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Reflective Essay for Jacob Sorensen's Senior Exit Portfolio 2010

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Reflective Essay

  1. 1. Jacob Sorensen<br />Ms. Otter<br />English Hour 1<br />January 11, 2010<br />Reflective Essay <br />Even though high school is limited to four years, students have completed hundreds and hundreds of assignments. Through English, science, history, math, business, and even vocational classes, stacks of assignments look unreviewed. I have chosen three pieces of work to include in my senior exit portfolio. They may not be the best or the three most interesting assignments, but are good examples of my work habits and interests, the first two assignments are from previous English classes. One is a poem about the importance of gas and oil in our economy and the other was an essay covering the topic of music in our culture. Rock and Roll more specifically. The third assignment I have chosen to include is a combination assignment and quiz from a freshman science class.<br />While creating the poem I was trying to establish an important topic while leaving it in a poetic and humorous form. I researched how the oil and gas market affect our economy but that was pure numbers. I wanted something funny that would make people think. I started explaining what gas and oil do for an individual person and bring up the downside of gas and oil. With that being, the price I figured it would grab someone’s attention and be something they could relate too. Next, I talked about how the world would be and how it has been before without the luxury of gas and oil. Then in the end of the poem, I threw in a twist by bringing up the topic of how we are working with hybrid and electric cars. I believe that I did no have any strength while creating this poem. It was somewhat challenging because I did not have much experience working with poetry in the past and I think I did a decent job. I would improve on this assignment by researching the structure of poetry and give it a little more detail. I did learn a new style of writing with this assignment and that is why I chose to include it in my senior exit portfolio. The next assignment is a completely different story. I received the task of completing an essay covering the topic of my choice. I chose the topic of the history of rock and roll and how it has influenced our culture. This paper is a great example of my interest and that is why I chose to include it in my portfolio. I believe that I did a terrible job in creating this essay because of the fact that it is short and much too general. An essay of this topic should be completely researched and five times longer in length. I believe that my strengths in this assignment would be the key points. I covered the history of rock and roll just in a vague manor.<br />The last sample of work that I selected was a combination assignment and quiz from a freshman science class. It was a several day assignment covering the moons phases and our solar system. I received a ninety four percent on the quiz. I chose this assignment to include this assignment because it shows my scholarship and my work ethic in that class. The tables that shelled the moon diagrams was neat and complete and the I received a good grade on the quiz. This assignment shows my personality, even though it is in a general way. I am a perfectionist when it comes to certain things.<br />I believe that these three samples of work that I have chosen to include in my senior exit portfolio represent my interests and work habits in these classes at the time. These examples are only from English and science classes. I have developed a considerable amount since the years past when I created these work samples. I think that my work in high school will help me in the future.<br /> <br />