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BCG Overview


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BCG Overview

  1. 1. BlackWire Consulting Group 444 Brickell Ave Miami, Florida 33317 Phone: 1305-744-5075
  2. 2. Rapid  Comprehensive  Telecommunica4ons  Sourcing  •  Needs  analysis  and  Planning-­‐  What  do  you  have  and  where  do  you  want  to  go  •  Audit  and  Valida1on-­‐  What  do  you  have  and  how  much  are  you  paying  •  Provider  Selec1on-­‐  Fit  your  needs  with  the  best  vendors  •  Service  and  Support-­‐  Par9al  or  total  outsourcing  Focus  Areas  •  Bandwidth  and  Transit  •  Data  Centers  and  Co-­‐loca9on  •  Managed  Services  •  VOIP    
  3. 3. •  Streamline  the  process  of  vendor  selec9on  for  IT  and  Telecommunica9ons   procurement.    •  Extensive  experience  with  solu9ons  that  improve  produc9vity,  lowering  telecom   opex  expenditures,  suppor9ng  global  expansion,  and  project  managing  •  Compliance,  Security,  Network  Audi9ng,  Wholesale  Global  Infrastructure  and   Cloud  Applica9ons.      •  Over  60  contracts  in  place  with  SoPware,  Hardware  and  Domes9c  and   Interna9onal  Carriers,  25  Wholesale  Agreements.  •  Leverage  experience  to  source  alterna9ve  bandwidth  op9ons  to  drive  cost  down.    
  4. 4. •  Driving  Cost  out  of  the  organiza9on  •  Protect  our  data  and  customer  informa9on  •  Simplify  Vendors  •  Improve  client  and  partner  re  •  Investment  Protec9on  •  Drive  Revenue  Decrease  AWri9ons  
  5. 5. What  are  big  Telecommunica9ons  not  good  at?    Service,  Support,  Account  Management,  Trouble  Shoo9ng,  Fault  Ticket  Management,  Procurement,   Invoicing,  “don’t  worry  you’re  covered  by  your  SLA  and  BTW  you  have    a  new  account  manager”.    •  Cri9cal  Resources   •  Resource-­‐Laden  Task,  MSA,  SLA,  Evalua9ons,  Interviewing   •  Pre-­‐qualifica9on  can  take  anywhere  from  4-­‐30  hours  of  work  per  service   •  High-­‐Salaried  employees  doing  9me  laden  tasks  that  are  beWer  off  being  outsourced  •  Missing  Cri9cal  Deadlines   •  Implementa9on  and  key  event  dates  are  tracked  and  updated   •  Align  key  strategies  to  technologies  (street  level  intelligence  with  a  global  view)   •  Have  a  greater  field  of  providers  at  beWer  rates  compe9ng  for  your  business  •  Vendor  Selec9on   •  How  do  you  know  if  you  are  gecng  the  best  solu9on  and  price?   •  Throw  out  biases   •  Access  to  price  book  that  has  the  poten9al  to  save  you  25-­‐35%  from  retail  
  6. 6. •  Security  and  Compliance   •  Hardware  and  SoPware  for  log  management  and  intrusion  detec9on   •  Secure  Mobile  devices     •  Protect  valuable  client  informa9on  •  DR/BC   •  Stay  up  and  Opera9onal   •  Re-­‐route  number  to  1800X,  Cell  Phones,  Home  Phones  and  Satellite   •  Drag  and  Drop  Control  on  the  fly  
  7. 7. •  Hos9ng  and  Co-­‐loca9on  •  Cloud  Services    •  Network  and  IP  Transit  •  Hosted  VOIP    •  Wholesale    •  Total  Outsourced  Management  and  Procurement  
  8. 8. •  Network     •  Data,  Voice,  Conferencing,  Satellite,  Microwave,  Co-­‐loca9on,  Cloud  Services  •  Produc9vity  Services     •  VoIP  and  SIP  Solu9ons,  Unified  Messaging  ,Basic  Voice/PRI  Video  Conferencing,4G)      •  Cost  Cucng  Services     •  TEM,  Audi9ng,  Wholesale  Price  Books,  Hosted  VOIP  •  Support  Services     •  Pricing,  Implementa9on,  Project  Management  
  9. 9. •  Step  away  from  biases  •  Iden9fy  what  can  be  outsourced  •  Collect  In  house  cost  •  Iden9fy  your  buying  profile  •  Assign  Internal  Project  Ownership  •  Build  Vendor  Pool  that  matches  your  profile  •  Create  Evalua9on  Scorecard  •  SLA,  Liability  Clause,  Escala9on