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Write quickinc portfoliosamples

  1. 1. Portfolio SamplesPrepared for Evolved MediaAugust 3, 2011Copyright © Write Quick, Inc, 2011. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. NotesThis PowerPoint-authored slide deck provides only a few portfolio samples, and I’m looking forward to meeting inperson and showing you many more.Although some items may be labeled confidential, I have previously received permission to share them or submitthem for public viewing (via entry in various STC competitions), or I have fully redacted any proprietary orconfidential information. However, these samples are provided with the understanding that they are forimmediate viewing only by the intended recipients, will not be further distributed, and that you will delete themfrom your system after viewing.* Note that when you click the hyperlinks to open the documents, they will open in the same PDF window as thisdoc (an Acrobat security feature to prevent launching virus-laden “docs”). To return to this document you canreopen it or enable your PDF viewer’s Page Navigation controls and use its Return to Previous Page View button.(This behavior is dictated by your PDF viewer; if you’re not using Acrobat your steps may be different.)Please see the following pages for background information about each sample: Command Line Interface Reference Developer’s Guide: Working with Database Content Architecture Diagram: Java Technologies Write Quick, Inc. Portfolio Samples Proprietary and Confidential August 3, 2011 2
  3. 3. Command Line Interface ReferenceAs we discussed, the (SkyPilot) products evolved with two interfaces: a command-line interface and a Webinterface. Unfortunately, the interfaces did not offer identical options: most options could be configured witheither interface, but some via just one or the other interface.Both interfaces are described in the SkyPilot Network Administration guide (page 7), and their differenceshighlighted (pages 15-17).The doc set was very comprehensive: a Getting Started guide, separate installation guides for the server and eachclient component, and separate Web Interface Reference and Command-Line Interface Reference.This doc set was authored in FrameMaker 7.2. I developed the templates but was instructed to match the existingworks’ general font and layout. I did, but modified the visual design for better whitespace use, more formalrunning headers/footers, and a standard right-left page layout to support the intention to go to print. Write Quick, Inc. Portfolio Samples Proprietary and Confidential August 3, 2011 3
  4. 4. Developer’s Guide: Working with Database ContentI wrote the LocationLogic Developer’s Guide: Working with Content to enable LocationLogic platform anddatabase administrators to plan and maintain their content databases and to explain to application developershow to effectively access and use the content in their applications.This document provides an array of procedures relating to database concepts (schemas, keys, ERDs, accessmethods), database administration functions (inserting attributes, migration, optimizing content, saving, etc.),accomplishing desired tasks via API methods, using a variety of product interfaces, and more.This doc (which inherited the department’s FrameMaker 7.2 template set) illustrates many tech writing skills: Describing complex data with illustrations (for example, pages 113, 119, and 125-127) Advanced PDF concepts (such as Acrobat page numbering so that preface material is properly numbered) Information mapping (which Autodesk Tech Pubs was heavily invested in at the time) Screenshot annotations (for example, page 139) Writing for multiple audiencesThe diagrams are looking a bit dated; for newer graphics, see Architecture Diagram: Java Technologies. Write Quick, Inc. Portfolio Samples Proprietary and Confidential August 3, 2011 4
  5. 5. Architecture Diagram: Java TechnologiesAlthough heavily redacted to honor client confidentiality, the following Visio-authored diagrams illustrate therelationship between a system’s physical and logical architecture. (The physical architecture is on the left; logicalis on the right. Click the thumbnails to open full-size versions.) Colors are used to show common elements, andlabels are included to aid color-blind viewers (or readers of gray-scale printed versions). Write Quick, Inc. Portfolio Samples Proprietary and Confidential August 3, 2011 5