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DATA Detection Technologies-Updates November 2012


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Updates related to the latest news in seed industry and counting technology

Published in: Technology
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DATA Detection Technologies-Updates November 2012

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 2012 When Speed and Accuracy CountProduct of the month: DATA Count & Pack News:This automatic counting machine combines DATAs For the first time since its establishment, DATAhi-tech counting technology with a full automatic had participated in Pack Expo internationalpackaging machine, reaching a counting speed of up packaging exhibition, presenting the newestto 12 bags of 1000 Tomato seeds per minute. model of an integrative counting machine interfacing a Ziploc packaging system. DATA Count & Pack S-260: DATA Count S-260 with a packaging system: Two-part system, combining DATAs S-260 Full automatic counting machine, equipped with 2 integrative counter with an automatic counting heads and a packaging unit, all in one packaging machine. This model provides compact machine. This model has been lately multiple use possibilities: Using the S-260 installed in Korea and China, as well as Holland and counting either on the packaging machine, or many other European countries. with an alternative system. Contact us for additional information Come by and visit us at our next exhibitions: Seed Expo 2012- December 4-6, 2012 Hyatt Regency Chicago, USAMonthly QuestionWe are interested in full automatic machine ASTAs 52nd Vegetable & Flower Seedbut not sure we need it, how can we know Conference-whether we need this type of machine? January 26-29, 2013, Fairmont Scottsdale , Scottsdale, AZ, USAOur experts answer:From our experience, the C&P series begins to be economic when dealing with about 100K-150Kpackages per year. Below this number, the carousel should be enough. One more parameter thatshould be considered is the number of employees engaged in the packaging activity as the C&P seriesrequires only one person that can operate 2-3 units at a time. Using the C&P will result in reducedman power, increased packaging capacity, shorten supply time from order to delivery and minimalto non-overfill. DATA Detection Technologies Ltd. 14 Hartom ST. (RAD Bldg.) Har Hotzvim- Jerusalem 97775, Israel Tel: 972-73-2204444 | Fax: 972-73-2204466 |
  2. 2. NOVEMBER 2012 When Speed and Accuracy CountDATA Count & Pack S-260:Main Features:  Counting range: 1-25mm  Dimensions (cm): 105(w)x127(D)x205(H)  Full automatic procedures: Counting, Filling & Sealing  Counting rate: Up to 12 bags of 1000 Tomato seeds in one minute  Bag requirements: Premade pouches non-ziplocDATA Count S- 260 DATA Count S- 260 + PDP 1Main Features: Main Features:  Counting range: 1-25mm  Counting range: 1-25mm  Ability to interface with other packaging  Dimensions (cm): 160(W)X160(L)X270(H) machines  Multiple working mode:  Provides multiple working modes: Automatic  Full automatic procedures: and Semi-Automatic (Contact us for more info) Counting, Filling & Sealing  Semi-Automatic operation: Counting & filling (ideal for large bags)DATA Detection Technologies Ltd.14 Hartom ST. (RAD Bldg.) Har Hotzvim- Jerusalem 97775, Israel Tel: 972-73-2204444 | Fax: 972-73-2204466 |