Liquid Syntax


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First draft of a research of the system that transcends the media, creates intelligent and self-aware environment and enables reaching absolute cognition.

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Liquid Syntax

  2. 2. ZING When in 2006 I canceled the media by creating a medium in which production, distribution and consumption is happening simultaneously (implosion of media value chain), and with no motive to communicate message, either as broadcasting or narrowcasting; generating a medium which is not only exclusive but also redundant (, I did not realize that the job was not done. The premise that aforementioned medium constantly creates a system, without any recollection of the previous one was, as I realized much later, a key to the new solution or a new system. I have resumed a research with an idea I am done with the media and turned as I thought so at that time in completely another direction (and topics), toward (supra)System, economy (Cornucopia), Self Actualizing Intelligence, The Game (as a platform for self-actualization), I haven’t realized that I have made a full circle returning to the point of canceling the media and creating a platform or a new system (through the mentioned research), which not only transcend the media it creates an idiosyncratic syntax and a system.
  3. 3. It appears like contemporary infrastructure and ideology of convergence reached its maximum. There is nowhere to go from here, except to wait for the system to collapse or to start crumbling. Therefore it is a prerequisite to revisit and redesign any idiom pertaining to the media and technology related media and nudge it towards the syntax and the information as the basic entities. The idea of liquid syntax presupposes creating an infrastructure using language and idiosyncratic syntax in a system that has properties of liquid dynamics in a self-actualizing and a self-producing environment, consequently canceling the media (any mediator between information, cognition and environment) furthermore generating environment that could enable or reach absolute cognition. VISION
  4. 4. REALITIES As hyper-production of media content, channels etc. generated or mutated hyperreality in which references collapsed in a reality they refer to, thus rendering reality of zero value (Baudrillard), liquid environment has a potential to generate numerous realities as unique universes which are selfaware bringing not only profound social change but an evolutionary quantum leap.
  5. 5. THE SYSTEM • Information Without Mediator – information becomes an entity • Liquid Syntax – liquid system has infinite potential for development, since with any move it creates new system. It could be a system with or without recollection of the previous system. The system with recollection of the previous system learns from the previous system, and the one without recollection is an idiosyncratic system capable of self actualization.
  6. 6. DEVELOPMENT STAGES • Ad hoc ‘media’ environment – Suppose to cancel the media. • Intelligent environment – Intelligent environment presupposes the idea of cognition and self awareness. • Liquid environment – environment and the system, which is autopoetic and self-aware. • Absolute cognition – deconstruction of all infrastructures and arriving at self actualizing intelligence, or taping into cosmic reason.
  7. 7. THE MARKET Liquid environment and a related syntax makes anyone in a value chain (including consumer) able to assume any role in production and distribution, with the possibility and an advantage to shift the role any time or all the time, transforming the value chain into liquid system. Needless to say, the market becomes immensely more complex and flexible or liquid. Competition becomes redundant since any content, production or consumption becomes a market per se (in the first stage of development), until it would be possible to reach the idiosyncratic system/environment, which will deconstruct all realities.
  8. 8. AD HOC ‘MEDIA’ ENVIRONMENT Actualizes suddenly, without a motive to communicate message either in broadcasting either in narrowcasting; constantly creates new system, without any recollection of the previous one; consequently canceling itself thus any mediator.
  9. 9. THE GAME The idea of liquid environment defines the entertainment no longer confined to games or certain platform(s) or application, it positions it in any part of human life, experience, service or interaction. The idea of Ad Hoc media could be applied in the entertainment as well, even more so; obviously there is nothing more entertaining than something that is sudden, abrupt and unconstrained, or even idiosyncratic. Humans are shifting from homo faber to homo ludens. Furthermore, idea of The Game, in which there are no winners, in which the environment is created by the players decisions, and every decision impacts the game on the system level (determining the full accountability of the player for the each and every decision), creating the system which could acquire its own intelligence or become self-aware, presupposes the next stage of development.
  10. 10. INTELLIGENT ENVIRONMENT Intelligent environment doesn't pertain solely to 3D generated environments, no matter how high its AI (artificial intelligence) is, it refers to intelligence as an entity able to create realities; consequently Intelligent environment presupposes cognition and self awareness with no facilitator between environment and its actualization.
  11. 11. LIQUID SYNTAX Information becomes an entity, like a genetic imprint actualizing in a complex system (e.g. liquid dynamics), yet again canceling the syntax as an infrastructure, bringing us to an absolute cognition since there is no differentiation between the system or an environment and the information; as the information is undividable either from cosmic being either from self actualization.