Making a mindmeister mindmap


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A how to set of steps fro setting up a

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Making a mindmeister mindmap

  1. 1. Mindmeister - Online Mindmapping
  2. 2. Step One Create an account by clicking sign up Step Two Choose the free option and fill in the information to sign up. Use your Tallislab email and password to keep things simple
  3. 3. Step Three Go through the stages to activate your account Step Four Go to your Tallis lab email to activate your account. Click the activation link and get started!
  4. 4. Step Five Start a new mindmap Step Six Start building your mindmap of questions. Use your initiative - it’s easy!
  5. 5. Step Seven •Click the share button •Invite people to add to and edit your mindmap •Add the emails of the people you want to collaborate with. Separate email addresses with a comma
  6. 6. Step Eight •Embed your mindmap on the class blog •Click share, then click publish •Copy the embed code and submit it to the class blog