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Become a Maharishi Peace Palace Founder
The beautiful programs of the Peace Palace are being made available in every major city of the world. In the USA, construction of Peace Palaces is being undertaken by the Global Country of World Peace, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. We welcome all those who would like to participate
in supporting the Maharishi Peace Palace by becoming Founders of the Peace Palace through donations, loans and investment.

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  1. 1. TranscendenTal MediTaTion PRogRAm T he Transcendental Meditation® technique is a simple, natu- ral, mental procedure practiced for fifteen to twenty minutes in the morning and evening to develop the full potential of individual consciousness and create coherence in the col- Become a Maharishi Peace Palace Founder lective consciousness of society. Over five million people of all cultures, The beautiful programs of the Peace Palace are being made available in every major city of the world. In the USA, construction of Peace Palaces religions, and educational backgrounds have learned the Transcendental is being undertaken by the Global Country of World Peace, a tax-exempt Meditation technique in the past fifty years. 501(c)(3) organization. We welcome all those who would like to partici- Transcendental Meditation Transcendental Meditation pate in supporting the Maharishi Peace Palace by becoming Founders of the Technique Personal Checking Residence Course Peace Palace through donations, loans and investment. This simple 20-minute procedure This course accelerates growth of Fortunate Billionaires Are Invited to Build verifies the correctness of the prac- consciousness with the opportunity Invincibility as Their gift to Their Nation tice of the Transcendental Medita- of extended practice of the Transcen- The billionaires may establish a Foundation for National Invincibility, and tion technique. dental Meditation technique. spend its funds only in their own country to support the training of a group of experts in the science and technology of invincibility, which has been Brain Integration Report Card Word of Wisdom for sm Measuring the EEG brainwave co- Young Children verified by more than 600 scientific research studies conducted at over 250 herence enables one to see at a glance This special technique of conscious- independent universities and research institutions in 33 countries. brain development through Maharishi ness is suited for the active nature of These fortunate billionaires will be internationally honored as Founders Technologies of Consciousnesssm. children ages four through nine. of Invincible Nations and Permanent World Peace—Heaven on Earth in the family of nations—health, wealth and wisdom for the whole human race. His Holiness maHarisHi maHesH Yogi Transcendental Meditation Program who introduced the Transcendental Meditation® program fifty years ago Additional Programs Advanced Techniques • Transcendental Meditation For more inFormation and opened the gate of enlightenment to millions of people worldwide is Through Advanced Techniques, the Course Review VISIT: or now offering Total Knowledge of Natural Law for perfection in all aspects experience of Transcendental Con- of individual life and society through 3,000 Maharishi Peace Palaces. • Advanced Lectures of the oR CAll: 888-learnTm A sciousness is more quickly integrated “ in one’s awareness during meditation Transcendental Meditation ll these beautiful programs will create personal Program so that thought and action are more enlightenment for the individual, and a very supported by the evolutionary power • Transcendental Meditation of Natural Law. Refresher Course beautiful, peaceful world family, a united world family of nations where every nation enjoys true sovereignty in Extensive Scientific Research Verifies Benefits The practical benefits of the invincibility and freedom from all fear. These efforts of ours are Transcendental Meditation program have been verified going to crown humanity with what is the rightful destiny of by more than 600 scientific research studies conducted ©2007 Maharishi Vedic Education Development Corporation. ®Transcendental Meditation, TM, Transcendental Meditation-Sidhi, Science of Creative , life on earth—for every human being to experience unbounded over the last 35 years at over Intelligence, Maharishi Ayurveda, Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment, Gandharva Veda Music, Maharishi Yagya, Marble 250 independent universi- bliss and happiness, radiate the light of God, and bless everyone Peace Colony, Fortune-Creating, Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, Consciousness-Based, Global Country of World Peace, Maharishi Channel, Maharishi Corporate Development Program, Maharishi Jyotish, Maharishi Open University, Maharishi Peace Palace, Maharishi Vedic Health Center, Maharishi Vedic Health Spa, Maharishi Amrit Kalash, Maharishi Self-Pulse, Maharishi Spiritual University, Maharishi Technology of Consciousness, Maharishi University of Management, Maharishi Vedic Astrology, Maharishi Vedic Science, Maharishi Vedic Vibration Technology, Maharishi Yoga, Vastu Vidya, Vedic Sound, ties and research institutions Vedic Vibration, and Word of Wisdom are registered or common law trademarks licensed to Maharishi Vedic Education Development Corporation. and every nation so that they live in peace.”—Maharishi in 33 countries.
  2. 2. m A H A R I S H I P E A C E P A l A C E S • o F F E R I N g c o n s c i o u s n e s s - B a s e d P R o g R A m S F o R E N l I g H T E N m E N T, H E A lT H , P R o S P E R I T Y A N D P E A C E SM YogIC FlYINg FoR BlISS AND INVINCIBIlITY consciounsess-Based HEAlTH PRogRAmS ENjoYINg gooD FoRTUNE IN lIFE consciousness-Based EDUCATIoN Transcendental Meditation- have shown that even the square root consciousness-Based Maharishi Vedic astrology one lives and works. science of creative maharishi School of the sm ® sidhi Program of one percent of the population prac- Health Programs and Maharishi Yagya® Programs Architects, builders, and city planners intelligence Course Age of Enlightenment sm including Yogic Flying ticing Yogic Flying together generates This approach of natural, prevention- These consultation services, utilizing the are invited to use Maharishi Sthapatya This 33-lesson videotaped course by Maharishi School offers Conscious- This program, for those who have been coherence in the entire collective con- oriented healthcare, free of harm- timeless discipline of the Maharishi Jyo- Veda design to create a peaceful, healthy Maharishi presents the fundamen- ness-Based education for children sm practicing theTranscendental Medita- sciousness of the city, so that negativ- ful side effects, has been founded by tish program, provide the knowledge world starting with the construction of tal principles of Creative Intelligence from preschool through 12th grade. tion technique for two months, trains Maharishi based on the complete knowl- of how to promote positive trends in life Marble Peace Colonies of Fortune- found throughout Nature which guide Over the last 30 years, in addition to sm ity decreases and positive, harmonious one to think and act from the level of edge of consciousness at the basis of the and avert misfortune before it comes. Creating homes near every major city. our evolution to higher states of con- outstanding academic and citizenship sm and peaceful trends increase. Transcendental Consciousness, home Now also, a national invincibility physiology. Maharishi Yayga performances are For more information visit: www.Vedic sciousness. achievements, students have won hun- of all the Laws of Nature. Yogic Flying group of 2,000 Yogic Flyers (including Many health programs—including the precise procedures to apply the dreds of state, national and interna- Short Courses for Everyone creates optimum brainwave coherence Yogic Flying Vedic Pandits from India) diet, massage, herbal supplements, and knowledge gained through Maharishi tional competitions in the sciences, arts maharishi Corporate These sixteen-hour courses offer pro- and demonstrates the ability to fulfill has been founded at Maharishi Uni- Maharishi Technologies of Conscious- Vedic Astrology consultations and cal- and sports. For more information, visit: Development Program sm found practical understanding of dif- all one’s desires. versity of Management and Maharishi ness —are available at the Peace Palace. sm only the highest quality ingredients go culate the specific connection and recip- This program for business success de- ferent aspects of Consciousness-Based Vedic City, Iowa. For more informa- For Maharishi Vedic Health Center in- into maharishi Ayurveda products, man- rocal influence between every individual velops the most fundamental resource of programs to develop Total Knowledge. maharishi open University group Yogic Flying tion, visit: residence programs, visit: www.TheRaj. ufactured utilizing the time-tested tradi- and the planets to transform negative every organization—human conscious- —human Courses include: Maharishi Speaks and maharishi Channel to Create National Invincibility com or tion of knowledge of healthful herbs and influences into positive ones. For more World Peace Assemblies ness—and promotes greater leadership, on the Seven States of Consciousness The precious and uplifting knowledge, Everyone is invited to create a positive, their proper preparation. information, visit: maharishi Vedic Health Spa • Maharishi Vedic Science—Science of news and celebrations of Maharishi’s sm peaceful and harmonious city by enli- for Yogic Flyers vedic_astrology.html. creativity, and achievement for the en- These weekend or weeklong, in-resi- The Maharishi Peace Palace offers a maharishi Vedic tire corporation.. Complete Knowledge of Natural Law • global programs are available via satel- vening Total Natural Law—the Con- dence courses offer the opportunity to variety of unique massage treatments Vibration Technology sm global Reconstruction through Maharishi Sthapatya Veda—Vastu Vi- lite television or internet. MOU courses stitution of the Universe—through the Gandharva Veda Music® deepen experience and understand- to remove impurities and awaken the In this treatment, a refined impulse of Maharishi sthapatya Veda® Design dya • The Consciousness-Based Educa- present the totality of Natural Law that twice daily group practice of the Tran- CDs and Tapes body’s natural rejuvenating abilities. Vedic Sound enlivens the inner intel- sm These principles of architecture and tion Program in Schools • Good Health can be enlivened in one’s awareness for scendental Meditation program and ing of the principles of consciousness The performance of these Ragas—the These include: Abhyanga Vedic Re- ligence of the physiology, restoring in- design in accord with Natural Law— through Prevention • Maharishi Self- perfection in life. For more information, Yogic Flying at their Peace Palace. while creating an influence of peace eternal melodies of Nature that govern juvenation Massage; Garshana Friction tegrated functioning of the mind and Vastu Vidya —connect individual life sm Pulsesm Reading Course for Prevention visit: Over 50 scientific research studies and positivity in the environment. the evolution of all levels of creation— Massage; Shirodhara Inner Serenity body for better health and strengthened with Cosmic Life so one may enjoy • Diet, Digestion, and Nutrition • The neutralizes stress in the atmosphere and Maharishi Yogasm Program • Human maharishi Spiritual University Treatment; Swedena Herbal Steambath; immunity. For more information, visit: good fortune, health and success where Yogic Flying Creates Coherence and Harmony creates a harmonizing influence for the Physiology: Expression of Veda and the This first all-ladies Consciousness-Based Udvartana Stimulating Friction Mas- individual and environment. Vedic Literature. university provides education for the en- sage; Vishesh Herbal Balancing Massage; raam raj organic lightenment of every lady and the blos- Pizzichili Luxury Restorative Oil Treat- Clothing and Bedding Books, CDs and DVDs Presenting maharishi University of management soming of peace in the world family. For ment; Ten-Step Royal Facial; Royal maharishi’s gift of Heaven on Earth A line of beautiful, fine-quality 100�� Accredited through the doctoral level more information, call 641-472-8989. Beauty Youthful Skin Body Treatment; These beautiful publications by His organic cotton products is available at by the Higher Learning Commission, Anti-Stress Massage; and special combi- Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and every Maharishi Peace Palace. Maharishi University of Management nation treatments. renowned scientists provide a deep un- offers Consciousness-Based education sm Maharishi ayurveda® Herbal Products Maharishi Vedic organic derstanding of how the development of to awaken the student’s full brain po- The body lifts up in hops Brain wave coherence peaks Peace radiates into society A wide range of scientific research agriculture Products sm consciousness can create individual en- tential. For more than 30 years, students In the first stage of Yogic Scientific Reserch finds maxi- The practice of Yogic Flying Flying, the body—motivated mum coherence in brain waves creates powerful waves of shows that these pure herbal formu- The best possible nourishment comes lightenment and bring perfection to all from around the world have developed only by the effortless mental during Yogic Flying, indicating coherence in the atmosphere, las, revived from the timeless tradition from foods that are not just organic but areas of life. academic excellence, higher conscious- impulse of the Transcenden- highly orderly and coherent spreading waves of harmony of Ayurveda—the “science of life”—are are grown utilizing Maharishi Technol- Books, CDs and DVDs can be pur- ness, and an ideal quality of life at this tal Meditation-Sidhi tech- functioning of the brain. and peace to the surroundng highly effective in restoring and main- ogies of Consciousness to enliven the chased at the Maharishi Peace Palace world-renowned institution of higher nique—rises up in the air in population. a series of blissful hops. taining good health. For more informa- intelligence and vitality of the plant for or on-line at: or education. For more information, visit: tion, visit: the most life-enriching food.