The Millennials, another repackaged pseudo generation


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Some thoughts on so called Millennials generation. Author: Ana Soric

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The Millennials, another repackaged pseudo generation

  1. 1. Millennials are coming, and I have to bugger off. Oh no, I am so fuckin’ scared of those ‘tards I amshitting my pants. I have nice arsenal prepared for them, but actually I don’t need it since I can blowthem away altogether with couple of sentences.Another packaged and repackaged generation, installed with an idea to have some kind of power andinfluence; selling them postmodern hyperreal empty rhetoric; oh so beautifully corny. Couple of daysago I was watching a feature on CNN, on so called Millennials, and I was screaming of laughter. Oneof the represented said, I am 26, and I am a blogger, jeeeez what a frigin achievement (Mozartstarted composing when he was 5, Alexander the Great conquer the world in his 20-ies, and I don’teven want to mention Nikola Tesla, because it will be an insult). The other girl said; I cannot livewithout my iPhone, because I feel naked. You moron, don’t you know the same gadget is beingproduced in a factory in China, where workers are being literally exploited to death.But no, social responsibility does not concern you, and there is couple of answers why that is so:either you are brainwashed, either you are becoming drones; either you just want to take the powerfrom the same kind you are; it is actually called idiocracy, and now it is starting to unfold so clearly.But the things is, the power isn’t in the hands of who you think it is (baby-boomers or similar pseudogeneration), the power on this planet is for centuries in the hands of the people you cannot evencomprehend who they are, and here comes the paradox: you are actually working for them!If you want to get rid of them, you would need a vision, a way better ideology and a smarter strategythan, - step away, we know how to do the job better than you, because that is exactly what theywant you to do. Why don’t you try to eradicate poverty, slavery and solve the issues that trouble theworld? Instead you choose to perpetuate the same problems. Why don’t you roll you sleeves and goto Rwanda, Kenya, Bangladesh, instead of choosing to become corporate pawns and part of the sameperverted game, and even more, you are proud of it.They make technocratic drones out of you, and you gonna serve them to the end, because you gotthe jobs you probably don’t deserve. Even if you do deserve the jobs, the new idioms on theevolution menu are: truth, loyalty, justice and freedom; and you are already outdated if you cannotcomprehend that.Socio-politically reality is becoming grimmer and you cannot do anything about it, since you are notequipped, have no vision, and of course, you are brainwashed.We all have to participate in the evolution, which could only come through individually centeredprocess and not through dominance and social adaptation. Si talia jungere possis sit tibi scire satis -"If thou canst; comprehend these things, thou knowest enough. “Ana Soric