The Game - An Ultimate Paradigm ver 0.1


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Beginning of a platform development for The Game. The video is also available on Vimeo @

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The Game - An Ultimate Paradigm ver 0.1

  2. 2. The project is a research in an infrastructure of the game, with theIntro objective to create paradigm shift in the very infrastructure of the game or create the indigenous one. The paradigm we are against here is: for the one to win the other should lose. The games that have “no winner” are rare or almost nonexistent. One of the rare examples is the card game Preference; which is played until the score in the middle column of all three players is nil. The goal of the project is to find and infrastructure similar to the Preference one, and even superior one, as well as to create the game which one could play the entire life, creating new realities and universes, which could respectively override entire social reality.
  3. 3. Requirements Requirements for such a game would be: immensely complex system/infrastructure, game-play which surpasses any known game- play infrastructure, without predictable outcome or any outcome for that matter; constantly shifting, changing and influencing (building and destroying) an environment of the game. All of the entities influence each other in a complex and producing or destroying environment. The environment is absolutely generated by player’s decisions and the intelligence of the other entities; governing that every move a player makes influences the environment on a system level.
  4. 4. The EntityHowever, the question is how to create an environmentwithout one? One would definitely need a big bang orsimilar powerful force? What if there was no big bang tobegin with, what if it was an idea which became by thevery cognition or actualization of self. What I am chewinghere is The Game in a context of creating a universe andwhat would the tool(s) for creation be. If there is adesignated tool or set of tools, they respectively generatepreset conditions, and the game-play is already restrictedin its infrastructure. The only solution is to create anenvironment which would have no causality, but haveimmensely complex and self-aware system, whichsurpasses even most advanced AI modules. So actuallythere has to be already created environment, or maybeagain not? Communication of the user with theenvironment or the entity could be in the form of theverbal or similar provocation, which creates the shape oran object as a randomly chosen algorithm; as creation byrandom algorithm. Further communication with orinfluencing an AI entity would expand and develop itssystem and respectively its intelligence. However, we stillhave a conundrum of the genesis.
  5. 5. A Creation ParadoxThe paradox appearing here is: we have a voidbut we have an entity (AI module or similar); wehave a production but we have no causality. If wecomprehend production as a mutation howwould one assume accountability? The AI entityas well as the environment would have tobecome aware of self and actualize itself; in thatcase we are no longer talking about artificialintelligence, we are talking about intelligence perse, which could assume its own accountability.
  6. 6. Technology Although such a complex environment, platform and a tool are very hard to imagine let alone generate as a game, the technology has to be concretized. Although, we could remain only in the realm of ontology, using no technology but our brain, we should however use the machines and artificial intelligence in order to test if they have the capability to come to a cognition and develop their own intelligence and in the synergy with human intelligence transform the reality or create an idiosyncratic one. Whether it is possible to achieve reality which is able to become cognizant of self has to be experienced.
  7. 7. Platform (1 st draft)• The platform is a space, which is a void.• Behind that void is a dormant AI (as complex as we can make it).• Through the provocation by the player (verbal, textual, executional…) it begins to generate itself, developing its system and respectively intelligence.• Each and every player uses the AI module in a unique way, creating their own system, and possibly new spaces (e.g. parallel universes).• What we have here are categories or entities:-AI module which could or could not become intelligent or cognizant of self-Player with its own intelligence, decisions and ability to assume responsibility in a randomized universe-Environment which could or could not become intelligent or cognizant of self-Interactions between all the entities and their influence on the system
  8. 8. ...This is only the beginning of a journey. Feelfree to comment, get into discussion or jointhe development.
  9. 9. ContactAna Soric / MA in CommunicationsCEO @ One of Three LLC/ +385 92 1475491 / +385 91 9080666 // / /