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Computer sci

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  1. 1. MAHARISHI VEDIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SM MAHARISHI TECHNOLOGY COMPUTER SCIENCE OF THE UNIFIED FIELD THE UNIFIED FIELD AS THE BASIS OF COMPUTER SCIENCE The Source of Computer Science: the Unified Field of Natural Law The intimate relationship between the Science and Technology of the Unified Field and the traditional knowledge of Computer Science is graphically illustrated in the Unified Field Chart for Computer Science. This chart shows the Unified Field of Natural Law as the basis and source of the entire field of Computer Science. The self-interacting dynamics of the Unified Field creates a three-in-one structure, which is reflected in the HEAD OF STATE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT GOVERNS THROUGH three major aspects of Computer Science: theory, software, and hardware. The Unified Field, which is the basis of Computer Science and all fields of knowledge, can be directly experienced and utilized through the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field. Through the Science and Technology of the Unified Field every computer professional now has the opportunity to make practical use of the total organizing power of Nature in daily life. While continuing to develop and apply the specific knowledge NATIONAL of Computer Science, every computer scientist can now reach a state of enlightenment, living life in accordance with Natural Law, free from problems and mistakes. HIS HOLINESS Theory: Quantification of Pure Intelligence MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI MINISTRIES OF GOVERNMENT LAW In addition to the global organization shown in the chart, the internal structure of each area of Computer Science is also shown. The theory of Computer Science has the foundations of Mathematics at its basis, which ultimately originates from the primordial quantification of pure intelligence, when intelligence becomes aware of itself and who introduced the Transcendental Meditation program to the world 40 years ago and opened creates the three-in-one structure of observer, process of observing, and observed. This quantification of the one unbounded wholeness of intelligence into three interacting parts is the origin of Mathematics, which finds progressive the gate to enlightenment to millions of people in the world, is now introducing total knowledge elaboration in the theories of Computer Science: models, algorithms, and theories of programs and languages. of Natural Law for every-one to spontaneously think and act according to Natural Law, so that Natural Law is not violated by anyone, no one makes mistakes, and no one creates the ground COMPUTER SCIENCE SERVING ALL AREAS OF LIFE ADMINISTERED BY GOVERNMENT Software: Interaction of Objects and Operations for suffering. MAHARISHI’S VEDIC SCIENCE AND The TRANSCENDENTAL Software is created from the interaction of objects and operations, the most fundamental elements of all programming languages. This dynamics of objects and operations originates in the self-referral dynamics of the Unified Field of pure intelligence, where intelligence takes on the role of both object and operation by Management Computer Art & ® operating on itself to create the entire diversity of Natural Law. This interaction of intelligence with itself finds TECHNOLOGY BRINGING FULFILMENT TO EDUCATION LEVEL 4 Education Business Applications Information Systems Scientific Research Communi- cation Integrated Manufacturing Entertain- ment Defense Systems Personal Computing MEDITATION Program N A expression in computer software as the interaction of objects and operations at the various levels of organization in computer programs. As shown in the Unified Field Chart, software hierarchically combines the most simple representation of objects and operations to form successively larger programs, finally leading to software APPLICATIONS OF COMPUTING engineering which provides a set of tools and methods to easily create computer programs. A New Integrated Approach T his chart presents an overview of a new integrated approach to Education. The left side of the chart illustrates Hardware the interconnections of every part of Education, from its fundamental principles to its applications throughout society; and shows how the whole field of Education has its basis in the Unified Field of Natural Law, from I Computer hardware is created from knowledge of electronics, which is based on the interaction of charged particles, such as electrons, with the electromagnetic field. According to Quantum Field Theory, electrons and where all the Laws of Nature govern the orderly evolution of the universe. This vision of the whole field of Education at a glance, on the left side of the chart, helps the student to quot;connect the parts with the whole,quot; to connect the specific COMPUTING ENVIRONMENTS O the electromagnetic field—like all other particles and fields—emerge as different components of the Unified Field of Natural Law, the ultimate source of all forms and phenomena in the universe. The chart shows the areas of knowledge with the whole discipline and with the source of all disciplines in the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. The right side of the chart shows how the Unified Field of Natural Law becomes a living reality for everyone N hierarchical organization of the entire field of computer hardware beginning with electronics. This expresses itself into digital electronic components, which in turn are assembled to create powerful micro-electronic through the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field, which allows individual awareness to identify itself with the Unified Field of Natural Law, the field of pure consciousness, in the simplest state of one’s own awareness, Transcendental Assemblers Interpreters Compilers Linkers A computer devices. These are integrated through the methods of computer engineering to form the basis of a LEVEL Consciousness. This technology enlivens the infinite organizing power of Natural Law in one’s own thoughts and actions, for a life spontaneously lived in full accord with Natural Law. Numerical Analysis Database Statistics PROGRAM LANGUAGE TRANSLATORS L variety of system configurations. 3 Supercomputer Mainframe Network / Distributed Relating the Parts to the Whole, and the Whole to the Self Discovery of the Unified Field of Natural Law Programming Networking Graphics and Image Processing Task Processor Input/Output Memory File These three aspects of computing (theory, software, and hardware) merge to form systems programs, which The developments in modern science, in particular in quantum physics, have opened new perspectives for a unified understanding of Nature. By probing Nature’s functioning at finer distance scales, modern science has accomplished Text Control Artificial Management Management Control OPERATING SYSTEMS Management Management Minicomputer / Microcomputer Workstations Embedded Systems L fully encapsulate the capabilities of the underlying hardware and software components and provide the basis for fully-integrated computing environments. These computing environments are then used to create applications a profound advancement towards a unified comprehension of the structure and dynamics of matter, culminating in the discovery of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, the transcendental basis of creation. Processing Systems Intelligence HARDWARE SYSTEMS A ready to serve the different areas of national life. APPLICATION SYSTEMS SYSTEMS PROGRAMS Since it captures the complete value of the discipline and the Unified Field, this chart is useful for understanding Historically, the analysis of the microscopic structure of matter began with the idea that all substances are composed of tiny particles, like atoms and their subatomic constituents. With the development of quantum theory, however, COMPUTING SYSTEMS W the overall structure of Computer Science and is an invaluable tool for every computer professional. The chart physicists soon had to conclude that the classical particle picture is quite inadequate for the description of these presents an easy method to see the relation of each part of Computer Science to ever other part, and to the constituents of matter, and realized that the different elementary particles have to be conceived as specific resonant discipline as a whole. It also shows the relationship of Compute Science to the Unified Field, and thus directly excitations of fundamental quantum fields. H to the consciousness of the computer scientist. Relating the discipline to consciousness provides a sound foundation Prior to the development of unified field theories scientists had discovered a variety of separate quantum fields, such as the four force fields (the electromagnetic, the weak, the strong, and the gravitational interactions) as well as the various matter fields. In the last few decades it was realized that with the progression towards finer distance scales an increasing Complexity Analysis Computational Dynamic Programming Graph Searching & Sorting Numerical Development Environments Systems System Coding & Operation & Simulation Verification THE TRANSCENDENTAL A for understanding the entire discipline easily, and gives the key to capturing the complete potential of the discipline through its source, the Unified Field. Through the practice of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field, every computer professional can unification of the laws of nature takes place so that previously separate quantum fields turn out to be merely different Complexity Algorithms Methods Analysis Design Testing Maintenance S components of underlying unified quantum fields. This process of unification culminates in a complete unification at the level of the Planck scale (10 -33 cm) where all the various force and matter fields are unified into one single Unified Field of Natural Law, the holistic transcendental field underlying all manifest creation. Superstring theory, the most recent and successful unified field theory, derives all the different force and matter fields from the different vibrational ALGORITHMS SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Design & Synthesis COMPUTER ENGINEERING Layout & Fabrication Testing & Integration MEDITATION PROGRAM apply the unbounded organizing power of Natural Law at the source of Computer Science to any individual area of application. This will ensure that every computer professional is living a happy and healthy life, and is making a significant contribution to creating Heaven on Earth. I ALLOWS THE CONSCIOUS Object- modes of a single underlying supersymmetric unified field—the superstring field. The dynamism at this fundamental Procedural Functional oriented Parallel Logic Constraint Life in Accordance with Natural Law level of the Planck scale is governed by Natural Law in its complete unified form, and all diversity at more superficial levels emerges from this unified state of Natural Law by a process which is called sequential symmetry breaking. Sequential Genetic PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS T When individuals function from the level of the Unified Field, they automatically receive the support of all the Laws of Nature. Every impulse of thought is upheld by the infinite organizing power of Natural Law, which Properties of the Unified Field S conducts the infinite range and diversity of activity in the universe with maximum efficiency, in accordance The fundamental properties of the Unified Field comprise the well-known properties of any non-Abelian gauge field that incorporates quantum gravity. These include the property of self-referral or self-interaction, which is reflected in the Lagrangian or fundamental mathematical formula quantifying the Laws of Nature at the level of the Unified Field. Parallel ALGORITHMIC PARADIGMS Stochastic Non-Procedural Application-Specific MIND TO IDENTIFY with the Principle of Least Action. The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field, Maharishi Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs culture the ability to spontaneously function from the Unified Field of Natural Law, and thereby gain mastery over Natural Law—the ability to know anything, do everything right, Assembler High Level Symbolic Distributed Connectionist B ITSELF WITH THE Parallel The Unified Field is the fountain-head of Natural Law, since all the Laws of Nature expressed in the effective field and achieve any great goal. theories governing physics at larger distance scales are already contained in seed form in the original supersymmetric Lagrangian of the Unified Field. Since it is the fountain-head of Natural Law, the Unified Field represents the most PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Network COMPUTING PARADIGMS A National Law Upheld by Natural Law concentrated field of intelligence in Nature. Process Com- munication Resource Allocation Parallel Algorithms Syntactic Translation Proof Systems Abstract UNIFIED FIELD OF S Law is the guiding light of life. Natural Law guides life on every level of creation, from the submicroscopic world of elementary particles to the large-scale structure of the universe. National law guides the life of the Properties of Consciousness Functions Procedures Data Types It is striking how the properties of the Unified Field are precisely the attributes of consciousness. Consciousness Concurrent Processes Parallel Architectures Parsing Formal Semantics Hierarchical Network Relational Environ- Para- I nation and has its ultimate basis in Natural Law. alone is fully self-referral, since only consciousness has the ability to know itself in a completely self-sufficient manner. Moreover, consciousness in its self-referral state, Transcendental Consciousness, is the source of all mental activity and therefore a field of pure intelligence and infinite creative dynamism. Since the fundamental properties of the LEVEL Computational Structures Formal Grammers Lambda Calculus DATABASE STRUCTURES ment PROGRAM MODULES Objects meters ALL THE LAWS OF S Natural Law has its unified foundation in the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature (level 1). This chart displays how all the diversified values of Natural Law as discovered by modern science emerge from this unified level of Natural Law. Ultimately, the diversity of Natural Law displayed throughout creation is reflected in the THEORY OF THEORY OF Unified Field are identical to those of consciousness in its self-referral state, it is natural to conclude that the Unified Field of Natural Law and the field of pure consciousness are equivalent. This is easily verified through the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation technique, which opens human awareness to the direct experience of Transcendental 2 PARALLELISM PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES Central Processor Control Bus Structures Memory Terminals Graphics Printer Technology Disk Technology Tape NATURE, THE TOTAL I diversity of human nature and in the innumerable tendencies expressed in different lands throughout the world, and even within the borders of individual nations. I/O Unit Controllers Devices Technology It is the diversified structure of Natural Law itself, reflected in the diverse trends and tendencies displayed Consciousness, pure consciousness, where consciousness is found identified with the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. During the Maharishi TM-Sidhi program all the subjective and objective qualities of creation are seen to SM emerge from the field of pure consciousness as modes of one’s own self-referral intelligence. Information Mathematical Noncomputable Functions Sequential Random Access Indexed Recursion Concurrency COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE INPUT/OUTPUT DEVICES POTENTIAL OF N by the individual citizens of a nation, that gives rise to the necessity for man-made laws; national law regulates and administers the trends and needs of the various segments of society. Ideally, national law satisfies the diverse Statistics Blocks Conditionals Iteration Theory The Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field Programming Recursively Enumerable Turing