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MindBanking Manifesto


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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MindBanking Manifesto

  1. 1. Mindbanking Manifesto http://mindbanking.co10/30/2012 // Manifesto 1
  2. 2. How the hell they tricked us!? (In an episode: The Brain Strikes Back) Digitally converged media environment, posteconomy and funky business all were preaching the same propaganda, “The capital is dancing with the talented”. The posteconomy Eldorado promised investments in great ideas, no matter how much capital has already been invested, how much one has in the bank, as long as the idea is brilliant and over the top. I was ecstatic and picturing myself smoking Cohibas and drinking Glenfiddich, at least 30 years old, at my private island in South Pacific (and changing my name to Ms. Luxury Yacht:).10/30/2012 // Manifesto 2
  3. 3. How the hell did I buy that story given the fact I grew up in a communist country where propaganda was served for lunch? (Maybe because of the communist propaganda, at least in Yugoslavia, was a child’s play compared to capitalist one; and because we were living like lords; but that is another story.) Of course, it was yet another gimmick, a marketing stunt, a conspiracy to take our freedom and to further exploit our labor and our (brain) capital; to let us play and waist our time on trivia, railroading us from investing in our future and producing a value for ourselves as well as for the society. And sure, all that time the capital was still under the firm grip of the greedy, gnarled, old hands. As a matter of fact the grip is becoming tighter and tighter, as they are yet again using the same well-proven tactics: divide-et-impera (divide and conquer).10/30/2012 // Manifesto 3
  4. 4. Oooh, no you won’t! The brain strikes back! You gonna beg me to take the millions, billions or gazillions. You know what; I am gonna think about it, because I lead my own bank, a brain bank, which is worth more than gazillions, because it can produce Value, and all you can do is mutate some bonds, derivatives and debts. Cheers!10/30/2012 // Manifesto 4