-course dinners and baskets ofhandmade chocolates to original paintings and musical serenades and even a night of babysitting or a week of pet sitting. The overall goalof the campaign was to raise $28,000. Dave Wides, our Farm Manager, has managed to negotiate a reduced price from the dealer of $24,000.So far, we have received donations of about $10,000 plus a $5,000 grant from the Community Food Action Initiative in cooperation withInterior Health. The auction brought in close to $4,000 more and is a great example of how creative and generous friends of the Centre canbe! As you can see we are well on our way to the tractor of our dreams!John Bell to Lead Fundraiser June 25thOn June 25th we will be hosting a special fundraising event for the Tractor Fund, “The Big Sing” with John Bell. John Bell is a world renownedhymn writer and author from Glasgow, Scotland, and a good friend of Sorrento Centre. John is committed to the renewal of congregationalworship at the grassroots level, and he is graciously donating his time for this special fundraiser. He believes strongly in issues of eco-justice and sustainable food production, and wants to help us raise the fundsrequired to purchase a tractor for use at the Sorrento Farm. John brings warmth,energy and passion to his belief that “everyone who has a voice” can join togetherin congregational singing to make a glorious sound. Join us if you can for thismemorable occasion. John Bell and “The Big Sing” will be an inspiration for musicleaders and choir directors as well as for anyone who is interested in beautiful andsoul-lifting music.“The Big Sing” will take place at the Sorrento Hall at 2:00 pm on Saturday, June 25.Tickets are only $20 each. There will be barbeque dinner available at the Centreafter the event, at 4:30 pm. An all you can eat meal of hamburgers, hot dogs,barbequed beef (plus vegetarian options), three salads, coffee and dessert will beserved at the price of $12 per person. We will be highlighting as much SorrentoFarm produce as will be available at that time. John BellNew Lower Associate FeesPlease remember that Associate renewals were due on January 1st. If you haven’t already done so, please renew your Associate membershipto remain in good standing. This year the Board of Directors has authorized a change in Associate fees, lowering the yearly dues from $50 toa more affordable $20. This should make it easier for existing Associates to maintain their status as well as making it possible for even morepeople to become Sorrento Centre Associates. So, renew your Associate membership now and spread the word to others who you know would like to become a vital part of Sorrento Centre’s ministry.Sorrento Centre Summer Spring, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line: Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, 2011
  7. 7. Sorrento Centre NewsNew Website Up and RunningWe have been working over the winter months with our webmaster, BrianDench, to revamp our website to be more informative, attractive and user-friendly than ever. The new website went live on February 14th (Valentine’sDay by a happy coincidence) and the feedback so far has been very positive.If you haven’t had the chance yet please go to www.sorrento-centre.bc.caand have a look for yourself. You will find the new 2011 program bookavailable as a PDF download. We also have downloadable posters for eachcourse for anyone who wants to promote certain courses or programs intheir parish or community. You will also see that we have more space fornews and special announcements, so you can keep up to date on whatis going on at the Centre. The new website design will help us remaincompetitive as a retreat and conference choice for outside bookings bybeing easier to navigate and more informative about what we have tooffer. We think that the new website communicates the excitement anddedication that is part of the entire “Sorrento Experience”. What do youthink? Please have a look and let us know.Luncheon Reception at Christ Church Cathedral, VancouverAssociates and friends of Sorrento centre are invited for a series of events in support of Sorrento Centre on Sunday, March 6, at Christ ChurchCathedral in Vanccouver. Executive Director Christopher Lind will be preaching at the 8:00 am service at the Cathedral. At 12:00 pm Associates Friends can join Chris for lunch and hear all about the exciting developments at the Centre in 2011 and share your dreams for the Centrein 2012 and beyond. Space is limited so please contact Rayleen Nash by email at to reserve your place. Contributions bydonation please. Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver is located at 690 Burrard Street Vancouver.Sorrento Centre Fundraiser in CoquitlamThe good people of St. Laurence Anglican Church, Coquitlam, came up with a great plan for supporting Sorrento Centre. An entertainmentevening of trivia games will be held on Saturday, March 5, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Chris Lind will be on hand to discuss some of the ongoingprojects at the Centre and to hear your feedback. Refreshments will be provided. Beer and wine will be on sale. Space is limited, so pleasecontact Erin Barr (by phone at (604) 520-1819 or by email at to book your tickets or if you are able to donate an item to thedoor prize. Tickets are $20 per person and all profits will be donated to Sorrento Centre. Please join Chris and the parishioners of St. LaurenceAnglican Church, located at 825 St. Laurence Street in Coquitlam. Mike Johnstone Ordained November 14, 2010, was a memorable day for long-time Sorrento Centre Associate Michael Johnstone and for St. Mary’s Anglican/United Church in Sorrento. It was the day Mike was ordained as a Deacon into the Anglican Church. The occasion was the culmination of 7 1/2 years of study, discernment and waiting. Archbishop John Privett officiated and over 100 congregants from the surrounding Anglican, United, Roman Catholic and Lutheran Churches witnessed the event as well as 12 visiting clergy from the area were present. The service was followed by a potluck reception at Sorrento Centre. Michael was presented with three stoles and an Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. Prior to the ordination Mike was presented with a shawl given by St. Mary’s Prayer Shawl ministry. It was a most glorious occasion to celebrate Archbishop John Privett ordains the Michael’s new ministry in the parish. Rev. Michael Johnstone Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line: 2011 Sorrento Centre Summer Spring,
  8. 8. Sorrento Centre Summer EmploymentEvery summer Sorrento Centre hires approximately twenty summer staff, includingSummer Youth Staff (SYS) to help us run our summer programs and augment our corestaff. Most SYS are housed on site, and work, live and play together for the summer,building employment skills and experience in leadership and problem solving, while atthe same time establishing life-long friendships. We also have openings for people wholive in the community to be employed full-time for the summer season.Some of the areas we need staff to work in include: Kitchen and Dining Room Staff As the number of guests we have increases during the summer so does our need for cooks, prep cooks, servers and dishwashers in the kitchen and set-up and clean-up staff for the dining room. Because of the different meal and snack times, kitchen and dining staff usually work a variety of shifts and become familiar with all aspects of food service Children and Youth Leaders which can be a valuable skill for future employment. Staffed mostly by SYS, the Children and Youth leaders provide activities and instruction to the younger members of the families that come to Housekeeping Staff Sorrento’s summer programming. They work The increased number of guests also means that during the summer we have a lot more with children aged from infants up to 13 and beds to make and rooms to clean. Housekeeping tasks also includes maintaining the youths from the ages of 14 to 18. Staff plan cleanliness of all common areas and some laundry and ironing work. Housekeeping shifts and carry out various craft projects, games, are generally regular set hours. hikes and outdoor activities as well as religious instruction. We also have a Day Care program for local children and youth which the Children and Youth Staff also manage. Each week they Waterfront Staff and Lifeguards (NLS Certified) are responsible for one morning Eucharist. In Waterfront staff act as lifeguards (NSI Certification needed) at the Sorrento Centre addition they make sure those activities like Community Beach as well as helping plan activities for children and youth programs at the Monday night campfire, Skit Night and the the waterfront. Friday evening dance go off without a hitch… not to mention the always popular Thursday afternoon water fight! Typically, once “The Five Weeks of Summer” are over and there is no more Children and Youth programming, the Summer Staff rotate into other areas of work to round out their Sorrento Summer experience. Grounds and Farm Staff There are openings with the Groundskeeping and Farm crew throughout the summer. Lawn mowing, tending the gardens and pathways, and helping plant and harvest at the Sorrento Farm, are among the types of jobs available throughout the summer. Maintenance Staff Maintenance staff work with the Head of Maintenance to repair and maintain the physical structures on site, as well as working on special building projects.How to ApplyWe are now taking applications for all of these positions. Most summer staff positions are six to eight week commitments. Pleaseforward your resume to us by mail at Box 99, Sorrento, BC, V0E 2W0 or by –mail at or by fax at (250)675 3032. For more information, visit our website ( or call the office at 250-675-2421. Sorrento Centre Summer Spring, BC, V0E 2W0 • (250) 675-2421 • fax: (250) 675-3032 • e-mail: • on-line: Sorrento Centre • Box 99, Sorrento, 2011