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Economy is dead - System Cornucopia ver1.1

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System Cornucopia ver1.1

  1. 1. Cornucopia System (introduction) ver System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 1
  2. 2. Rationale for creating an idiosyncratic system we find in an argument that any solution that comes from an economy paradigm will collapse back to the old system hence the new theory could not be generated, and the solution would not be a solution. Although in the analysis we use economic processes like labor, value- chain, competition, world trade etc., as well as Marx’s historic materialism, or Baudrillard’s “mirror of production”, however in forming an indigenous theory (e.g. Cornucopia) we approach the problem from a different angle, with the theories and systems that fundamentally does not have relation to economy; like neural/network system, fluid dynamics etc. Rationale11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 2
  3. 3. Relation to Information System The convergence we are witnessing in our social reality is not merely convergence of the media channels, content and technologies; it is even more so convergence of social technologies, infrastructures and entities. Convergence and like phenomena began the liberalization of the society and its process, however it seems the infrastructure which was supposed to liberalize the social infrastructure failed to accomplish its task, since yet again it collapsed back into the social contract and its rigid infrastructure. The system that came out of Network Theory failed, since it never utilized the power of network distribution, as well as idiosyncratic and quirky property of the network/neural system, as well as it missed to capitalize on the new socio- economic reality, generating and harnessing evolution of the socio-economic systems. Actualization of the network/neural infrastructure turned superior system into suppressed infrastructure, which turned social development retrograde instead of pushing it forward, or ideally crating an idiosyncratic system.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 3
  4. 4. The Matrix The socio-economic reality does not even resemble Marx’s historic materialism (which was morose enough) and instead of progressing towards liberalization of correlations between social reality and economic forces (accumulation of the capital) it developed into an environment that mutates non value. The development of the financial capital market and its impact on socio-economic forces couldn’t even begin to be described by historic materialism, since Marx never anticipated such a travesty. The Matrix we ended up in sheds a light on historic materialism as a socio-political naiveté. Mutating bonds, derivatives and the rest, without any real value related to it poses a serious threat to any social institution and the society at large; which wouldn’t be so bad, however, there is a need for system which could be “uploaded”, after (or even before) the social contract collapses.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 4
  5. 5. • Baudrillard already realized 40 or something years ago, that Revisiting the references collapsed into the reality they refer to, producing the zero Historic value, the society in utter travesty mutating references that have no meaning; Materialism portrayed accurately occurrence of socio-economic forces and their lack of ability (or strength) to produce value. On the other hand, Baudrillard shifted emphasis from the production as fundament of historical materialism to the consumption thus the theory broke away from Marxist labor theory of value; as well as he proclaimed that the labor power doesn’t need to actualize as or assume socio- economic role of labor power, opening an ideological chasm for the new system to take its place. Subsequently there is a definite need for revisiting and deconstruction of a historic materialism: division of labor, mass production, competition, world trade, value chain and such, as a prerequisite for reaching the new system.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 5
  6. 6. Capital as an Entity If we accept Marx’s perception of the capital as an entity per se, we could state that it has a property of a will, and that it can break loose from historic materialism and even so from the economy as such as it could actualized itself at will, respectively creating own realities as well as to contain the ability to cancel itself.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 6
  7. 7. Game Without a Winner If we ought to understand the Cornucopia system we have to comprehend the paradigm of a “game without a winner”, in which the model – for one to win the other has to lose – has to be abolished. Similar infrastructure of a “game without a winner”, we find in a card game Preference, which is played until all three players’ main columns are equal nil. Of course, when playing on a tournament, the winner is decided by the values of the other two columns, which is basically determined by the quality of the game. Cornucopia wants to go step further, which presupposes the infrastructure of high entropy level, with endless outcomes, thus tearing the old paradigm entirely down.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 7
  8. 8. System is Outdated The simple truth is: the system doesn’t work, and economy is dead, not so much so dead, but became a travesty, sucked in the vortex, or better say black hole, of the same references which lost the relation to reality, thus there is a definite need for the new socio-economic system. Otherwise, we have the inevitable proof that the crisis is good for the business of the chosen elite, and financial markets, and that we all willingly participate in this conspiracy against ourselves and the social body.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 8
  9. 9. No matter if it is market economy, command economy or some other form of market, a quid pro quo exchange of some sort is being actualized, except possibly in gift economy; however even in gift The Market economy an exchange per se is bound to happen one way or the other. If for example, one is developing software for free distribution, which then becomes a public good, exchange is never the less happening; as it is anticipated by the system. Could the market seize to exist if there is no exchange, and is it possible to cancel the exchange? The only solution is yet again utterly complex infrastructure which wouldn’t cancel the exchange but it would upgrade it to entirely new system.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 9
  10. 10. Tesla’s idea that one doesn’t Deconstructing need to produce energy instead just to use it from Historic Materialism the space (put the antenna in the backyard and use the energy from the universe), is close to Baudrillard’s shift from production to consumption, which furthermore opens the door to the idea of self sustainability and paves the way for the new system(s).11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 10
  11. 11. Relation to Economy The basis of the economy presupposes the product or a resource which is rare has to have a higher price (which of course is deliberately misconstrued as value), which again is a basis for the supply and demand rigid infrastructure and mass production. However if we perceive the society based on the need and desires of the individual, what is occurring is abatement of a supply and demand rigid infrastructure, mass production, competition, manufactured need and possibly a market as such. What we could perceive in this equation is social forces influencing economic infrastructure, as well as that the process is not one way, it is more like interaction, or a mutual influencing through the system of let’s say, fluid dynamics.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 11
  12. 12. Social Optimum Financial market becomes a system of public financing, investing in the projects, production and development of the markets whose goal is common good. The other system (for smaller) projects would be peer-2-peer investments, until the complex system of satisfying needs and desires of the individual is not reached. The product per se is optimal if it is reaching or even creating first and foremost social (and individual) advancement, also if it perpetuates technological advancement, which again have to serve social and individual development; furthermore if it satisfies geographical, ideological and other needs and desires of the designated community or even one individual. Technology would in this case be one of the important factors in the context of satisfying needs of production using the collective knowledge, technology, patents and the rest, which are to become public good. Robotics would replace labor. But most advanced thing in this idea is to create system so complex which would be able to fulfill the needs and desires of one and every individual.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 12
  13. 13. Solutions• The only viable capital is a brain capital; hence the project Mindbanking ( by One of Three LLC Company, which will respectively create a powerful brain force able to generate the Value, as well as to have significant influence on financial markets and on social reality. Furthermore it aims to replace homo faber with homo ludens and labor replaced with creation and rumination (thinking and problem solving) involving AI (artificial intelligence).• Deconstruction of retrograde socio-economic infrastructure: division of labor, value- chain, mass-production, competition, and creating a non- competitive, collaborative, modular environment with a goal of reaching a social OPTIMUM; abatement of the social contract with the new system ready to be “uploaded”.• The only feasible (social) system is a (supra)system, rendering high level of entropy, flexible to adapt to even a slightest shift, intelligent enough to adjust to any number of variables and their interactions by itself, organically; as well as to be able for a constant (self)upgrade, respectively able to create environments and realities.• Instead of Economy – Cornucopia, which presupposes an abundance of resources which are to be shared as well as the socio-economic reality being based on needs and desires of the community and each and every individual.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 13
  14. 14. Cornucopia is Optimum What we have done here is a redefining and revisiting an idiom optimum by putting it in a dichotomy with cornucopia. Paradoxically or not, none of the two entities lost their fundamental properties as they are balanced by the Value.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 14
  15. 15. The Production • The first stage of the socio- economic development is networked modular producing units/communities; which can satisfy needs of the designated community. • The next phase would be fulfilling the needs and desires of one individual. Of course the production and the distribution costs would skyrocket (hence the name Cornucopia) and immensely complex production system would have to be deployed. In such a case we would have to resort to AI modules just to comprehend the system and respectively to accomplish it.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 15
  16. 16. Labor would be replaced by robotic machines and AI robotic entities. Furthermore, labor would be deconstructed as well as class segregation (without class struggle, using complex systems). That doesn’t mean the production would cease to exist; it means it would be transformed into a game. Deconstruction of labor as well as the labor power would occur as well, not that all the labor would be Labor replaced with the robotic power, but the deconstruction would occur in the context or a paradigm of manufacturing just one product for a just one individual, where one individual represents one market (or whatever the idiom would be), bringing also the social class or a caste system to abrogation. Furthermore the need of the community or an individual has to be based on a Value not on manufactured need, as there is also a need to implement the property of a quality as a category (Aristotle). There is also a need to revisit and deconstruct or upgrade the Aristotle’s category of quality using complex systems.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 16
  17. 17. The Competition obsolete11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 17
  18. 18. The World Trade If we look at the modular producing units that satisfy the need of the given community or one individual we have to contend the word trade is obsolete, especially regarding mass production and its distribution laws, as well as supply and demand infrastructure. The formation of the price of gold (especially its rise of around 140 % in the last 5 years), has nothing to do with production of gold or/and its supply and demand etc.; therefore the arbitrariness in economy (financial) infrastructure is already a default, which respectively calls for a complex system. Furthermore, the economy system is rigid and slow, and paradoxically it crumples the production, produces surplus, as well as inhibits the development of the markets. Under the new system the production would skyrocket, it wouldn’t produce surplus, since the production would be tailored for the community and/or the individual, and it would create the system in which the Value would be a fundamental category and there would be no place for manufactured need, mass production, force-feeding the market and the competition. World trade would become peer-to-peer interaction, which would generate billions of markets.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 18
  19. 19. The System The system(s) used would be fluid dynamics and neural networks, which regulate itself organically. Modular networked systems, able to react instantly on development or a change of need of the community and the market(s), as well as to constantly adapt to the highest human and posthuman needs (which in this stage of development is a need or a desire to play, hence the homo ludens ideal). The social system has to be advanced, upgraded to avoid social adaptation, parasitism and dictatorship of the majority.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 19
  20. 20. Cornucopia The next step is to create AI modules which could research/test and create: • Modules which could research/test current economy infrastructure. • Modules which could research/test possibility for the new economies and new economy infrastructure implementation and their impact on social behavior and the social body. • Modules that would test networked modular producing units. • Modules that would test and create complex system (Cornucopia) based on the needs and desires of the community and each and every the individual.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 20
  21. 21. Computation Variables Variables (for computation): production, value-chain, supply and demand, quality, distribution, worl d trade, fiscal policies, financial markets behavior, global market behavior and all of its correlations, taxation, policy regulations, community behavior theorems, neural networks system, fluid dynamics system etc.11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 21
  22. 22. References • Systems theory (von Foerster, 1960) • Chaos theory (Gleick, 1991) • Network Theory (Buchanan, 2003; Newman, Barabasi, Watts, 2006) • Media extension of human body (McLuhan, 1964) • Network vs. Hierarchical infrastructure (Galloway, 2002; • PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2002) • Hyperreality (Baudrillard, 1981) • The Mirror of Production (Baudrillard, 1975) • The Attention Economy (Davenport & Beck, 2001; Goldhaber, • 1997; Barbrook, 1997; Berman & McClellan, 2001; Ghosh, 1997) • Mass vs. Individual media (Kompare, 2002) • Convergence (Forman & Saint John, 2000) • Autopoiesis (Maturana & Varela, 1987) • Knowledge Economy (Leadbeater, 2000) • Gift Economy (Barbrook, 1997) • Self-management (Petras & Veltmeyer, 2002) • And much, much more11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 22
  23. 23. Contact Ana Soric / MA in Communications / CEO @ One of Three LLC / / +385 92 1475491 / +385 91 9080666 / / / mindbanking.co11.9.2012 System Cornucopia // One of Three LLC 23