Business White PaperNovell File MaNageMeNt Suitewww.novell.comNovell File Management Suite                   ®intelligentl...
Intelligently Manage File Storage                               Based on Maximum Business BenefitNovell File Management   ...
Novell File Management Suite                                                                           www.novell.comFor e...
Industry benchmark          change roles, move or leave the organization, File Management Suite can automatically updatest...
Novell File Management Suite                                                                              www.novell.comAd...
Novell File Management      Unlock Hidden Value                                   Novell File Management Suite offers the ...
Novell File Management Suite                                                                   www.novell.comNovell File M...                                                                                                            ...
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Novell File Management Suite White Paper


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File Management Suite is an identify driven storage management solution that allocates and manages storage based on its relevance and value to your company, while saving money for the administration and procurement of data storage. Unstructured data is the fastest growing data-type in organizations, creating storage management challenges that increase IT costs and limit business profitability. We can help you

- Inventory, assess and monitor your file systems across the entire environment
- Define customized policies based on your unique business requirements
- Automate the full lifecycle of user storage management, based on your customized policies
- Move less relevant files to tiered storage, with no impact on the end user’s experience, no additional programs on the workstation and no retraining
- Reduce backup windows and streamline administrative tasks

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Novell File Management Suite White Paper

  1. 1. Business White PaperNovell File MaNageMeNt Suitewww.novell.comNovell File Management Suite ®intelligently Manage File Storage for Maximum Business Benefit 1 2
  2. 2. Intelligently Manage File Storage Based on Maximum Business BenefitNovell File Management Whether it’s presentations, text documents, business requirements and provide theSuite enables organi­ spreadsheets, videos or other types of user visibility needed to understand the true statezations to better track files, collaborative data embodies the primary of the storage infrastructure. Current storageand understand storage output of employee creativity and productivity. solutions lack the means to reconcile thepatterns, allocate and In essence, these files represent an organi­ relationships between individual files, theirmanage storage based zation’s intellectual capital. According to owners’ roles in the organization and whereon its relevance and analysts, these files also represent the the files are physically stored. Since filevalue to the business, fastest­growing data­type in organizations, storage today is all about device or blockwhile saving money consuming more of their storage space at management, storage of users’ unstructuredin the administration faster rates and for longer periods of time. files (i.e., text, presentation, spreadsheet,and procurement of The proliferation of collaborative data creates audio and other non­database files) typicallystorage resources. storage management challenges that not remains unmanaged and grows further out only continually increase administrative of control.__________ and infrastructure costs, but also prevent† File systems that are NSS, organizations from fully profiting from their To address these challenges and turn file NTFS or Posix-based. digital assets. system chaos into organized efficiency, Novell® File Management Suite delivers intelli­ To deal with the growth of collaborative data, gent file storage management at the file level most organizations simply purchase more for maximum business benefit. Novell File disk space periodically, giving little thought Management Suite enables organizations to to resource utilization or rationalization. better track and understand storage patterns, Even though disk storage can be relatively allocate and manage storage based on its inexpensive, managing it isn’t. Storage man­ relevance and value to the business, while agement can be an expensive drain on IT saving money in the administration and resources since it often relies on manual, procurement of storage resources. redundant processes that divert time and money from more strategic projects. Increasing Enhance Existing Storage storage also increases data center power, Management cooling and space requirements and costs. Novell File Management Suite allows Importantly, this approach makes storage organizations to augment their existing management complex, and creates an file systems to maximize the value of their environment of file system chaos. By treating data and to minimize the costs associated all files the same, organizations don’t under­ with managing it. Novell File Management stand the relevance or value of their data Suite complements existing file systems— and therefore cannot intelligently manage it. Windows*, Linux* or NetWare®—and does not require organizations to replace their The majority of the tools available for file current solutions. Novell File Management storage are “dumb.” They treat all files the Suite is interoperable with any storage hard­ same, regardless of business relevance. ware or operating system†, and is easily They lack the ability to automate user­storage implemented and administered even across management tasks, set policies based on heterogeneous environments. p. 2
  3. 3. Novell File Management Suite www.novell.comFor example, SAN and other storage hard­ Controlling data by its relevance gives orga­ With Novell Fileware vendors offer solutions to help better nizations the ability to better determine what Management Suite,manage their own block devices. While these data can be eliminated. Most data retention security officers andsolutions can provide some increased effici­ regulations have logical links to identity. auditors have the abilityencies, they tend to treat all data the same While organizations might be required to to easily locate, monitoras they allocate it to huge blocks of storage. retain certain data stored or owned by their and retrieve files basedOrganizations can significantly add to these executives or controllers, they likely don’t on employee identities.efficiencies by leveraging the advanced have the same requirements for all officecapabilities in Novell File Management Suite workers. Knowing what to delete is just asto intelligently manage data based on its important as knowing what to keep.value to the business. By bringing intelligence to file storage, NovellAdditionally, the data management solutions File Management Suite lets organizationsthat storage vendors offer are limited to their better respond to information requirementsown proprietary hardware, while Novell File of all types, from individual activity to organi­Management Suite can be used across zational patterns. With Novell File Manage­any storage hardware, giving organizations ment Suite, you can “know thyself” and makea consolidated view and management decisions for the benefit of your business.framework for all their file storage acrossthe enterprise. Automate Data Storage AdministrationGovern Your Information Typical file storage administration tasks areAs collaboration intensifies, more files are highly manual, redundant, low­value and cancreated. As economies grow, the base of be prone to errors, as mundane repetitiveknowledge workers expands, and more files tasks tend to be. User storage administrationare created. But in many industries, the primary tasks include provisioning and de­provisioningdriver of file system growth is pressure to of users’ storage, managing quotas, makingcomply with industry and government regu­ changes to storage resources to match userlations as well as corporate policies. Current changes, setting up and adding membersfile system offerings do little to properly to groups, cleaning up “orphaned” folders,govern an organization’s information. archiving and deleting. This doesn’t even take into account back­up procedures andNovell File Management Suite assists with hardware maintenance. Industry benchmarkinformation governance by tying every file studies show that each manual task averagesto a user throughout the file’s lifecycle. With 30 minutes of an administrator’s time. In aNovell File Management Suite, security offi­ 4,000­person organization, this could equalcers and auditors have the ability to easily 2,000 man­hours of effort—roughly equivalentlocate, monitor and retrieve files based on to a full­time administrator. Surely there areemployee identities. Additionally, by automat­ better ways to allocate resources!ing storage administration tasks, Novell FileManagement Suite helps ensure corporate and Novell File Management Suite manages aregulatory compliance by enforcing policies comprehensive set of storage managementconsistently across the enterprise. It gives tasks automatically, once the customizedorganizations the ability to plan and execute policies are assigned. Users are provisionedpolices from a central location, as well as pro­ storage based on their role in the organization,vide them the needed visibility to fine­tune and where they work and, most importantly, whatdetermine the effectiveness of those policies. they are authorized to access. When users p. 3
  4. 4. Industry benchmark change roles, move or leave the organization, File Management Suite can automatically updatestudies show that those storage resources. Novell File Management Suite goes on to handle all file storage80 percent of all files events including moving, grooming, de­provisioning, archiving and deleting.on a network have notbeen accessed in the last By eliminating tedious tasks that consume resources that can be used better elsewhere,six months, and most the business benefit is a quick return on investment in administration costs alone.never will be again.The smartest way toutilize your storageresources is to keepyour expensive systemsfor only the files thatare most important. Figure 1. Lifecycle Storage Management Based on Identity and Policy. Automate administration across the full storage lifecycle. Control Data by its Relevance data belonging to functions less connected to the profit­center may be stored on less­ Not every file is equally valuable. Why do expensive storage. Moreover, Novell File storage solutions treat them as if they are? Management Suite can identify files that While other solutions focus on managing haven’t been touched in six months, or non­ blocks of data by their size and prompt business files such as MP3 and AVI files, organizations to add more disk space when and direct them all to less­expensive storage. capacity is full, Novell File Management Suite focuses on managing files based on their Industry benchmark studies show that relevance and value to the organization. 80 percent of all files on a network have not been accessed in the last six months, and For example, files that belong to an organi­ most never will be again. The smartest way zation’s most creative and productive to utilize your storage resources is to keep employees can be located on its fastest, your expensive systems for only the files most expensive storage systems. However, that are most important. p. 4
  5. 5. Novell File Management Suite www.novell.comAdditionally, one of the most chaotic aspects The intelligence gleaned by leveraging Novell Novell File Managementof file storage is back­up. With Novell File File Management Suite can bring informed Suite provides organiza­Management Suite, you can get smart about insights into strategic IT decisions, such as tions with a clear pictureback up by offloading stale or less­relevant how cloud storage can be best leveraged of their unstructureddata to secondary devices that don’t require based on current usage patterns. The new data, enabling them todaily back­ups. You can focus daily back­ups insights gained by answering these questions better plan and deployon the 20 percent of organizational data that drive greater efficiencies, facilitate compliance an efficient storageis most important. and lead to greater savings. infrastructure, and execute on complianceConsidering that high­end storage can cost For example, to accommodate growth, and governanceten times what low­end disk storage costs, a typical large organization might add 10 to requirements.there is an immediate return on investment 20 percent of its storage capacity each yearby using Novell File Management Suite to through disk purchases. By merely under­better utilize existing storage resources, standing its data picture better and thenstreamline bloated processes and avoid intelligently allocating existing hardwareincremental hardware purchases. resources, an organization might be able to eliminate or reduce this annual cost forUnderstand Your Data Better immediate return on investment.One of the biggest challenges in controllingfile storage chaos is that organizations typi­ Aging Reportcally lack a logical means for understandingthe value of the millions of individual filesacross their network. Too many unansweredfile storage questions exist. So, where do youeven begin? Novell File Management Suiteprovides organizations with a clear pictureof their unstructured data, enabling them tobetter plan and deploy an efficient storageinfrastructure, and execute on complianceand governance requirements.Novell File Management Suite answers thevital questions that allow organizations toanalyze file storage patterns and designpolices to control the chaos. How muchunstructured data exists on network storagevolumes? Whose files are relevant and needto be archived? What files can be moved ordeleted? How many orphaned folders exist?How much storage is being used to storemedia files like MP3s or AVIs? What depart­ments are using most of the organization’sstorage capacity? Do redundant files exist andwho do they belong to? When were certain Figure 2. Discover patterns in storage usage that can be exploited for greater efficiencies.files last used and who owns them? Is thereany storage abuse? If so, by whom? p. 5
  6. 6. Novell File Management Unlock Hidden Value Novell File Management Suite offers the mostSuite offers the most advanced, business­oriented file storageadvanced, business­ Novell File Management Suite allows solution available today. The solution inte­oriented file storage organizations to unlock the hidden value grates three Novell products that worksolution available today. of their data that is buried deep within their together to discover, analyze, provision, file systems. In addition to providing more relocate and optimize file storage based intelligent management of data, the solution on customized business policies. enables organizational knowledge to be better identified, accessed, leveraged and Novell Storage Manager automates stored. This in turn makes collaboration redundant storage management tasks with efforts richer and more efficient. customizable policies based on business requirements. Identity-driven data manage- Collaborative data—such as presentations, ment provisions, moves, adjusts, vaults and text documents, spreadsheets and videos— deletes users’ storage resources, increasing is the primary output of employee creativity. productivity and ensuring compliance. Typically, this collaborative data exists in Novell Dynamic File Services optimizes monolithic file systems, with little logical the use of storage resources by transpar- organization. Organizations that can intelli­ ently directing less valuable files to less gently manage these assets can enjoy a expensive storage devices in a way that competitive advantage through the ability lowers hardware, power and cooling costs, to locate and access relevant information streamlines back-up processes and does quickly. Novell File Management Suite deliv­ not impact the end user. ers this collaboration data management Novell File Reporter inventories file capability, enabling organizations to unlock systems to provide visibility into an organi- the hidden value in their intellectual capital to zation’s storage patterns and expose the drive greater business growth and success. “junk in the drawer,” delivering information that can be used to set policies for auto- Novell File Management Suite mating storage management with Novell By merging Novell file storage expertise with File Management Suite, or for use with market­leading Novell identity technologies, complementary solutions. Figure 3. Novell File Management Suite Interactions p. 6
  7. 7. Novell File Management Suite www.novell.comNovell File Management Suite addresses based on business requirements and for With Novell Filethe pain of growing data storage costs and the most business benefit. With Novell File Management Suite,chaos. With the integration of three Novell Management Suite, organizations can finally organizations can finallyfile solutions—Novell Storage Manager, get a handle on the unchecked proliferation get a handle on theNovell Dynamic File Services and Novell File of data, while enhancing collaboration and unchecked proliferationReporter—Novell File Management Suite regulatory compliance, and driving down of data, while enhancingintelligently manages unstructured data infrastructure costs. collaboration and regulatory compliance, and driving down infrastructure costs. p. 7
  8. 8. Contact your local Novell Solutions Provider, or call Novell at: 1 800 714 3400 U.S./Canada 1 801 861 1349 Worldwide 1 801 861 8473 Facsimile Novell, Inc. 404 Wyman Street Waltham, MA 02451 USA462-002140-001 | 12/09 | © 2010 Novell, inc. all rights reserved. Novell, the Novell logo, the N logo and NetWare are registered trademarksof Novell, inc. in the united States and other countries.*all third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 1 2