Cloud - Two examples


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Cloud presentation given at Amazon Startup Bootcamp sept. 2011

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  • Cloud - Two examples

    1. 1. Cloud Two examples Søren Peter Nielsen Chief ArchitectDanish National IT and Telecom Agency
    2. 2. Why public cloud?Kilde: Microsoft
    3. 3. Read more: ”Cloud Calculator”Highlighting the potential On Premise cost with Cloud A 60% total cost reduction over a 5 year period!
    4. 4. Hands on experience – Twoexamples with NITA in the cloud• Digitalisé • Social sharing and knowledgeplatform• EasyTrade • eInvoicing infrastructure and self service Read more: ”Migration of Nemhandel to a commercial Cloud Computing Infrastructure”EasyTrade in the cloud> more than 50% cost reduction
    5. 5. What is Digitalisé Collaboration platform and resource library for IT enabling Denmark All content is user generated, 12000+ ressources NITA is ”just” making the platform available 4800+ registrered users, ongoing new content creation
    6. 6. Why cloud?Eat our own dog food NITA is promoting cloud Good opportunity to get hands-onExpecting to save money, get more flexibility (and scalability)We have many systems that potentially can live in the cloud – need a frontrunner
    7. 7. We did a risk analysis Verden går ikke under, hvis der sker Digitalisé et eller andet Vi har ingen vigtige personoplysninger (udover e-mail)  Der er ikke noget sensitivt indhold, og der bør heller ikke være det (vi tager ikke ansvar for det)  Vi foretager fysiske backups hyppigt, så datatabet vil være generende men ufarligt  Utilgængelighed er et irritationsmoment – men ikke kritisk Men vigtigst: sandsynligheden er lav Pointen er, at man skal vurdere sin leverandører på samme vilkår med udgangspunkt i applikationen, hvadenten det er cloud eller ej
    8. 8. Setup before migration• Access to all environments through hosting provider Applikationsteam Driftsleverandør Udvikling Test Staging Drift
    9. 9. Setup after the migration• Operations and maintenance split on two suppliers – each with their own AWS account Applikationsteam Driftsleverandør Udvikling Test Staging Drift Amazon Web Services
    10. 10. - conclusions• Better flexibility and saving on development and test environment• Savings on the production environment• Quickly found out we needed Gold support (+20% on the AWS cost)• Additional savings possible with reserved instances
    11. 11. EasyTrade• NemHandel – Invoicing as easy as sending an email• Infrastructure – Standards, reference implementations, adressing, gateways,• App – eInvoicing form
    12. 12. Why consider IaaS for our eInvoicing service?• Fluctuating and rising traffic volumes• Existing environment unstable due to high peaks• Flexibility regarding dev and test environments• Lower ongoing operational cost• Support the NITAs cloud initiative with a practical case• Experience building
    13. 13. 300000 EasyTrade traffic250000200000150000100000 50000 0
    14. 14. 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 02010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-… Users per day2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-03-…2010-04-…2010-04-…2010-04-…2010-04-…2010-04-…2010-04-…2010-04-…2010-04-…
    15. 15. 600 Users per hour500400300200100 0
    16. 16. Cloud setup Auto Scale Trigger: NemHandel Scale-up if CPUUtilization > 60 Scale-down if CPUUtilization < 20 Admin server RASP sender server Load Balancer Firewall Firewall Firewall Users DokumentBlanket Cluster serverDatabase lag Service lag Præsentations lag
    17. 17. Users per hour600500400300200100 0
    18. 18. Conclusions• Reasonable business case – ROI in 26 months – might have been accomplished with traditional supplier as well• Migrations and refactoring apps is expensive• Need somebody to handle monitoring and operations• Don’t expect to do anything w/o an AWS support agreement• Cheap & flexible for development, test and staging
    19. 19. The cost to be a first mover• 3. party not used to cloud infrastructure• Maturity of technologies – missing and wrong documentation• AWS is cheap, but it is new technology – spent many hours getting elastic load balancing right
    20. 20. Additional Contact Info•••