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SCALEit ignite program, Spring 2013



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SCALEit ignite program, Spring 2013

  1. 1. Monday June 3rd Tuesday June 4th Wednesday June 5th Wednesday June 5th Wednesday June 5th Thursday June 6th Friday June 7th Intro / get started! Networking Use the EcosystemUse the EcosystemUse the Ecosystem Hustling in SV Setup in SV! Breakfast and Welcome L A U N C H S V @ Microsoft VC pitching @ Sandhill Rd.VC pitching @ Sandhill Rd.VC pitching @ Sandhill Rd. Getting to WOW w. Bill Reichert, Garage Ventures Panel: Strategic PartnershipsTop 10 mistakes, short building, price your startup, w. Bill Joos L A U N C H S V @ Microsoft VC pitching @ Sandhill Rd.VC pitching @ Sandhill Rd.VC pitching @ Sandhill Rd. Getting to WOW w. Bill Reichert, Garage Ventures Panel: Strategic PartnershipsTop 10 mistakes, short building, price your startup, w. Bill Joos L A U N C H S V @ Microsoft IT Pitch Session w. Shomit Ghoose, Onset venture IT Pitch Session w. Shomit Ghoose, Onset venture Cleantech Pitch Session w. Ken Pearlman, Oceanshore Venture Getting to WOW w. Bill Reichert, Garage Ventures Panel: Strategic Partnerships Lunch Eat & greet each other L A U N C H S V @ Microsoft Network lunch w. 5 danish SV entrepreneurs Network lunch w. 5 danish SV entrepreneurs Network lunch w. 5 danish SV entrepreneurs Lunch Session: Recruiting in the Valley w. Fadi Bishara, Blackbox Google HQ Company Visit Setting up business in SV w. Tom Pai, Ravix Group L A U N C H S V @ Microsoft How to grab the attention of the press w. Hermione Way, The Next Web How to grab the attention of the press w. Hermione Way, The Next Web How to grab the attention of the press w. Hermione Way, The Next Web Lunch Session: Recruiting in the Valley w. Fadi Bishara, Blackbox Google HQ Company Visit Setting up business in SV w. Tom Pai, Ravix Group L A U N C H S V @ Microsoft How to grab the attention of the press w. Hermione Way, The Next Web How to grab the attention of the press w. Hermione Way, The Next Web How to grab the attention of the press w. Hermione Way, The Next Web 2nd Session - pitch perfect! w. Bill Joos SURPRISE EVENT Do it well - and make it BIG! @ Secret location, w. secret guest Funding & SV equity structure w. Brad Gersich, DLA Piper L A U N C H S V @ Microsoft IT: Visit Tradeshift, SF Cleantech: Visit Autodesk, SF Cleantech: Visit Autodesk, SF SV Nordic Pitch Event: At Rocketspace you will pitch to +100 people. Free time Plan meetings for this time or enjoy San Francisco Evening Pre-event networking Launch Silicon Valley Individual feedback sessions w. 10 extraordinary advisors Meet the locals @ Stambord in Palo Alto / San Francisco Meet the locals @ Stambord in Palo Alto / San Francisco Meet the locals @ Stambord in Palo Alto / San Francisco SV Nordic Pitch Event: At Rocketspace you will pitch to +100 people. Free time Plan meetings for this time or enjoy San Francisco SCALEit program, spring 2013
  2. 2. PROGRAM for SCALEit Ignite June 3 – June 7, 2013
  3. 3. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 2 May 30, 2013 Welcome to SCALEit! ............................................................. 4   SCALEit CONTACT INFO:...................................................... 5   PROGRAM FOR SCALEit Ignite June 2013 .............................. 6   Monday, June 3, 2013 ......................................................... 6   Tuesday, June 4, 2013 ........................................................ 7   Wednesday, June 5, 2013 ................................................... 7   Thursday, June 6, 2013....................................................... 9   Friday, June 7, 2013 ......................................................... 10   Bios and briefing on visits and meetings ............................. 11   Monday June 3, 2013........................................................... 11   Pitch workshop ................................................................. 11   Bill  Joos,  Founder  of  Go  To  Market  Consulting  .............................................................  11   Doing business in the US and Silicon Valley ...................... 11   Tom  Pai,  Principal  at  Ravixgroup  .......................................................................................  11   Brad  Gersich,  Partner  DLA  Piper  ........................................................................................  12   Pre-event Launch Silicon Valley ........................................ 13   Tuesday, June 4, 2013......................................................... 14   Launch Silicon Valley ........................................................ 14   Evening: Feedback Session with advisors ......................... 16   Patrina  Mack,  Partner,  Managing  Partner  of  Vision  &  Execution  .........................  16   Brian  Mellea,  Strategy,  Marketing  and  Business  Development  ............................  17   John  Baer,  Senior  Executive,  Threshold  Ventures  ......................................................  17   Mike  Loftus,  Mobile  Product  and  Marketing  Leadership  .........................................  18   Sunil  Maulik,  VP,  Business  Development,  Designit  USA  ...........................................  18   Michelle  Messina,  CEO,  Explora  International  LLC  .....................................................  19   Ursula  Oesterle,  VP  of  Innovations  at  Swisscom  .........................................................  20   Henrik  Skov  Laursen,  Director,  Grundfos  Silicon  Valley  ..........................................  20   Susie  Faries,  CEO  of  SciMed  Partners  ...............................................................................  21   Wednesday, June 5, 2013.................................................... 22   Feedback Session at ICDK for CLEANTECH companies....... 22   Ken  Pearlman,  Partner  &  Managing  Director,  Oceanshore  Ventures  .................  22   Feedback Session on Sand Hill Rd. for IT companies......... 23   Shomit  Ghose,  Partner  ONSET  Ventures  .........................................................................  23   Networking lunch with successful entrepreneurs.............. 24   Martin  Frid  Nielsen,  CEO,  SoonR  ........................................................................................  24   Henrik  Rosendahl,  Senior  VP  of  Cloud  Solutions,  Quantum  Corporations  ......  25   Eric  Lagier,  CEO  and  co-­‐founder,  Memolane  .................................................................  26  
  4. 4. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 3 May 30, 2013 Bjarne  Christensen,  Founder  and  Developer,  TightDB  .............................................  26   Stefan  Andreasen,  Founder  and  CTO,  Kapow  Software  ...........................................  26   Søren  Louis  Pedersen,  Director  Strategic  Sale,  LitePoint  ........................................  27   PR session – how to promote your startup........................ 27   Hermione  Way,  Tech  Journalist,  entrepreneur,  The  Next  Web  .............................  27   San Francisco: Company visit............................................ 29   Autodesk  .......................................................................................................................................  29   Susan  Gladwin,  Senior  Global  Program  Manager,  Autodesk  ..................................  30   Tradeshift  .....................................................................................................................................  30   Mikkel  Hippe  Brun,  Chief  Strategy  Officer,  Tradeshift  ..............................................  31   Stambord in San Francisco................................................ 31   Thursday, June 6, 2013 ....................................................... 32   Workshop: Getting to Wow ............................................... 32   Bill  Reichert,  Garage  Ventures  .............................................................................................  32   Lunch Session: Recruiting in the Valley............................. 33   Fadi  Bishara,  Founder  of  BlackBox  ....................................................................................  33   Pitch Event: Nordic Startups invading Silicon Valley ......... 34   Friday, June 7, 2013 ............................................................ 36   Panel: Strategic Partnerships............................................ 36   Dr.  Cyril  Vancura,  Investment  Director,  Robert  Bosch  Venture  Capital  ............  36   Martin  Manniche,  Co-­‐founder  and  CTO,  GreenWave  Reality  .................................  36   Henrik  Skov  Laursen,  Director  at  Grundfos  Silicon  Valley  ......................................  37   Visit and tour of Google Campus ....................................... 38   Christian  Stefansen,  Product  Manager,  Google  ............................................................  38   Morten  Lundsby  Jensen,  Online  Help  Manager,  Google  ...........................................  38  
  5. 5. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 4 May 30, 2013 Welcome to SCALEit! We are very excited to have you on board our SCALEit Ignite event, and cannot wait to introduce you to Silicon Valley. We have a really strong line-up of people, ready for you to learn from and connect with. At the startup scene in Denmark, many good ideas see daylight every year, but in our eyes way too few make it big; with SCALEit this is what we want to change. We accepted you being among the most promising Danish tech start-ups and invited you to Silicon Valley, to discover how to compete among the best and overcome the challenges you face. The week will expose you to the ecosystem of the Valley and help fine-tune ideas, pitches, business plans and future ambitions. We are very proud to present you of our strong line-up of investors, advisors, lawyers, successful American and Danish entrepreneurs and tech-giants. Thank you all for taking your time to be part of SCALEit. Enclosed you will find the full program for the week including addresses and contact info. We look forward to SCALing it with you! Kind regards, Frederik, Alex, Søren and Lene Team SCALEit Innovation Centre Denmark
  6. 6. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 5 May 30, 2013 SCALEit CONTACT INFO: For info on SCALEit please visit You are always welcome to contact us: Lene Sjørslev Schulze Mobile: 415 812 6646 Email: Søren Therkelsen Mobile: 415 702 8935 Email: Alex Portilla Mobile: 347 331 3209 email: Frederik Jonsbak Rohde Mobile: 415 341 5380 email: Innovation Center Denmark & Innovation Center Denmark is a tangible result of Denmark's globalization strategy with the objective to turn Denmark into a leading knowledge-based economy by 2015. This ambitious objective calls for innovative new approaches to position Denmark in the global value chain. For that reason, we are creating innovative hubs in global hot spots, Silicon Valley being one of them. Innovation Center Denmark connects researchers, companies and ideas between Denmark and the US in high-tech areas; CleanTech, Information & Communications Tech and Life Sciences. is Søren’s consultancy firm. He organizes programs, advice start-ups, facilitate workshops, donate mentor time to university programs and teach entrepreneurship to students.
  7. 7. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 6 May 30, 2013 PROGRAM FOR SCALEit Ignite June 2013 Monday, June 3, 2013 9.00 AM Breakfast and Welcome to Silicon Valley DLA Piper 2000 University Ave, East Palo Alto, CA 94303 Estimated transport time from ICDK: 20 min 10.00 AM Pitch session 1 – Bill Joos: Top 10 mistakes, Short building. Evaluation. DLA Piper 1.30 PM Lunch DLA Piper 2.00 PM Doing/Setting up business in Silicon Valley / Tom Pai, Ravix Group DLA Piper 3.00 PM - 4.00 PM Funding and Law (Valuation, term sheets, funding) / Brad Gersich, DLA Piper DLA Piper 6:00 PM Reception: Pre-event Launch Silicon Valley Cooley LLP 3175 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304 8.00 PM End of day
  8. 8. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 7 May 30, 2013 Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Wednesday, June 5, 2013 9.00 AM - 11.00 AM Cleantech Pitch Session with Ken Perlman, Oceanshore Ventures Innovation Centre Denmark 200 Page Mill Road Suite 100 Palo Alto, CA 9.30 AM - 11.30 AM IT Pitch Session with Shomit Ghoose, Onset Venture Onset Ventures 2490 Sand Hill Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 Estimated transport time 8.00 AM Launch Silicon Valley Conference Microsoft 1065 La Avenida St Building 1 Mountain View California 94043 Estimated transport time from ICDK: 20 minutes 5.30 PM Transport to ICDK Estimated transport time: 30 minutes 6.00 PM Pitching & Feedback Session with ICDK Advisors Innovation Centre Denmark 200 Page Mill Road Suite 100 Palo Alto, CA 8.30 PM End of Day
  9. 9. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 8 May 30, 2013 from ICDK: 30 minutes 12.00 PM - 1.30 PM Network Lunch with successful Danish entrepreneurs -Stefan Andreasen, Eric Lagier, Henrik Rosendahl, Martin Frid-Nielsen, Søren Louis Pedersen and Bjarne Christensen) Three Seasons 518 Bryant Street Palo Alto, CA 94301 2.30 PM Start-ups: How to grab the attention of the press with Hermione Way The Villa 379 Collingwood Street San Francisco, CA 94114 4.00 PM Company Visit: Autodesk or Tradeshift Autodesk Gallery at One Market 1 Market Street, Ste 200 San Francisco, CA 94105 Tradeshift 500 Third Street Suite 210 San Francisco, CA 94107 6.00 PM Stambord in San Francisco YouNoodle 330 Townsend St #1 San Francisco, CA 94107 8.00 PM End of day
  10. 10. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 9 May 30, 2013 Thursday, June 6, 2013 10.30 AM Bill Reichert: Getting to WOW - How to distil the essence of your value proposition into something clear, credible, and compelling Blackbox Mansion 19 Selby Lane Atherton, CA 94027 Estimated transport time from ICDK: 30 Minutes 12.00 PM Lunch Session with Fadi Bishara: Recruiting in the Valley Blackbox Mansion 2.00 PM - 4.30 PM Bill Joos 2nd Session: Pitch Rehearsal BlackBox Mansion 4.30 PM Transport to San Francisco Estimated transport time: 1 hour and 15 minutes 6.00 PM Silicon Valley Nordic Pitch Event: Nordic Start-ups invading Silicon Valley Rocket-Space 181 Fremont St San Francisco, CA 94105
  11. 11. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 10 May 30, 2013 Friday, June 7, 2013 9.00 AM Panel: Strategic Partnerships Innovation Centre Denmark 200 Page Mill Road Suite 100 Palo Alto, CA 11.30 AM Company Visit at Google Google 1900 Charleston Road Mountain View CA 94043 Estimated transport time from ICDK: 20 Minutes (Parking difficult) 13.00 PM Lunch/Wrap-up TBD 14.00 PM End of program
  12. 12. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 11 May 30, 2013 Bios and briefing on visits and meetings Monday June 3, 2013 Pitch workshop Bill Joos, Founder of Go To Market Consulting Bill Joos is the founder and managing director of Go To Market Consulting, a consulting firm dedicated to accelerating sales and market development. Bill served as Vice President of Entrepreneur Development at Garage Technology Ventures since its founding in 1997. He has held sales and marketing positions with a variety of companies, including IBM and Apple Computer. Bill is perhaps best known as a "Pitch Doctor" and has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs with refining and focusing their positioning and presentations. Bill earned a B.S. from Jamestown College and pursued graduate studies at Pepperdine University. Doing business in the US and Silicon Valley Tom Pai, Principal at Ravixgroup Tom serves as a consulting CFO with Ravix Group. He has over 20 years of financial and operations experience in technology, media, and consumer products companies ranging in size from start-up to Fortune 100 global enterprises. Tom's expertise includes strategic and operational planning, venture capital financing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and Chapter 11 reorganization. Prior to joining Ravix, Tom was the CFO and COO for several venture backed companies in online media, publishing and high technology. He was also the co-founder and principal in DART Partners, an investment firm specializing in underperforming mid-sized companies, and was a senior associate with Bank of America's venture capital group. Tom has an M.B.A. from Carnegie Mellon University and a degree in Computer Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara.
  13. 13. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 12 May 30, 2013 Brad Gersich, Partner DLA Piper Brad Gersich represents both emerging and sophisticated private companies in foundational matters, equity and debt financings, as well as strategic transactions and other business combinations. Based in DLA Piper's Silicon Valley and San Francisco offices, Mr Gersich serves as general outside counsel to several leading technology companies, and offers clients practical legal counsel with respect to the day-to-day challenges facing today's fast-moving businesses. When a company client becomes the target of an acquisition or pursues an initial public offering of securities, Mr. Gersich will lead the legal teams that close the sale of the business or navigate the complexities of the IPO process. Mr Gersich also assists both prominent US venture capital firms and angel investors, as well as non-US venture capital firms and family offices evaluate, structure and complete investments in promising early stage companies. Furthermore, Mr. Gersich helps later stage companies, including those based outside of the United States, to acquire valuable technologies and businesses to accelerate growth of revenue and market share. Combining extensive experience with employment and human resources matters with an understanding of equity compensation plans, Mr Gersich often represents senior executives of notable private and public companies in the negotiation of executive employment, retention and/or separation agreements. Finally, Mr Gersich has considerable experience in navigating the practical and legal considerations associated with sales of capital stock of privately held companies and has successfully guided sellers in achieving liquidity through these types of transactions. DLA Piper DLA Piper's roots in Silicon Valley date back to the 1960s, when a handful of lawyers came together to found Ware & Freidenrich in Silicon Valley. Today, we reach out from Northern California to the
  14. 14. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 13 May 30, 2013 nation and world to harness the resources of a global, integrated platform for our clients, whether small start-ups seeking a first foothold overseas or large multinational corporations spreading across continents. With extensive experience in technology, clean tech, life sciences, retail, infrastructure and other areas, our Silicon Valley lawyers advise corporations as well as financial institutions and venture capitalists on general corporate matters and transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, public offerings of debt and equity, private equity, venture capital, intellectual property licensing and product distribution, and domestic and international employee benefits and equity compensation. Pre-event Launch Silicon Valley Now in its 9th year, Launch: Silicon Valley 2013 is firmly established as the premier product launch platform for start-ups from the San Francisco Bay area, and around the world. The event, co-presented by SVForum, Garage Technology Ventures and Microsoft, provides the next generation of emerging technology companies with the opportunity to pitch their products to, and network with, an audience of Silicon Valley’s top VCs, Angels, corporate business development executives, prospective customers and partners, bloggers and media.
  15. 15. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 14 May 30, 2013 Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Launch Silicon Valley Silicon Valley 2013, co-presented by SVForum, Garage Technology Ventures and Microsoft, provides an effective and cost efficient platform for the next generation of emerging CleanTech/Energy Innovation, HealthIT/Life Science, Mobile, Internet, Robotics, 3D Printing, Media and Technology companies to launch their products to the world, in front of an audience of Silicon Valley’s top VCs, Angels, corporate business development executives, prospective customers and partners, bloggers and media. Up to 30 of the most interesting companies will be invited to leverage Launch: Silicon Valley 2013 as the springboard to launch their product or service, and to network with the audience of Silicon Valley’s top movers and shakers at the Pre-L:SV Event Party on the evening of June 3, as well as at the event itself on June 4. Program Monday, June 3, 2013 06:00pm Pre-Event Party at a prestigious location in Palo Alto for Presenting Company Executives, Registered Audience Members, Bloggers, Press, Sponsors, Advisory Board and invited guests. Tuesday, June 4, 2013 7:30am Registration and Buffet Breakfast 8:30am Opening Remarks 8:40am Opening Keynote: Ray Kurzweil, author, inventor, futurist, Director of Engineering at Google, on "Innovations in Innovation" 9:45am Networking Break
  16. 16. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 15 May 30, 2013 Tuesday, June 4, 2013 10:15am Uncommon Wisdom: Guy Kawasaki shares his insider knowledge of where the common wisdom can get you in trouble and what entrepreneurs should do if they want to build companies that are insanely great. 11:10am The Future of Venture Investing: Ryan Caldbeck of CircleUp, Deborah Magid of IBM Venture Capital, Bill Reichert of Garage Technology Ventures, John Gardener of Nokia Growth Partners, and Greg Sands of Costanoa Ventures, moderated by Peter Delevitt, startup & venture capital journalist for the San Jose Mercury News 11:50am Lunch + Accenture Technology Vision 2013: "Every Business is a Digital Business" presented by Kelly Dempski, Managing Director - Accenture Technology Labs. 12:40pm Fireside Chat with the founders of Launch: Silicon Valley alumni HearPlanet, Intelen, Kiverdi, Nexgate, moderated by Arturo Duran, Chief Innovation Officer of Digital First Media 01:15pm Session 1 Next Gen Internet 1 & Session 2 Life Sciences, in parallel + Accenture Technology Vision in the Exec Briefing Room 2:15pm Networking Break 2:30pm Session 3 Next Gen Internet 2 & Session 4 Clean Tech, in parallel 3:30pm Networking Break 3:45pm Session 5 Mobile & Session 6 Technology, in parallel
  17. 17. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 16 May 30, 2013 Tuesday, June 4, 2013 4:45pm Closing Keynote – Dr Mike North, presenter Discovery Channel “Prototype This!” & founder 5:15pm Session Winners Announcement Evening: Feedback Session with advisors Patrina Mack, Partner, Managing Partner of Vision & Execution Patrina Mack, Managing Partner of Vision & Execution, consults with established and emerging technology companies in the U.S., Europe, Russia and Israel. Ms. Mack works with clients to optimize their product and business strategy to enhance customer adoption and market penetration. She has more than 25 years experience in business-to-consumer and business-to- business product, marketing and operational strategy and implementation. Her industry expertise spans the Internet, cleantech, telecom, software, financial services, and consumer products. Ms. Mack is a member of the Advisory Board for Innovation Center Denmark-Silicon Valley. She also serves as an Advisor to TechCoire and previously served as Western Regional Director for the Product Development and Management Association, and as Sustainability Mentor to CA Cleantech Open. She is a certified New Product Development Professional through the PDMA. In addition to her consulting practice she leads workshops and teaches courses in the areas of Green NPD: Design for the Environment, Leveraging Social Media for New Product Development, and Developing Products Customers Want to Buy. Prior to founding her consulting practice in 1999, Ms. Mack was responsible for the global launch of NetGravity's SaaS solution. NetGravity, one of Forbes' ASAP Dynamic 100 Companies, introduced the first ad serving software. At her previous company,
  18. 18. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 17 May 30, 2013 AirTouch, she was responsible for assessing and developing market opportunities for PCS wireless, international licenses and new services. Ms. Mack started her career consulting with Urban Wallace & Associates serving the consumer products and financial services industries. Brian Mellea, Strategy, Marketing and Business Development Brian has 20 years of consumer products and online services product management, channel marketing and business development. At Apple, he led worldwide partner marketing for a $4B product line and then went on to manage all marketing for an $800M vertical market. He helped launch Apple's products into the retail electronics channel. He has marketed and sold online services to consumers with carriers. Brian ran a $125M ecommerce site selling direct to consumers. Brian has a BS in Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, an MS from MIT and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. John Baer, Senior Executive, Threshold Ventures Jon Baer of Threshold Ventures is a senior executive who brings a unique perspective to the world of startups. He has been both a venture capitalist as well as the founder and CEO of two venture backed companies, eBoomerang, an enterprise software company which was sold in 2006 and Artificial Muscle, Inc., a spinout from Stanford Research Institute (SRI). As a principal and founder of Threshold Ventures, Jon works with companies around the world, serving as an advisor/mentor, working on specific projects and when appropriate, taking on interim operating roles. He has worked with a wide range of software, telephony, hardware and services businesses. Earlier in his career Jon was a General Partner at Oscco Ventures, a Sand Hill Road early-stage venture capital firm which was one of the pioneering firms in Silicon Valley. He has invested in a range of companies including Landec, Peerless Systems, and Coinstar.
  19. 19. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 18 May 30, 2013 Mike Loftus, Mobile Product and Marketing Leadership Mobile Product and Marketing Leadership * Refining company vision, positioning to create and modify product and business plans in order achieve company objectives * Working closely with key partners and customers to achieve revenue and strategic goals * Inspire and motivate teams to meet and exceed product goals and delivery deadlines * Building the teams and managing business growth from 2 to 300 people * Create and implement the Product Roadmap and the Go-To-Market strategy Developed several industry-first products including in-stream video Ad's based on local content (AdStream), SMS delivery of Ads based on requested search (Broadcaster Media), Press-Thru© VoiceSearch at (inFreeDA), PC in a PC virtualization (Connectix). Specialties: Mobile Product and Marketing focused Achievement- oriented senior executive, with broad, proven experience leading technology-driven companies to the next level. Skilled at taking leading-edge ideas from concept to market acceptance on a global basis in accelerated time frames. Fortune 500 product innovator with success in business management, business development, finance, operations, capital sourcing, negotiations, acquisitions, mergers & liquidations. Sunil Maulik, VP, Business Development, Designit USA Sunil Maulik has over twenty years of sales and business development experience in Silicon Valley. He has co-founded three companies (PeoplePower, an energy analytics company, 500Friends, a social e- commerce analytics company, and GeneEd, a provider
  20. 20. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 19 May 30, 2013 of healthcare e-learning). In addition, he has held senior sales and management positions at Pangea Systems, Tripos, Hoffmann-La Roche, Oxford Molecular and IntelliGenetics. Sunil’s research on mathematical methods for 3-D image reconstruction was published on the cover of the journal Nature. His book “Molecular Biotechnology” (J. Wiley & Sons) sold over 4000 copies and has been used in four university courses. He holds patents in gene pattern-matching, e-learning and e-mail analytics. He was winner (in conjunction with John Teeter and Gene Wang) of a $1.45MM SBIR grant from the DoE (2009), and with Banny Banerjee of the Stanford D-School, a GE “Ecomagination” award (2010). Michelle Messina, CEO, Explora International LLC Michelle Messina has worked with start-ups from more than 30 countries, and government-sponsored business acceleration and competitiveness programs around the world. Michelle is co-founder of the French Business & Innovation Accelerator (FBIA), and an advisor SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship). Michelle is also part of the U.S. Department of State program Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas for Women Entrepreneurs focused on economic empowerment and public-private partnerships for SME growth. Alexander Zago, VP of Global Business Development - Asia and Emerging Markets at Pinnacle Engines. Alessandro Zago has more than 10 years of international and operational experience ranging from clean technology start-ups to venture capital to large corporations. Prior to Pinnacle, he oversaw corporate development for APTwater, Inc., a Kleiner-backed water company commercializing advanced water treatment processes for water reuse.
  21. 21. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 20 May 30, 2013 He also served as Director of Venture Technology at Siemens’ Technology-to-Business Center and led its investments in early- stage, clean-tech start-ups. He served in various positions at The BMW Group, including Innovation Manager at the BMW International Purchasing Department. Alessandro holds an executive MBA from INSEAD and a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Ursula Oesterle, VP of Innovations at Swisscom Since 2003, Ursula has been managing Swisscom’s open innovation and scouting activities out of Silicon Valley. She was based in Singapore from 2007- 2009 to build up the Asia Pacific network. Prior to Swisscom she worked in a start-up in semiconductor lasers in Switzerland and was Program Manager of a Swiss National Science Program spinning technology out from academia. She holds a PhD in physics from EPFL and has a business degree from IMD in Lausanne. Henrik Skov Laursen, Director, Grundfos Silicon Valley Henrik Skov Laursen is managing Grundfos’ cleantech office located in Palo Alto, California. Through Palo Alto Grundfos work with research, academic institutions and start-up companies to be the catalyst in creating new sustainable business and product solutions within water technologies and building efficiency. Henrik Skov Laursen has lead many new business creation activities in Grundfos one of which has been the establishment of Grundfos’ Water Technology Center in Fresno, CA Prior Mr. Laursen worked as Business Director for the industrial markets in North America and before that as Global Product Business Manager for Grundfos' new line of Digital Dosing pumps. Mr. Laursen is the chairman of the water hub initiative in California and board member in one of Grundfos’ strategic investments in Silicon Valley.
  22. 22. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 21 May 30, 2013 Susie Faries, CEO of SciMed Partners Susie Faries is CEO of SciMed Partners. SciMed, headquartered in the Bay Area, helps established companies, potential investors, and entrepreneurs assess markets, technologies, and intellectual property in the scientific and medical arenas. SciMed focuses on medical devices, medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and emerging technologies. Susie Faries has held senior executive level positions with major US corporations including Vice President of Marketing for American Medical Response, the largest provider of emergency medical services in the US ($1 billion in revenue) and Vice President of Marketing for American Medical Pathways, the technology subsidiary of American Medical Response. She has worked in large and start-up environments in medical devices and health care technologies. She is the former CEO of SMS Healthcare, headquartered first in Virginia then Denver, with offices in North Carolina and West Virginia. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs that has an 89-year track record of successful business operations.
  23. 23. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 22 May 30, 2013 Wednesday, June 5, 2013 Feedback Session at ICDK for CLEANTECH companies Ken Pearlman, Partner & Managing Director, Oceanshore Ventures Ken Pearlman's 30 years of experience includes research and investments in materials, chemicals, electronics and technology industries. Prior to co- founding Oceanshore, he managed private equity investment activities for Firsthand Capital, where he focused on early stage deals in semiconductors and green technology. Before that, Ken was with CIBC World Markets, where he was Executive Director of Semiconductor Research. While at CIBC, he achieved the distinction of becoming one of the Wall Street Journal's All-Star Analysts in 1999 and 2000. Prior to joining CIBC, Ken's semiconductor research experience included tenures at Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.; Robertson, Stephens & Company; and Dataquest. Ken's technology industry experience includes eight years in engineering positions at Raychem Corporation, 3M Company, and Exxon Office Systems. He holds two patents. Ken has a bachelor's degree in biology from the University of California at Riverside and a master's degree in business administration from Santa Clara University, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He currently serves on the boards of Crystal Solar, EnerVault and Lumiette, and works with the team evaluating new technologies and developing industry relations. Previously, he led early rounds and sat on the boards of Confluence Solar, Global Locate, Silicon Genesis, Solaicx, and SoloPower. Oceanshore Ventures Oceanshore Ventures helps private companies get the early stage operating capital and access to world-class, international networks of suppliers, technologists and business leaders that they need to develop successfully. We are committed to making investments in
  24. 24. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 23 May 30, 2013 early stage companies that develop breakthrough advanced materials-based technologies in renewable energy, energy storage, and energy efficiencies, and that hold the promise of delivering highly competitive solutions to the global market. Our mission is to be the preferred investor in privately held technology companies that are able to radically transform the way the world uses and stores energy. Feedback Session on Sand Hill Rd. for IT companies Shomit Ghose, Partner ONSET Ventures Shomit Ghose joined ONSET Ventures in 2001 after 19 years of working at high-tech companies in the Silicon Valley. During his career he participated in several successful IPOs, including those of Sun Microsystems and Broadvision. Prior to joining ONSET, he was Sr. VP of Operations at Tumbleweed Communications, where he managed the marketing, professional services, applications engineering and corporate development departments. He helped the company through a successful IPO in 1999. Previously, he was VP of the Worldwide Professional Services Organization at BroadVision and helped that company through a successful IPO in 1996. His first job was as network protocol engineer at Metaphor Computer Systems, a company acquired by IBM. Later, he was an engineer in the original pre-IPO software development team at Sun Microsystems. He has also been Director of Marketing and then Director of Asia/Pacific Operations for nCUBE, a manufacturer of video-on-demand servers, and a board member of Alier, a data integration software company that is now part of webMethods. Shomit was awarded two academic scholarships to the University of California, Berkeley, at age 15. He graduated in 1982 with a degree in Computer Science.
  25. 25. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 24 May 30, 2013 At ONSET Ventures, Shomit focuses on software, networking and infrastructure companies. He also mentors and provides management resources to portfolio companies to help maximize their success. Shomit led ONSET’s investments in Adara Media, Gridstore, Netseer, Pancetera (acquired by Quantum), Sentilla and Truviso (acquired by Cisco). He is an Industry Fellow and lead venture coach at UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering, and serves on the entrepreneurship advisory board at the University of San Francisco. ONSET Ventures ONSET Ventures helps entrepreneurs transform great ideas into successful businesses. We invest in information technology and medical markets, leveraging both disruptive technologies and disruptive business models. In information technology, we focus on mobility, new media and infrastructure software. Within medical technology, we focus on medical devices, drug delivery, diagnostics and healthcare information technology. We invest in businesses at all stages. Our specialty is working with inventors and entrepreneurs at the earliest stages to help them create a business from their vision. We get in the trenches with you to help identify markets, build business models and find the ideal management team. It’s our personalized approach that makes us different – “venture craftsmanship”- and it’s why so many entrepreneurs choose to work with ONSET Ventures again and again. You want to change the world. We want to help. Networking lunch with successful entrepreneurs Martin Frid Nielsen, CEO, SoonR Martin is a business software and Internet services veteran, with a proven track record of creating category defining products and offerings over the last couple of decades. Before founding SoonR, he spent 3 years in various executive positions at enterprise software provider
  26. 26. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 25 May 30, 2013 Merant including VP of Development, and was actively involved in selling the company to Serena for about $400 million in 2004. Prior to joining Merant through an acquisition, Martin was at NetObjects for over six years, where he was the VP of R&D since founding and through its IPO in 1999, he was instrumental in defining and creating the company's leading web-authoring product NetObjects Fusion. He was also a principal of Hilltop Software Technologies, a provider of pre-internet communication applications and consulting services. Prior to that, Martin spent ten years at Borland International in senior engineering and program management positions. Products included Sidekick 1.0 & 2.0, the company's hit personal information organizer that created a new market category, Personal Information Management. Martin is a named inventor on four (4) U.S. Patents related to data synchronization and web authoring technologies. Henrik Rosendahl, Senior VP of Cloud Solutions, Quantum Corporations Mr. Henrik Rosendahl serves as Senior Vice President of Cloud Solutions at Quantum Corporation. Mr. Rosendahl served as Vice President of Cloud Solutions at Quantum Corporation since April 2012. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Pancetera Software, Inc. since January 2010. He is a successful serial entrepreneur with extensive business development and sales experience. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Thinstall Inc. since October 2006. He founded In2itive Technologies in 1992, which was successfully sold to SPSS in 1997. Mr. Rosendahl served as Director of Application Virtualization at VMware, Inc. from January 2008 to December 2009. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Interse A/S and Vice President of IT Factory Inc. He served as an Executive Vice President of PremiTech Inc. He held executive and senior leadership positions at several technology companies in the U.S. and Europe. He serves as the Chairman of The Board at SnapVolumes, Inc. He serves as a Director of Pancetera Software, Inc. Mr. Rosendahl has undertaken the MIT Sloan Marketing Program for High-Tech executives.
  27. 27. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 26 May 30, 2013 Eric Lagier, CEO and co-founder, Memolane Eric is the CEO and co-founder of Memolane. An entrepreneur at heart who enjoys hiking with the family, Danish cuisine, everything by Diana Krall, the quest for the perfect pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and regularly jumping into the Baltic Sea. Before cofounding Memolane, Eric previously founded TigerTag, and worked at Skype, Oracle and TDC in various business development and marketing roles. He is a graduate of Copenhagen Business School and the Boston University School of Management. Bjarne Christensen, Founder and Developer, TightDB Bjarne Christensen comes from a background in Nokia, where he was part of the global team of SCM (Software Configuration Management) experts coordinating and steering the SCM environment in Nokia. In 2011, Bjarne Christensen co-founded TightDB, and is currently living in Silicon Valley taking his company to the next level. Bjarne has a master degree from DTU. Stefan Andreasen, Founder and CTO, Kapow Software Stefan Andreasen is a true entrepreneur, innovator and net-worker with more than 25-year experience in software. He spent five years in Boston with Advanced Visual Systems working on cutting-edge Java and visual programming projects. In 1998 he started Kapow as the largest European marketplace for cars, real estate and boats for sale. The items for sales was collected from dealer's websites and published on The Web ETL software is based on a scalable automation browser with full AJAX support, using flow-chart based visual navigation and programming, to allow for hyper-agile integration and automation between applications on the web (inside and outside firewall). In 2001 Stefan Andreasen sold the marketplace to the largest bank in Denmark and changed Kapow into a software company - Kapow
  28. 28. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 27 May 30, 2013 Software. The software was developed into a full powered Enterprise-class Cloud and Application integration platform now serving more than 500 companies worldwide. In 1995 Stefan Andreasen relocated himself and the company headquarter to Palo Alto in California where he is now the Founder & CTO of Kapow Software. Stefan is a frequent blogger on and speaks at many industry events about innovation and integration software trends. Søren Louis Pedersen, Director Strategic Sale, LitePoint Søren Louis Pedersen is a true entrepreneur, with a specialty in relation, negotiation and strategic sales from +20 years in B2B sales. In 2009 he co-founded Libratone, a wireless speaker focused on Apple Iphone/Ipad and MAC/PC users. In 2011 Libratone was awarded the CES Award for Best Speaker. This year, Søren Louis Pedersen joined LitePoint, as Director of Strategic sales, focusing on business sale in North America. Søren also serves as a Mentor/Advisor at StartX, Stanford. PR session – how to promote your startup Hermione Way, Tech Journalist, entrepreneur, The Next Web Hermione Way is a journalist and new media entrepreneur. Having graduated as a journalist (and even before graduating, completing a National Council for the Training of Journalists qualification; something usually taken as a post-graduate) Hermione has shown an impressive track record of establishing innovative businesses in the new media space. She started her first venture, in the second year of her degree, using money from her student loan to buy the first piece of equipment. Newspepper began essentially as a citizen journalist
  29. 29. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 28 May 30, 2013 video production company with one key difference; it employed student and graduate filmmakers and journalists enabling them to get much-needed paid vocational media work experience. Having had substantial experience of working for media organisations whilst at University, Hermione opted not to take a position with another employer, but rather to seek to take the Newspepper concept and turn it into a profitable business model, whilst ensuring it remained true to the founding principle of providing vocational training. By focussing solely on the production of video content designed for the Internet, Newspepper is able to offer its clients a unique proposition. Firstly the costs associated with online distribution are significantly lower than those for conventional video, partly because the costs are lower, but also because the quality of footage required is not as high as for traditional video presentation, enabling the use of cheaper (and more portable) recording equipment. Secondly, it provides significant flexibility in terms of how the content is distributed, ranging from live (uncut) footage of events to more formal pre- recorded content. Finally, Newspepper offers its clients extensive expertise in exploiting the viral nature of the internet (such as the use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook) to ensure their video content receives the widest possible exposure. It is thanks to the unique business model which Hermione developed, that has allowed Newspepper, in a very short space of time, to build up an impressive client base which includes the BBC, Channel 4, BT and a number of government departments. On its own, Newspepper is highly impressive. However, it is a measure of her determination and drive that Hermione not only runs her own production company, but has also established herself as an online journalist in her own right. Her latest venture, is an online video channel, which reports on European Internet culture in a light-hearted irreverent manner. The channel, which has Hermione as its anchor presenter, uses a team of local correspondents from across Europe and reports on technology and social media developments. Targeted at people interested in and active in the European technology sector, in less than a year it has already built up a cult following of 35,000 viewers a month, and an ancillary audience on
  30. 30. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 29 May 30, 2013 Twitter of 18,000. In addition to its remit of providing news, it also has an entrepreneurial focus and includes an opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their ideas to investors in a regular online elevator pitch feature. Techfluff’s video content has been licensed to the Daily Telegraph and partnerships have been struck with a number of technology sites. Techfluff is not only a viable business in its own right, it also serves as a showcase for Newspepper and Hermione herself. In addition to her business activities, Hermione is active in promoting entrepreneurship and encouraging more women to become involved in technology. In a very short space of time she has become a leading figure in new media and Internet startups in London and globally. In addition to her wide-ranging online broadcasting activities where she regularly produces content on a range of issues, she regularly appears on Sky News as an internet commentator. San Francisco: Company visit Autodesk The Autodesk Gallery at One Market in San Francisco celebrates the design process that takes a great idea and turns it into a reality. With more than 20 different exhibits regularly on display that showcase the innovative work of Autodesk customers, the gallery illustrates the role technology plays in great design and engineering. Innovation and Sustainability The Autodesk Gallery at One Market is Platinum certified in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI) rating system. The Autodesk Gallery was only the second project in the state of California to earn a Platinum rating for LEED-CI. Design firms Anderson Anderson Architecture and HOK plus general contracting firm DPR Construction worked with Autodesk to renovate the space using an integrated project delivery (IPD) approach—an emerging business model in the building industry that allows the entire extended team to collaborate and efficiently drive projects toward their best outcomes.
  31. 31. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 30 May 30, 2013 Susan Gladwin, Senior Global Program Manager, Autodesk As Autodesk’s clean tech initiative global lead, Susan Gladwin is responsible for leading the company’s clean tech program and industry strategy. In this role, Ms. Gladwin manages Autodesk’s partnerships with clean tech companies and stakeholders in North America, Europe and Asia, and also tracks the sector’s sustainability best practices. In 2009, she was responsible for launching the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program, designed to assist clean tech startups through deployment of Autodesk digital prototyping software. Ms. Gladwin is on the faculty of the California College of the Arts’ MBA in Design Strategy program, where she co-developed the Sustainability Studio curriculum. She served on the board of directors for Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and was part of the founding team of the Clean Technology Open and served as its sustainability chair. Prior to her work with Autodesk, Ms. Gladwin founded Gladwin Consulting, a strategic marketing consulting practice that serves both venture- backed and established technology, digital media, and consumer brand companies as well as select non-profits, building on her previous management experience with Apple and other technology brands. Susan Gladwin holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and studied international political economy at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Tradeshift Tradeshift is a global startup with the ambition to change the way we do business by allowing organizations to exchange invoices for free. It connects businesses to all their suppliers and customers regardless of company size not only saving time but also ensuring they get paid faster at both ends of the supply chain. The initial driver behind Tradeshift's foundation was frustration with available solutions and technology, but soon the company's founders realized that a fundamental shift in the focus of business networks was needed. They aimed to create a new kind of network – one that focused on people and business relationships as well as transactions. On top of electronic invoicing, Tradeshift provides users with a range
  32. 32. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 31 May 30, 2013 of revolutionary value added services, such as Instant Payments and CloudScan®. Tradeshift has offices in San Francisco, Copenhagen and London with customers across 190 countries. Customers include Kuehne + Nagel, TDC and the NHS. Tradeshift was awarded Best Enterprise 2010 at The TechCrunch Europe startup awards. Mikkel Hippe Brun, Chief Strategy Officer, Tradeshift Mikkel is the Chief Strategy Officer of Tradeshift. He holds a MS in Computer Science and has had a long career in IT in both private and public sector. Mikkel was Technical Director of the 30 million Euro PEPPOL project (Pan European Public Procurement Online). He was also CTO and co-founder of Integrator Uniware A/S, a company that developed advanced database publishing and pagination software. Mikkel joined the National IT and Telecom Agency in 2002, initially as an independent consultant, later as Chief Consultant responsible for Danish eInvoicing standards and eInvoicing infrastructure. Mikkel is active in international standardization and was one of the creators of the global XML e-business standard UBL. Stambord in San Francisco Join your fellow Danes at our monthly Stambord SF at YouNoodle HQ in SoMa, San Francisco. Usually around 20 people in SF meets for these monthly Danish meetups, and there are always new faces. Feel free to catch a game of ping-pong or chat over a cold beer - our offices are what you would expect from a very informal SF start-up company. We will get some beer and wine for the occasion, but feel free to bring some as well, as we're all volunteers and have a minimal budget. DACC and ICDK will kindly be sponsoring our appetizers, and YouNoodle our venue and drinks. DACC is the Danish-American Chamber of Commerce, and ICDK is Innovation Center Denmark, both friends of DABGO.
  33. 33. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 32 May 30, 2013 Thursday, June 6, 2013 Workshop: Getting to Wow Bill Reichert, Garage Ventures Bill Reichert is a Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, a seed-stage and early-stage venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, California. Garage makes focused investments in promising early- stage technology companies and works intensively with them to help them grow and succeed. Bill has been a member of the Board of Directors of MiaSole, CaseStack, WhiteHat Security, ClearFuels Technology, ThermoCeramix, cFares, and STEP Labs (acquired by Dolby Labs). Some of Garage’s earlier investments include Pandora Media (NYSE: P), Digital Fountain (acquired by Qualcomm), Coremetrics (acquired by IBM), iNest (acquired by LendingTree), Psionic (acquired by Cisco), LeftHand Networks (acquired by HP), (NSDQ: ANSW), Hoku Scientific (NSDQ: HOKU), and Kaboodle (acquired by Hearst Corp). Bill Reichert brings his experience as a serial entrepreneur to his work with Garage’s portfolio companies. Prior to joining Garage in early 1998, he was co-founder of Academic Systems, a software company funded by Kleiner Perkins, Accel Partners, and Microsoft. Academic Systems became the leading developer of network-based multimedia instructional materials for colleges and universities, and was acquired by Plato Learning (NSDQ: TUTR). Prior to Academic Systems, Bill Reichert was a senior executive at several venture- backed technology companies, including The Learning Company, which was the leading developer of educational software in the United States before its acquisition in 1994, and Infa Technologies, a pen-based computer company that developed many of the concepts underlying the Newton, Palm, and iPhone devices. Bill Reichert also co-founded Trademark Software, which was subsequently acquired by Dow Jones, while in graduate school at Stanford. Earlier in his career, Bill Reichert worked for McKinsey & Co., the international management-consulting firm, the World Bank in Washington, DC, and Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., in New York.
  34. 34. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 33 May 30, 2013 He has authored and co-authored several articles and speeches on entrepreneurship, venture capital, international trade, and monetary policy. Bill Reichert earned his BA in History and Science from Harvard University and his MBA from Stanford University. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, and is a former Chairman of the Churchill Club in Silicon Valley. Lunch Session: Recruiting in the Valley Fadi Bishara, Founder of BlackBox Fadi has in-depth knowledge and experience related to building successful start-ups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the world. For over 15 years, he has been successfully matching human capital and venture capital needs across the globe, guiding talented technology entrepreneurs in their path. As the founder of Blackbox, his vision is to accelerate entrepreneurs, regardless of their geographic location. Fadi is also a Venture Partner at Sinbad Ventures, a fund that invests in early stage technology start-ups from Arabia. Prior to founding Blackbox, Fadi was the Founder and CEO of techVenture, building teams for early-stage startups. He played key role in recruiting and building core teams of great companies such as Chromatic Research/ATI, Intraspect/VGNT, Inktomi/YHOO, PeakStream/GOOG, SixAprt/SayMedia, Blurb, Bebo/AOL, Splunk/SPLK, Zynga/ZNGA, Lala/AAPL, Tapulous/DIS, CubeTree/SFSF, ShopKick, Apture/GOOG, and others.Having first- hand experience building teams for over 100 start-ups, he's a frequent speaker and an advisor/mentor with startup accelerators such as SeedCamp, HackFwd, StartupBootcamp, StartupChile, Skolkovo Startup Academy, and many other global initiatives. BlackBox Blackbox was founded in mid December 2010 by Bjoern Lasse Herrmann, Max Marmer, Fadi Bishara and Aleksandra Markova. Inspired by the global explosion of startups contrasted with their very high failure rates, they decided to find a scalable way to
  35. 35. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 34 May 30, 2013 accelerate start-ups. The company has two core entities: blackbox labs and the startup genome. Blackbox labs is an accelerator and community for entrepreneurs located at blackbox mansion. The startup genome is an R&D project uncovering the mechanics of start-ups. Blackbox evolved out of four organizations techVenture, Cofounder Network, Founders First and Startup School. Those have a combined track record of having worked with 100+ companies, 76 funded, 16 exits (including Bebo, Tapulous, Lala, Zynga). Blackbox mansion is currently home to 14 technology entrepreneurs. In the last 6 months 30+ events with selected entrepreneurs and investors have taken place at blackbox mansion. Blackbox has partnered with 30+ seed accelerators & early stage investors from around the globe. Blackbox's portfolio is made up of approximately 80% internet start-ups and 20% in emerging technologies. The startup genome project launched in February and released its first report on Saturday, May 28th. The research was conducted in collaboration with Stanford and Berkley faculty members. Advisors of blackbox include Saad Khan, Steve Blank and Daniel Kraft. Pitch Event: Nordic Startups invading Silicon Valley The Nordics is well known for it's technological innovations and succesful startups. Companies such as Skype, MySQL, Spotify, Navision, Medallia, Podio, Rovio, Tradeshift, iZeetle, Zendesk, Endomondo, Bipper, WeVideo all emerged from this fairly cold environment in the northern part of Europe. But did you also know that Linux was developped in Finland? And that C++, Turbo Pascal, C sharp (and thereby .net), PHP and Ruby on Rails were initiated by Danish developers? You probably didn't.. How can a few cold countries, with a combined population the size of Texas, do so well at a global scale? What makes the Nordic Region a hotbed for innovation? Find out on Thursday evening June 6 at Rocket Space in San Francisco and meet the next wave of Nordic tech startups that are looking to impact Silicon Valley and beyond.
  36. 36. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 35 May 30, 2013 Agenda 6:30 Drinks & Networking 7:00 Welcome - A quick welcome - thanks for coming! 7:05 Panel: Tech development in the nordics - from a VC perspective A discussion on the current state of the Nordics and what is to come. How does it tie into Silicon Valley? And where will the next opportunities arise? A Panel of Active Silicon Valley investors with strong ties to the Nordic Region talks about taking advantage of these two regions. Panelists TBD 7:30 Pitch session - 20 Nordic Startups Promising startups from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, will pitch their products in fast paced one minute pitches. 8.00 Fireside chat with David Helgason, CEO and Co-founder, Unity Technologies. Andrew Keen from TechCrunch will Interview David Helgason about his successful startup journey from founding his company in Denmark and raising funds in Silicon Valley to rapid growth and global scale. 8:30 Networking and drinks Open mixer and networking 9:30 Afterparty In collaboration with StartupSocial, we have organized an afterparty - and you are invited!
  37. 37. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 36 May 30, 2013 Friday, June 7, 2013 Panel: Strategic Partnerships Dr. Cyril Vancura, Investment Director, Robert Bosch Venture Capital Cyril Vancura is an Investment Director based in Palo Alto. He focuses on finding investment opportunities for RBVC in North America, technical evaluations, and technical due diligence. Before joining RBVC, Cyril was at the Research and Technology Center of Robert Bosch in Palo Alto, where he worked on novel MEMS processes, power harvesting for autonomos systems, and photovoltaic technologies. Prior to this, Cyril conducted research in the field of CMOS-based MEMS sensors for biological and chemical applications during his Ph.D. thesis. Cyril holds a Ph.D. and a diploma (masters) in physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. Martin Manniche, Co-founder and CTO, GreenWave Reality Mr. Martin Manniche co-founded GreenWave Reality Pte. Ltd. in 2008 and serves as its Chairman and Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Manniche is responsible for guiding the top-level technology direction of GreenWave Reality. Prior to founding GreenWave Reality, he served as Chief Technology Officer at Cisco Systems’ Consumer Business Group, where he headed the Cisco Connected Home architecture team and drove Z-Wave® and ZigBee® technology over TCP/IP, HomePlug, MoCA and WiFi standards. He was a Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Denmark’s KiSS Technology, where he helped taking the world’s first DivX player to market. Other technology firsts he helped enable include the HDD recorder and the world’s first connected DVD player. His talent, commitment and passion for technological innovation have earned him more than 100 industry accolades, including an IT-Prisen, Denmark’s most prestigious award.
  38. 38. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 37 May 30, 2013 Henrik Skov Laursen, Director at Grundfos Silicon Valley Henrik Skov Laursen is managing Grundfos’ cleantech office located in Palo Alto, California. Through Palo Alto Grundfos work with research, academic institutions and start-up companies to be the catalyst in creating new sustainable business and product solutions within water technologies and building efficiency. Henrik Skov Laursen has lead many new business creation activities in Grundfos one of which has been the establishment of Grundfos’ Water Technology Center in Fresno, CA Prior Mr. Laursen worked as Business Director for the industrial markets in North America and before that as Global Product Business Manager for Grundfos' new line of Digital Dosing pumps. Mr. Laursen is the chairman of the water hub initiative in California and board member in one of Grundfos’ strategic investments in Silicon Valley. Gary Yao, Advanced Technology Manager, HTC America Gary Yao is with HTC Corporation, a global leader in smartphone innovation and design. As Advanced Technology Manager at HTC America Innovation, Gary is responsible for technology scouting, evaluation, and potential acquisitions. Located in San Francisco, Gary is working with the team to continue exploring breakthrough and disruptive technologies in Silicon Valley and worldwide; push the boundaries of design to create personal experience for customers around the globe. Prior to joining HTC, Gary had many years’ experience in hardware design and semiconductor industry, involved in integrated circuit design, embedded system, and device manufacturing for mobile computing and consumer electronics. Gary Yao earned MSEE degree from UC Riverside, and received MBA degree in Finance from Santa Clara University, Leavey School of Business.
  39. 39. Program SCALEit Spring 2013 Page 38 May 30, 2013 Visit and tour of Google Campus Christian Stefansen, Product Manager, Google Christian Stefansen works on the Native Client project at Google in Mountain View, CA. Prior to joining Google, he was a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Copenhagen, conducting research on Reactors, a declarative programming model for distributed computing, and on using process calculi, in particular CSP calculus, to express financial contracts. Christian Stefansen received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Copenhagen. In 2004-05 he was a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University. He also holds a degree in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School. Morten Lundsby Jensen, Online Help Manager, Google Morten Lundsby Jensen works as a online help manager at Google in Mountain View, CA. At Google Morten leads a team of online help specialist building online support and education websites for Google’s AdWords advertisers. Before joining Google, Morten worked as a freelance consultant developing and building websites for university departments to store and distribute their research. Morten holds a master in Information Studies from Aarhus University.
  40. 40. SCALEit IGNITE JUNE 2013 Companies ___________________________________________________ Rushfiles Founder: Contact: Morten Klang E-mail: Martin Haslund Johansson E-mail: Web: Brief company description: RushFiles provide software making it possible for companies or hosting providers to Cloud-enable their file-storage. Rushfiles enables their users to have the same experiences as on private cloud storage, while enabling IT departments to maintain control over the access, location and backup of the data. Appflower Founder: Contact Jimmi Andersen E-mail: Web: Brief company description: Say goodbye to expensive software development. Appflower helps companies, beginners or experts, built stunning business applications in minutes without any coding.
  41. 41. StockPeaks StockPeaks Founder: Contact: Kenneth Hufeldt E-mail: Web: Brief company description StockPeaks provides crowd sourced stock price expectations via smart phones and data feeds to private investors and financial institutions, eliminating the struggle for direction in a heavy flow of misguiding information. DukaPC Founder: Contact: Erik Hougaard E-mail: Web: Company description: DukaPC helps seniors and people without computer skills and experience get access to a computer and the internet with full service personalized solutions. Through a turnkey solution DukaPC is able to sell hardware, software and broadband services to this underserved customer group. INGENIUM Golf Founder Contact: Jakob Markussen E-mail: Jens Søndergaard E-mail: Web: Company description: Ingenium Golf provides intelligent golf experiences to golfers and golf clubs, through automatic tracking equipment and services that improve golf performance and provide valuable data and insight to optimize golf club operations.
  42. 42. ZZZero Contact: Lars Malling E-mail: Web: Brief company description: ZZzero offers an innovative energy saving technology that can eliminate standby power in many electronic applications. ZZzero’s Power Supply is a patented new standard component with simple integration into most existing circuit board designs for consumer electronics and other grid connected appliances and devices Bladena Founder: Contact: Find Jensen Mølholt E-mail: Web: Brief company description: Bladena develops technology that improves the performance of wind power installations with structural enhancements to wind turbine blades that increase the blade lifetime and reduce maintenance cost and downtime. SUNTUBE SUNTUBE Founder: Contact: Peter Vesborg E-mail: Brief company description: Suntube has developed a disruptive new solar module made specifically for mechanized deployment, eliminating core cost driver for utility scale solar power plants: installation cost. With its unique deployment and packaging system SunTube will enable massive savings in manual labor.
  43. 43. Actionplanner Founder: Contact: Victor Veloso E-mail: Web: Brief company description: Actionplanner offers the next generation on-demand execution software that takes out the inefficiency in execution. Through beautiful visualization and graphical overviews, Actionplanner enables enterprises to get their strategic action plans completed efficiently. Relationwise Founder: Contact: Andersen Christian E-mail: Claus Holm E-mail: Web: Brief company description: Relationwise offers a flexible open source SaaS based system, which facilitates real-time data about customer-loyalty and employee performance, qualifying enterprises to react to changes in real-time and continuously strive for excellence.
  44. 44. Kiggit Founder: Contact: Jakob Hagemann E-mail: Thomas Baastrup Jacobsen E-mail: Web: Brief company description: Kiggit is a football focused social media platform with real-time and historical data from more than 300 leagues. Kiggit users can watch livescores, predict results and challenge friends and a host of other activities.   Coagium Founder Contact: Jesper Sørensen Søren Ree Andersen Web: Brief company description The modern day workforce spends the day tethered to a screen. The lack of natural light negatively impacts our sense of wellbeing. Coagium's patented intelligent computer daylight system, Lifelights, restores your energy and improves productivity.
  45. 45. wybra Founder: Contact: Martin Sander E-mail: Web: Brief company description Wybra provides a platform for bringing people together in the real world, through offline meetings and activities. With Wybra users can join activities and create their own, based on their interest, and form new social relationships outside their current network. Founder: Contact: Klaus Moth E-mail: Web: Brief company description: LeanEco develops uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), ensuring 100% uptime of critical infrastructure and equipment. LeanEco’s technology protects hospitals, factories, data centers, security systems and other key infrastructure from outages on the grid, and power disruptions due to lightning, noise and over-and under voltage. Founder: Contact: Christian Brøndum Mikkel Lomholt Anders Frederiksen Web: Brief company description: Planday offers an online workforce-scheduling app that empowers managers and employees through a shared real-time overview. We decrease administration time by up to 75% and save up to 5% of the total staff cost.