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Sorrento Centre - Scenario - Summer 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. the Summer, 2012 Scenario A Newsletter for the Associat of Sorrento CentreHopefully this Scenario findsyou well and anticipating your report from the report from Memorial garden renovationstime with us this summer. We chair of the Board the executive Last year we began to imagineare certainly looking forward of Directors Director renovating the Memorialto seeing you! Garden. Lesley Godwin, RuthWhile some of you were in attendance during Associates’ Zenger, Edith Chisholm, and Kelly Duncan joined Dave WidesWeek in May, many will have missed the Annual General and me in this exercise. To date we have managed toMeeting and the decisions that will affect our future. We transplant mature lilac bushes to form a hedge marking thethought we would take this opportunity to update you. border between the garden and the parking lot, and we have secured an extra outdoor bench. We also commissioned aInside is a synopsis of the reports given as well as an overview hand-made Memorial Book in which to record the names ofof the meeting and four of the significant motions adopted. people whose ashes have been added to the garden.There is also important information regarding the newDiocesan Summer Camp. Many thanks to Jeff Bayntum whose family donated the lilac bushes; to Bob McCrae, Edith Chisholm, Joey Hamilton andIn my report, I explained the process that brought us to the Diocese of BC, who combined to add the bench to theaccepting a new Mission, Vision and Strategic Directions plan. garden; and to Joan Neal and Kathy Kinsella who combinedWe time-travelled from the 2008 Master Plan and feasibility to make the Memorial book that urged us to go forward. We encountered the October Barbie needs a new bedeconomic crisis that stopped us in our tracks. In 2011, we Our online auction last fall was a great success, raising overconducted a new feasibility study with a more modest goal of $6,000 towards new beds for the Centre. As a result 1 single &$5 to $6 million dollars. The consultant’s recommendation was 4 doubles have been added to Richardson Lodge, 4 singles tothat we proceed if we could clarify our mission and if we had Caritas, and 28 vinyl-covered foam mattresses have beenthe backing of our major supporting dioceses. added to the cabana bunks.The new Mission, Vision and Strategic Directions statements 10-year Anniversary(see page 3) fulfill the first condition. The first of May marked the 10th anniversary of NormanThe Bishops of B.C., New Westminster and Kootenay have Sigurdson’s work in the Sorrento Centre kitchen. You will not beagreed to recommend to their dioceses that we be included in surprised to hear me say that Norman is much beloved amongtheir fundraising goals for their respective diocesan Capital the thousands of guests who pass through Sorrento each year.Campaigns as part of a national Anglican Campaign called“Together in Mission”. There are no guarantees but at this early June 1st marked the 10th anniversary of Darlene Jabbour’sstage, it is encouraging to have that level of support. employment at Sorrento Centre. Darlene started in the housekeeping department and now serves as Registrar in theI thanked our caring staff, discerning director, gifted treasurer, main office. Darlene’s association with the Centre harkens backpersevering board members and our Associates quoting even farther to her time as a member of the Summer YouthCharles Cooley who said, “Faith in our associates is part of our in God.” We are blessed to have dedicated staff working at the CentreWith you, I pray that God will guide us into the best future for and none are more dedicated than Norman and Darlene.Sorrento Centre. – Kathie MacDuff See From the Director / page 2
  2. 2. We affirm Sorrento Centre as a “holy place of transformation for learning, healing and belonging”Sorrento Centre has achallenging financial future. report from the From the Director Continued from page 1There is not a lot of time to Treasurer of the Sorrento 100th Anniversaryachieve a new financial structurebut there is enough time. Board of Directors 2012 is the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Sorrento. It was in 1912 that JR Kinghorn filed his plan of registration for theCopies of the 2011 audited financial statements can be found on town, changing its name from Trapper’s Landing to Sorrento.our website at A series of events have been planned to celebrate this occasionAt the annual meeting, the Treasurer shared this graph: and Sorrento Centre will be participating formally in 3 of them. The first event will be an Olde Time Picnic at Sorrento Centre Beach on Father’s Day, June 17, 2012, from 1pm til 4pm. The second event will be a community-wide “Gates Open Sorrento” on Thursday, July 19 from noon until 4pm. Visitors will be invited on a tour of historic sites: the 1902 Coubeaux family farmhouse on the Sorrento farm, the 1907 farmhouse on the main Sorrento Centre property, and the iconic 1925 Spes Bona. The third event will be the Street Party on Saturday evening, July 21 on Passchendaele Rd between the Community Hall and the school. Sorrento Centre will provide the power for this event. There is also a family festival September 8 & 9 at Sorrento Blind Bay Park and a dance on Boxing Day at the Memorial Hall.The accommodation / meal revenue has remained static for the – Christopher Lindpast four years. Private bookings, including Bluegrass and Swing,account for 70% of the revenue. The Summer Program, incontrast, has been vulnerable to changes in the economy andthe culture. At the same time, the costs to enable the Centre to ThAT The MiSSion, importantsustain its mission have been increasing. The change required is ViSion AnD Motions made STrATegicto fund more of the mission expenses, such as Youth Leadershipand Farm Operation, through donations or partnerships. DirecTionS statement and approved be approved. at the May 2012The Capital Campaign is a method to place donated funds intoan endowment fund that can finance the mission enabling ThAT The BoArD Annual generalactivities into the future. The change in funding our mission to iS enDorSeD to Meetingdonations will allow both the mission programs and the proceed withhospitality activities to be sustained. a capital campaign.2012 looks promising Data ThAT The BoArD oF SorrenTo cenTre exAMine, reView AnD rewriTe where necessary Current Last Last Est Type YTD YTD Yr Yr End policy and bylaws as they pertain to the Nominating Committee and the nomination of new members Facility 22,615 -3,948 266,590 313,000 to the Board. Meals 13,389 6,198 113 453 129,000 ThAT giVen our new MiSSion STATeMenT where Program 5,096 -4,356 53,683 73,000 we affirm Sorrento Centre as a “holy place of Mission -174,982 -156,009 -574,053 -530,000 transformation for learning, healing and belonging”, the Board of Directors investigate the possibility of grand Total -133,882 -158,115 -140,328 -15,000 using our property to support an Assisted Living • Current Year to Date deficit is $25,000 below 2011 Residence for Seniors who will enhance the (YTD is $133,000) community of Sorrento and engender financial • Year-end Deficit is a significant improvement from 2011, support for Sorrento Centre and report back to the but still a deficit. next AGM. – Grant Hanna 2 The Scenario • Summer 2012 Sorrento centre • Box 99, Sorrento, Bc V0e 2w0
  3. 3. SORRENTO CENTRE Mission Sorrento Centre is a holy place of transformation for learning, healing and belonging Vision We will follow Jesus in seeking to love God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength; and loving our neighbour as ourselves. we will do this by • encouraging encounters with the sacred through • engaging in accessible theological education and the Arts, encouraging creativity, and enabling a theological reflection on the pressing issues of our time; deeper understanding of the emotional life; • encouraging physical activities that honour the body and • becoming an open, intergenerational sacred centre enable all people to express the sacred according to their known for our work with young people; ability; developing innovative and creative forms of • exercising a ministry of compassion, hospitality & justice; worship, prayer and music; and by embracing our encouraging personal and communal reflection for the experience of the Divine in Creation; sake of learning and healing; and by sharing our resources with our neighbours. Strategic Directions Youth Leadership healing & wholeness • Build the summer youth staff as a leadership • Promote attention to spirituality as a path toward development program healing & wholeness • Create a Winter Youth Leadership Development • Encourage physical activity that integrates the spiritual program (WYLD) in partnership with PWRDF, Sorrento and material worlds and that encourages us to listen to Centre farm & others our feelings and our bodies retreats • Engage with Aboriginal communities to facilitate reconciliation • Enable a Sabbath experience & reflective practice for diverse audiences: clergy & laity, families & parishes, • Heal our relationship with the rest of Creation by writers, musicians & artists, non-profits and community practicing ecojustice based organizations creativity & the Arts Learning • Develop the Red Barn Art Studio using skilled artists in • Provide general education for seekers and parish the company of others; and invite artists to be in members, that nurtures our relationship with God, residence throughout the year strengthens relationships across all generations & Property overcomes the separation of humanity from the rest of • Ensure all buildings meet relevant standards and all Creation assets are employed with maximum effectiveness in • Offer accessible education for licensed lay leaders and relation to the mission & vision vocational deacons Officially adopted at the Annual General Meeting of Associates on Saturday, May 12, 2012.Phone: 250-675-2421 • Toll-free: 1-866-694-2409 • Fax: 250-675-3032 • • 3
  4. 4. The Committee worked very Several important changes have been made in the kitchen andclosely with the staff at the report from dining room. A new walk-in freezer/cooler was constructed toCentre over the past year. We the Building replace the aging existing units, which were becoming expensive toprovided suggestions, and grounds operate and service. The work was completed by volunteers andprofessional advice, and hands made possible by generous donations from Associates. The septicon work. committee of the field behind the kitchen stopped working and on investigation itOne of the main concerns of Board of Directors was found that roots had entered a number of lines and some had collapsed. As an emergency situation it needed to be replaced. Newthe Committee has been the continuing deferred maintenance flooring has been installed in the Dining Room which makes itheld over from year to year, due mostly to lack of funds. We have more inviting.buildings on site that are now 100 years old. Some peopleadvocate tearing these buildings down but we believe that they Other initiatives over the past year include:represent the history of the Centre and as such should be • The lower level of the barn has been completed and it is nowpreserved. However, many of these buildings have been operating as an Art Studio. Work has begun to turn the upperneglected over the years and now require considerable floor into staff housing.upgrading. A good example is the Farmhouse which dates back • A new addition to the workshop was 1909. • The upstairs bathroom in Spes Bona has been renovated andThe Committee has been asked to prepare a complete list of an accessible bathroom in the upper washhouse is completed.what is felt to be the most critical maintenance at the Centre. This • Upgrading the Cabanas is also continuing and exterior paintingis in process and will be available shortly. should be completed this year.This past year saw the Centre become a member of BC Tourism, As in the past, we are encouraging Associates to “adopt” and fundwhich allows us to be advertised in BC Tourism publications. projects which they are concerned about and have been identified.However, this requires us to complete a list of maintenance We thank all of the volunteers and Associates who help completeprojects, which include upgrading of the campsites and the projects by giving so generously of their time and talents. A speciallower washhouse. Most of this is simple maintenance work and thanks also goes to the grounds and maintenance staff for being socan be accomplished by Centre staff and dedicated volunteers. responsive to our suggestions. – Brian Laver report from the Youth Delegate of the Board of Directors Sorrento Centre • Young Sojourners • 2012 I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my first Young jobs. Dave Wides, the Centre’s Groundskeeper and Farm Manager Sojourners weekend at Sorrento Centre. The worship and helped us to work harder than ever to help get the farm ready for the sessions, led by Andrew Halladay and David Taylor, were upcoming summer season. nothing less than spectacular. Each of the four days was I like to make the analogy that this year, the young sojourners were themed by one of the four elements. community first and individuals second. The community of BCYAYM With Andrew’s beautiful lessons, and David’s musical genius, working for the nourishment of the Centre encourages each and I and all the other Sojourners were blessed to even be near every one to be brothers, sisters, and leaders to each other. This is the festivities. We were marked by ashes, worked in dirt, something worth keeping, and something that did not just show washed with water, and blown on by wind, all serenaded by up in the work parties but all the activities over the weekend. fantastic music. I am proud of each and every one of the participants, leaders, and Our work parties were trend setters, designed to offer our employees of Sorrento Centre. This is a blessed community to be a capable hands around the Centre and its farm. We planted part of, and I hope that I can be graced by God to only encourage vegetables, tore docks apart, beautified trails, and many other that for next year. – Alex Erickson 4 The Scenario • Summer 2012 The Scenario • Sorrento centre • Summer 2012 Sorrento centre • Box 99, Sorrento, Bc V0e 2w0
  5. 5. Sorrento Centre is Anglican in tradition, umenical in programming, and inclusive in welcome! Once again, the work of a service report from the to those who attend Sorrento chairperson of Centre allowed us to also make a the Book and financial contribution to the Centre. That was only possible gift Shoppe because of the work of 13 faithful Shoppe volunteers, the help of theCentre staff, and the many people who support the Shoppe inother ways. A thank you to all! While the Personnel Committeenew initiatives included the following: the Personnel does not meet on a regular basisWe have been selling a very popular line of “Farm T-shirts” which committee of it has met many times over thewere designed by Farm Manager Dave Wides. We have entered intoconsignment relationships with Augsburg Fortress Press (for books) the Board of past year to review and revise the policies and procedures thatand the Gondwana Gallery in Salmon Arm (for fair trade gift items). Directors ensure that there are goodSome of our stock is available for sale in the summer months at the working conditions and fair andSorrento Centre booth at the Sorrento Farmers’ Market. accessible procedures in place for all employees. The CommitteeOur sales were at the same level as the year before, partly because understands its principal function to be one of supportiveness toof the faithful support of the Sorrento Centre Associates. We, both the staff and Director.therefore, were able to make a $5000 donation to the Centre. The Committee has worked closely with, and is very grateful to,We continue to be blessed by the gentle prodding of Executive the Executive Director for his insight and wisdom. It has revisedDirector Chris Lind, who helps us look in new directions. For the the policies in such a way that the staff seem to have a greaterupcoming season, books will be more prominent at the Shoppe sense of dignity, value, and participation in the life and theas Norm Sigurdson will be involved in ordering. Some items programs of the Centre. It became clear that some issues wereproduced at the Sorrento Farm will be available through the policy related while others were procedural and neededShoppe. We also plan to feature the Shoppe on the Sorrento flexibility.Centre website. The Personnel Committee is composed of Andrew Pike as Chair,May God continue to walk with us and make us a blessing to all Kathryn Sainty, Andrea Gailus, and Rick Barr.who come to the Sorrento Centre! – Inge Maier – Andrew Pikereport from Sunday, August 5, 2012 – Saturday, August 11, 2012 DIOCESAN FAMILY CAMP at Sorrento Centre • A gathering place for all ! Live, Pray & Play! Creativity and Practical Spirituality We are pleased to announce a new diocesan family camp at This camp is being sponsored by the dioceses of British Sorrento Centre during the week of August 5-11, 2012. The Columbia, New Westminster, Kootenay, APCI (Anglican Parishes theme is Live, Pray & Play: Creativity and Practical Spirituality. of the Central Interior), Calgary, and Edmonton. A family’s a family no matter how small.... large...... or their make up! Special: No program fees! Save $50 per child/$100 per adult! Accommodations and food for the week can be as low as $162 if you choose to camp and cook your own food.Phone: 250-675-2421 • Toll-free: 1-866-694-2409 • Fax: 250-675-3032 • • 5
  6. 6. FALL RETREATS AT SORRENTO CENTRE Finding the Sacred in All of Life cultivating inner Stillness A reTreAT wiTh ricK MccorriSTer A guiDeD SiLenT reTreAT wiTh ricK MccorriSTer Thursday evening will be an introduction to the A time to explore inner stillness and all that is has weekend and the theme of finding the sacred in all of to teach us for our journey. We will begin Sunday life. Friday and Saturday will follow a pattern. The with an orientation to the retreat time. Monday to morning will be an experiential time where we will Wednesday we will be in silence. We will have a have some presentation/discussion time – a mix of prayer time each morning and evening to give some presentation of ideas (e.g., what is meant by structure to our day. There will be opportunity seeing the Sacred in all things, how do we open each day for each participant to meet with Rick for ourselves to this way of living, why this is important to a spiritual check-in time (or spiritual direction our well being) as well as the offering of different session). Meals will also be in silence. practices for staying connected to the Holy (e.g., the Thursday Morning Prayer is our coming out of practice of Breath Prayer, Lectio Divina, walking silence ritual. The morning will be a time to debrief meditations, the labyrinth, mindfulness practices, etc.). the experience of practising inner stillness. We will The afternoon will be a time of reflection through reflect on the transition from this time of silent various media (e.g., journaling, creative expression, etc.) to help in retreat into our regular lives beyond Sorrento. We will processing the morning as well as time to try out the spiritual conclude with lunch together. practice(s) offered in the morning. There will be an opportunity to Starting Sunday, November 18 at 5:30pm with supper and meet with Rick for a Spiritual Direction session one of those days ending Thursday, November 22 at 1pm after lunch. Cost of to assist in the processing of the weekend’s experience. Following $548 includes tuition, all meals and 4 days’ accommodation. supper we will have a time of silence to explore inner stillness. We ricK MccorriSTer serves as a United Church minister with the will begin and end each day with prayer/worship time. Spirit Hills Pastoral Charge in Saskatchewan. A graduate of the Starting Thursday, November 15 at 5:50pm with supper and Pacific Jubilee Program in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual ending Sunday, November 18 at 1pm after lunch. Cost of $465 is Direction, he is currently a staff member of the Prairie Jubilee inclusive of tuition, all meals and 3 days’ accommodation.  Program in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction. Simple Faith A reTreAT wiTh MArgAreT SiLF We are living through times of great upheaval What does that following mean for us in our world when many of our imagined ‘certainties’ are today, both personally and globally? What questions crumbling. The question of faith is not immune does the challenge of faith bring up for us, and should to this disintegration, and for many people who we really be looking for answers? would describe themselves as people of faith, During this retreat we will look at some of the big there are more questions than answers. questions: who is ‘God’ for us, and who is Jesus? Where The traditional approach of regarding faith as is our life centred, and does our life really have any assent to a set of intellectual propositions or meaning? How does faith reveal itself in action, and doctrines and an undertaking to comply with become transformative energy? How can we be in the strictures of a particular faith system is no relationship with this mystery? longer working for many people who are Based on the book Simple Faith by Margaret Silf nevertheless genuinely seeking to discover and (Loyola Press, Chicago, 2011) nourish the spiritual bedrock of their lives. The retreat begins with supper on Friday, November 23 and ends So what does it mean to be a person of faith in today’s with lunch on Sunday, November 25. Cost is $300 inclusive world? Is it, in the words of Alice on Wonderland, about based on shared occupancy. Sponsored by Sorrento Centre. ‘believing six impossible things before breakfast’? Or is it perhaps rather more about trusting that the mystery in MArgAreT SiLF travels widely in her work as a retreat director and whom we live and move and have our being means well speaker on Ignatian spirituality. Her latest book, Just Call Me Lopez: with us and is striving to empower us to become the very Getting to the Heart of Ignatius Loyola, will be available in July 2012. best we can be, both individually and collectively? Her other books include The Other Side of Chaos, Simple Faith, Compass Points, Inner Compass, Close to the Heart and Going on Can ‘faith’ take us beyond ‘religion’, to a radical following of one Retreat (Loyola Press) and The Gift of Prayer: Embracing the Sacred who shows us what it means to be ‘a human being fully alive’? in the Everyday (Bluebridge). She lives in Scotland.6 Sorrento centre, Sorrento, B.c. • Phone: 250-675-2421 • Toll-free: 1-866-694-2409 • •