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CV Soren Duus Ostergaard updated March 2011

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  1. 1. CV – April 2011Soren Duus OestergaardSenior eGovernment Advisor, CEO and co-founder of Duus.CommunicationExternal Lecturer – eGovernment – IT University of Copenhagen 2010-Associated member of EAFellows – a network of Enterprise Architect advisorsAge: 65Years with IBM: 40Married to Lisa Østergaard since 1967, 2 children, Kristian 1972, Anders 1974Professional ProfileSoren worked with IBM from 1970 to 2010 in a number of management positions: MarketingTraining Manager for IBM for the Nordic Countries, Marketing Manager for Local Governmentand Health Sector in Denmark, Account Planning and Financial Marketing Manager IBM DK Staff,Marketing Manager for Education and Science Sector IBM Denmark, Public Sector MarketDevelopment Manager, EU Program Manager for IBM Denmark, Nordic MultiMedia MarketingManager, e-business Marketing advisor IBM Nordics and senior eGovernment Advisor, EMEA,within IBM Software Group from 1998 to 2010.ExperienceDuring Soren’s trainee period he worked at the Systems Engineering HQ of IBM Denmark.In1970-71 he developed a proof-of-concept simulation model for container traffic management forthe Maersk Company. This later resulted in the creation of Maersk Logistics, acquired by IBM in2005.Soren developed the methodology to analyse the IT-requirements for information managementsystems for local government through a major study together with Kommunedata DK (Later KMD),the City of Aalborg and other IBM colleagues 1971-72, including the requirements for procurementand financial management. As a result of this he was promoted to Government data processingrelations and Application development Account Representative.Assisted the National Association for Local Government/National Government in DK to define therequirements and design the IT architecture for the Financial System being implemented in the late1970’s, initiated the development of a Local Government based decentralised financial managementsystem in 1978-1980.In 1974-75 he was Marketing Training Manager for IBM Nordics responsible for internal trainingof IBMers in the Nordic countries. He renewed the curriculum for the IBM’ers reflecting larger andmore complex Enterprise customers including Financial Management and Strategic Management astopics in the curriculum.Following a position as Marketing Manager for Local/regional Government and Health Sector,Denmark, Soren was responsible for introducing IBM Leasing within IBM as well as ‘special bids’– flexible contracts as a part of his responsibility for Account Planning for the large customers inDenmark.
  2. 2. Soren was responsible for establishing and managing the Danish IBM Marketing and support teamfor the Education and Science sector from 1983 to 1988, and during this period he assisted theMinistry of Education in defining strategies, design of the new High School structure and newtopics, like Financial Management at high school level. A number of Study contract projects wereestablished testing and developing solutions for education and training using multimedia, distancelearning and advanced simulation and 3D graphic systems.As responsible for Market Development, Public Sector (1988 – 1992), participated in selection ofdecentralised financial management/ERP and procurement systems for Government and PublicSector and developed methodology for Management Consulting approaches (TQM) to Governmentand performed a number of consulting engagements, primarily with local governments during thisperiod. From 89 a number of EU related development programs were initiated with customers, andSoren became a member of the Ministry of IT and Technology’s IMPACT –group representing theIT industry. At the same time he represented the IT industry in the board of advisers for theTelecommunication Board regarding IT support for handicapped and disabled.As responsible for MultiMedia and Internet Solutions Soren and his team pioneered a number ofareas including videoconferencing and telemedicine, where the first Danish projects were launchedin 1992-1993 between Skive and Viborg hospitals. Also a number of the first Danish secure internetpayment solutions stating with the Egmont Bookstore and PBS were launched. This group alsopioneered large industries’ as well as city’s and Counties first web based solutions in Denmark.3D visualization of architectural design and citizen internet services also were pioneered during themid 90’ies. In parallel, as an advisor to major industrial organisations Soren and his team assisted indefined the Internet strategy for several companies, municipalities and counties (Health care,Distribution, Retail, Media, Banking) also including their relationship with suppliers and buyers.Soren worked closely with the IBM EMEA e-procurement organisation since it was founded in1997 and participated in developing and testing strategic methods.From 1998 he was named Senior e-government advisor, SWG Business Development Manager,Government & Health Care Business Solutions Industry Leader, IBM North, Central, EasternEurope and Middle East.As a senior e-government advisor he participated in a number of e-procurement cases. Soren hasbeen active in the Baltic Countries since mid 90es, where he has discussed and advised on e-government in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. He has participated in preparatory work for the e-procurement activities of the World Health Organisation and given advice to the United NationsProcurement Agency that is head quartered in Copenhagen. He became a member of the IBMEMEA e-defence team in 2000.During 2000-2001 Soren was the chairman of the ITB – The IT industry Association’s committeefor proposing strategic directions for the Government in relation to Broadband and is a member ofthe Danish Broadband Think-tank.He has been a keynote speaker on e-procurement in several international conferences in the MiddleEast, in Riga, Tallinn, in den Hague NATO EPIS Conference in 2001, and a number of nationalconferences in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. He has worked closely with the Danish GovernmentProcurement agency, SKI and has been instrumental to set up a global alliance between the businesspartner Inno:vasion and IBM Lotus to market the Tendering Solution ETHICS – Electronic TenderHandling and Information Communication System. This includes proposals to the World Bank and
  3. 3. to the EU. The solution is installed in Portugal for the Central Government (UMIC) and in Slovakia(2006) for the Slovakian Ministry of Transportation/eGovernment office of Slovakia, recently inDepartment of Health, Nuuk, Greenland. The solution has since been marketed globally by IBMSWG Government industry team.Soren has participated in a number of major proposals in the Middle East, Dubai Internet City, aproject for the IT design of a new city of 300.000 inhabitants and a number of smaller eGovernmentprojects in the region. In 2003 he was the co-author of a white paper to the Government of QuatarThe making of an e-Society. Based partly on this recommendation, Quatar won the UNeGovernment initiative award in 2004. He has advised Governments of Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai,Quatar and Oman on Service Oriented Architecture in relation to eGovernment.Soren was a member of the Danish team of IBM’ers that was awarded the contract for qualifiedsoftware to ensure the implementation of the Danish Law on Digital Signatures. The tendercontract was awarded to 2 organisations accepted as qualified certification authorities and to 2 SWvendors that are accepted as vendors on secure SW infrastructure for government agencies that wantto establish their own CA-service. In this capacity he has advised the Danish IT Task Force on waysto implement Public Key Infrastructure at a large scale. He was for several years a member ofIBM’s global council for Privacy and has given a number of presentations on implementation ofPKI and security in the Baltic Countries, Poland, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Faroe Islands,Telecities/EU, Central/Eastern Europe.During 2002 Soren headed a consortium consisting of CSC, CapGemini, EDBGruppen, Dafolo,Verisign proposing for the Danish PKI tender for lightweight Digital Certificates. The consortiumwas awarded a price for one of the best proposals. Later IBM and partners had to withdraw fromfinal tender because of insufficient public funding. And instead joined forces with the remaining 2consortia offering a vast number of add on services needed for the Danish PKI infrastructureSoren participated in the proposal team for a governmental portal for all enterprise services andinformation stored and managed by the Public Sector. This proposal was accepted by theDepartment for Business Administration in September 2002 and opened on September 2. 2003 asthe first of kind in Europe.Soren also participated in the proposal team for the Danish Health Care Portal. The winningconsortium for the Health portal based their solution on IBM Websphere and the securityarchitecture proposed by IBM. This portal was twice (in 2003 and 2004) awarded the EU eHealthaward. (sundhed.dk) was developed and operated by Acure, now an IBM company, until 2009.During 2002 Soren participated in a task force advising the conservative Minister for Business andEconomy on Government IT strategy and services for enterprises. In July 2002 Soren wasnominated by the Minister of Science, Technology and Development as a board member of theDanish Technology Council advising the Danish Parliament and Government on issues andopportunities concerning new technology. The main activities for the Technology Council concernassessments of impact of technology on society - economical, ethical, environmental impact onhealth, quality of life, work and living conditions. He was a again in 2005 nominated a seat at theboard of the Danish Technology Council representing the Danish Industry and participates activelyin a number of IT-related tasks for the Council. This second and last term ended July 2008.In the last 8 years Soren has been actively involved in advising the projects concerning securepublic infrastructure, e-procurement, digital copy rights, security & privacy. He was awarded as the
  4. 4. best presenter at the PISTA conference in 2003 in Orlando for a paper on Cybersecurity andPrivacy. In 2003 Soren was named part of team working with the Danish Digital Task Force todevelop the next 4-year plan for eGovernment in Denmark. In 2004 he was invited as a guestspeaker to the annual eGovernment EU-conference in Zakopane, Poland on secure infrastructure.Soren worked closely with the EU Telecities/Knowledge Society Forum (part of Eurocities)consisting of the 130 most advanced (major) cities of Europe and has participated in a number ofworking groups on Life Long Learning, on Citizen Self Service, on security and lately on PrivacyHealth, Green Cities and mGovernment. From 2005 to 2010 he was IBM’s contact person forEurocities/Knowledge Society Forum as it is now called.During the autumn of 2004 Soren has been active working together with Danish Business Partnersin preparation of the Danish Goverment structural reform identifying needs and solutions for thismajor re-organisation of the government landscape in Denmark. His work has resulted in 2 bookscontaining advices and best practices on how to use ICT to restructure the Danish Municipals andregional authorities.In 2005 Soren started a new project on preventive pervasive health care together with the City ofNaestved, 2 Danish counties,and the private Health Care provider Falck. The objective of theproject was to make a proof of concept using state-of-the-art medical solutions linked to call centreservices, General Practitioners and nurses.Since 2006 Soren has participated in several cases nationally as well as international on secureborder lanes, anti-terror activities, crisis management and communication systems as well asprivacy related topicsFrom 2007 to 2010 Soren was a member of Greenland’s IT Council, advising the Home rule inGreenland on IT strategy, including advice on telemedicine, eLearning, citizen services etc.on IT issues and opportunities.Soren became chairman of the board for the Alexandra Institute’s Research centre for Security,Århus, DK from 2007 to 2009.Since 2007 member of IBM Denmark’s Innovation Council.In 2009 Soren was appointed personal member of the Board of Representatives for the DanishTechnology Council appointed by the Minister of Science and TechnologyOn July 1. 2010 Soren was offered retirement from IBM as a senior eGovernment Advisor andcontinued Government engagements from his own company while preparing for the role as teacherat the Master’s level of the Danish IT University in the topic of eGovernment.Since January 1, 2010 Soren was hired by the Greenland Government as a facilitator for the NewGreenland Government ICT strategy. This strategy included a number of negotiations anddevelopment of relevant prioritization models. The final strategy will be presented to the GreenlandGovernment – Nalaakkersuisut – this spring and hopefully accepted.In parallel with the preparation for the course of eGovernment at the Masters Level for the ITUniversity of Denmark, Soren has been active in several organisations including the Biometricsdiscussion forum, a member of the Danish IT Think-tank Denmark 3.0, participation in the e-
  5. 5. Election planning group established by the Technology Board and in general as a writer of relevante-Government blogs (http://sorenduus.blogspot.com).In August the first group of eGovernment students started at the IT-University, and after 14extended lessons, the participants rated the course as one of the very best at ITU. From JanuarySoren is supporting 2 groups of students for their master thesis on eGovernment – one teamanalysing Greenlands ICT strategy and portal perspectives, and one studying the impact ofElectronic Health solutions on citizens.Soren became a member of the advisory board for the HINC3-conference: History of IT in theNordic Countries. He participated in the conference in Stockholm in October, organized by theTechnical University of Kista, Stockholm, with a paper on the early history of computing inDenmark from 1910 to 1950.EU-related activitiesSoren has participated in a number of EU-related projects:Member of the steering committee for the European Nervous System project CARE lead by theWorld Health Organisation in Copenhagen. (88 – 92)Member of the IMPACT projects Hans Christian Andersen and Safe Way, both together with theDanish Ministry of Education and the Danish Organisation responsible for developing educationalmultimedia material. (91-94)Member of the Danish National committee for following the IMPACT programme referring to theMinistry of Science and Technology. (1990-95)Member of the LINGUA supported project to provide distance learning in Danish to foreignstudents. (93-95)Evaluator for DG XIII in the IMPACT and later INFO2000 programme.Accepted as an external expert by DGXIII in the area of Trust and Confidence since 1999.Member of the steering committee for a preparatory action project ODA – Open DigitalAdministration – demonstration the application of secure on line transactions between citizens andgovernment and between business and government. (2000-2002)Co-author of a white paper on Life Long learning presented to the Telecities’ conference inAntwerp autumn 2002Co-Author of an industry white paper on Contents Management presented at the EU Conference onDigital Library Management in Barcelona, May 2002.Paper on Privacy and Security delivered at the Telecities’ conference summer 2003 Tampere,Finland.Member of Telecities working group for Privacy and Security (2002 - 2007)Participated together with The National Danish procurement Organisation and the Business Partnerinno:vasion in the EU-award contest with the tendering solution ETHICS, awarded one of the top 5eGovernment solutions in Europe. 2003Keynote speaker at the EISCO conference in Aalborg November 2003.Keynote speaker at the EU conference summer 2004 in Zakopane, PolandInvited guest speaker at the first European Conference on interoperability in Zurich, Jan. 2005Invited guest speaker at the PISTA – Public Information Systems, Technology and Applications –in Orlando 2005 on electronic procurement and tenderingInvited guest speaker at the 4. Eastern European Conference on eGovernment in Prague, April19-22 2006 on ETHICS experiencesInvited speaker at a conference on IT in Nuuk, Greenland, Nov, 2006
  6. 6. Invited speaker at the IDC conference on ‘The future of eGovernment’, Copenhagen Nov. 2006Keynote Speaker at the PISTA Conference in Orlando, 2007: ‘From eGovernment to eSociety’Member of the advisory board for PRISE – Privacy and Security – a preparatory project advisingevaluators for 7th framework program as well as consortia about guidelines for protecting privacy.This project ended in April 2008Invited guest speaker for the 6th Eastern European Conference on eGovernment in Prague, April2008 on Web 2.0 in Government.Invited speaker at the WMSCI-multiconference, Orlando, June 2008 on ‘How can eGovernmentbenefit from web 2.0?’ This presentation was awarded best of class and later published in theInternational Scientific Journal SCI2009.Invited speaker for the PISTA conference in 2009 on trends and challenges in eIdentityManagement.Educational/scientific backgroundMaster Economist, Copenhagen University school of Economics, 1970Won the ‘Zeuthen Price’ in 1970 for a thesis on “Stochastic Investment Criteria and DecisionModels” Published in Swedish Journal of Economics, 1970.Headed the internal IBM Training from 1975-1976 for all IBM marketing and service employees inthe Nordic CountriesThe IBM Management School including participation in Harvard Business School summeruniversities: Presidents’ class and Financial Manager’s class 1978 and 1979Member of the ministerial committee to transform the Danish High School in 1986-1988Member of the subcommittee to define the study of Economics and business in High SchoolChairman, Rungsted Gymnasium, (largest Danish High School) from 1989 to 1995.External Censor at the Copenhagen Business School since 1990 in the following topics:Managerial Finance, Strategy and Management, Information Economics, Philosophy since 1993.External Censor for the Master of Public Administration education, Copenhagen Business Schoolfor Rhetorics.External Censor at the IT University, in a number of IT related topics – IT Strategy, eCommerce,Information Economics, Enterprise Architecture and eGovernance - since 2001 and since 2003 foreBusiness/enterprise architectureChairman, Alexandra Institute Research Centre for Security 2007 – 2009External Lecturer, E-government , IT University 2010 -Private Life and HobbiesSoren is an author and a member of the Royal Danish Student’s Theatre organisation, Kgl.Mayesties Acteurs that has produced annual spexes and show since 1826 with the Royal Family asmembers and sponsors. Soren was named president for the organisation from 1991 – 1999 and hasproduced the history of this organisationHe is a member of the Danish Press Association – Publicistklubben – and a member of the VintageCars association of Denmark.In 1999 he created his own multimedia publishing company together with his 2 sons, Kristian andAnders Duus Østergaard. (www.duus.com )In 2005 this company launched a large multimedia project consisting of 6 CD-roms with severalhundred hours interviews, video clips and descriptions of the German occupation of Denmark1940-1945. This project was a result of a joint project with late Jes Løvendahl, a friend and a
  7. 7. dedicated teacher. The project was supported by the Ministry of Education and is being used in anumber of schools and high schools.In 2010 Soren started a project on the History of IBM Denmark, due in a couple of years and basedon interviews with a number of former employees and customers.