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Why an Engineer should be "human" too


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Published in: Education

Why an Engineer should be "human" too

  1. Why a Software engineer should be“human” too?
  2. people Some think that…
  3. …engineers are like themachines they work with, and less like people!
  4. They don’t feellike humans
  5. Some engineers
  6. Think the same (It looks like that)
  7. Some others
  8. They don’t carewhat people think
  9. Butothers think that…
  10. We can Change the world
  11. Being an engineer is more than numbers and machines…
  12. Being an engineer is more thanbooks and brain…
  13. Being an engineer needs heart…
  14. More than you can imagine!
  15. Does it sound crazy…? …or romanthic?
  16. Let me show you!
  17. Funny? Yeah!There is software there
  18. There is software there tooThis is interesting!
  19. This is necessary! It needs software in order to be created
  20. This is surely important for you! A software program controls your money
  21. We hope that it works fine! We hope that the software controller also works fine…
  22. … and we hope that this works fine too
  23. Now sounds important, right?
  24. Academy can give youknowledge…
  25. For the other things,you should go and reach for them
  26. There or out there
  27. How?
  28. Be “human” “Be more than an Engineer”
  29. Feel!
  30. Think!
  31. Understand your role in the world…
  32. …change it!
  33. …enjoy it!
  34. …move it!
  35. …re-build it!
  36. …defend it!
  37. Be creative and be a dreamer…
  38. Lets begin!But, don’t eat the world!Take it easy!
  39. Let’s gopart by part!
  40. Don’t you know where to start?
  41. We have an idea!
  42. Here!
  43. Hey, you … Engineer!
  44. How is your heart?
  45. AuthorSorey Bibiana García Zapata All images used here belong to Microsoft Office Online