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Social Selling on LinkedIn


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Have you tried social selling on LinkedIn? Well, here is a post for your reference. Go through, use them smartly and become a LinkedIn rockstar.

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Social Selling on LinkedIn

  1. 1. 8 Most Important Tips for Social Selling on LinkedIn!
  2. 2. LinkedIn has 240 million active users. 3 million companies around the world have company pages
  3. 3. Platform where you can connecting with professionals, like-minded individuals, thought leaders Greater exposure Understanding their best business practices LinkedIn groups - An opportunity to learn from others past experiences Pathway to excellence LinkedIn - An excellent platform to connect with professionals Improves your performance
  4. 4. Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
  5. 5. Agenda! A. Basic LinkedIn Hygiene B. Adding Connections C. Messaging While Sending Connection Request D. Sending Personalized Communication (inMails) E. Using LinkedIn Contacts for PRM (People Relationship Management) F. Thought Leadership G. Company Brand Ambassador
  6. 6. A. Polishing Your Profile
  7. 7. H. Getting Found, Polishing Profile!
  8. 8. B. Polishing Profile: Professional Photo Include keywords in headline Customise URL Use your summary to introduce yourself (SEO)
  9. 9.  Detail  Professional Experience  Link Company Name to LinkedIn Company page  Education
  10. 10. Skills: Type in your skills Your connections will be asked to endorse them
  11. 11. All-Star Profile: Profile Photo 3 Jobs Skills and Expertise More than 50 connections
  12. 12. Rich Content Add link/Upload file: Videos Images Documents Presentations
  13. 13. Lets Review – Genpact profiles
  14. 14. Profile picture can be passport size Url can be customized The designation can be in a detailed format
  15. 15. url can be customized Summary can be in bulletins & detailed format More description can be included + years of experience can also be included
  16. 16. The designation can be in a detailed format url can be customized Picture size can be altered. As it is smaller than the profile picture size
  17. 17. Url can be customized Picture size can be altered
  18. 18. Exercise: Review Your LinkedIn Profile Customise URL Profile Photo 3 Jobs Skills and Expertise Rich Content More than 50 connections
  19. 19. B. Promoting Your Profile
  20. 20.  Business Cards  POS Materials  E-mail  Blog Have you mentioned your LinkedIn URL in your email signature, visiting cards, Twitter profile and other places where it can get your LinkedIn presence a visibility?
  21. 21. Here is a step by step process – Learn how to connect your LinkedIn with Twitter Connect Your LinkedIn Account with Twitter! Make your Twitter profile visible on LinkedIn!
  22. 22. Make your LinkedIn URL visible on Twitter Bio.
  23. 23. Cross Promotion of Your Social Media Profiles is Essential!
  24. 24. B.Networking on LinkedInB.Networking on LinkedIn
  25. 25. Answer the following questions before you start! -Which city / country is your target audience from? -Do you own a database of your target audience? -If No, can you create a list of KEY Notch people you want to connect to? -How many people do you own on LinkedIn in your network? -How many groups have you currently joined? -Do you regularly search for people you want to connect with? -Are you using Twitter?
  26. 26. Setting up a Weekly Goal for Connections! – Number of People to connect with 40 Number of People from Advanced Search 20 Number of People from Group 5 Number of People by email / visiting card / from database 10 Number of people from Twitter 5 Objectives Actions Using LinkedIn to Connect to People Setting up weekly goal for connections. Using LinkedIn for Thought Leadership Updating status. Joining 50 Groups! Publishing Blog. Sending Interesting emails to connections Using LinkedIn for Employer Branding Following company page. Promoting company posts. Setting Up Main Objective
  27. 27. B. Adding Connections - Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn 5 easy ways to grow your network! •Database Request •Sync Email •LinkedIn Groups •Advanced Search •Twitter
  28. 28. Before You Get Started! Remember, Adding your Official Email Id to your LinkedIn Profile is Essential 1. 2.. 3. 4. Know how refer this link :
  29. 29. Collect all the email ids from the cards and database and send them an invite (provided you have met them) 1. Bulk Invite
  30. 30. 2. Sync your Email!
  31. 31. Connect to Your Real World Network  Family  Friends  Colleagues  Suppliers  Customers  Ex-Colleagues  Prospects Refer this link to learn more :
  32. 32. 3. Join LinkedIn Groups! You can join about 50 groups! Learn more here :
  33. 33. 3. Explore Members, Freeze Members You Want to Connect with!
  34. 34. These Groups are important to build your initial Network! Network is important because…
  35. 35. • Growing your network is important! As the first connection will lead you to 2nd and 3rd connections! • There is an opportunity to get referred! • So, in-mails are really not essential if you are growing your network constantly!
  36. 36. Search: People Companies Groups Connections
  37. 37. Advanced Search on the basis of: 1.Keywords 2. First / Last Name (For Mapping) 3.Title (Designation) 4.Current / Past Company 5.Relationship (1st , 2nd , 3rd , Group) 6.Location 4. Advanced People Search Learn more here :
  38. 38. Search Example: CEO in Chennai About 7,614 CEOs are available on LinkedIn! They are from Chennai. Are you connected to them? ----- LinkedIn Advanced Search makes your search process easier! Even more if your network is large!
  39. 39. Okay! Your network is small? And you aren’t able to really make the best use of advanced search? (or) LinkedIn search is restricting you to see the results? Asking you to use premium membership?
  40. 40. 5. Use Twitter Search! Advanced Search allows you to do city / country specific search on the basis of ‘keyword’ Learn how to use twitter advanced search here :
  41. 41. If you stick to your weekly Goal! You will have.. 2,000 connections in a Year! Twitter & LinkedIn is the best database in today’s world!
  42. 42. Power of Sending Personalized Email on LinkedIn! Personalized Email with Thought Leadership Focus! C. Messaging While Sending Connection Requests
  43. 43. Standard V Personal Say NO to the Standard Template!
  44. 44. Personalized Connects & Importance: 1.Personalized messages can make you stand out of the crowd, as most of them have been using the template by default. 2.Personalized message creates the first impression, they make your point clear! 3.Adds to your credibility! It confirms you are not a random request sender! You have researched well about the person! – Tell a Story! 4.There are chances the person who you send request to, contacts you with your initial messaging!
  45. 45. Dear Randy, I came across your profile and was very impressed by how you served Delta Airlines for more than 2 decades now. It is very satisfying to see loyalty towards a job. Would like to connect here to learn more from you! Hope you’ll accept my network request. Regards XYZ, Designation! Dear Sir, It was pleasure meeting you at the Aviation event. I was searching for you on LinkedIn to connect and realized you don’t use it much. Would you like the Ramco team to set it up for you? You can also check an exclusive step by step process to set up LinkedIn here: On LinkedIn we have an exclusive group for Aviation Specialists and I believe your presence will add a lot of value! Regards XYZ, Designation!
  46. 46. Example of Introduction and follow up Message! To Someone You Don’t Know! Hi Shafi, loved your blog post on LinkedIn! 3 new Facebook updates expected written in July was interesting, I would like to learn if there is something written on the latest updates! Would love to connect. - Sorav Jain After Connection! Hi Shafi, Looks like Digital Marketing interests you as much as it does to me? How many years have you been in Industry now? Are you aware there is a Digital Marketing Summit coming up in Chennai on Jan 30th 2015? Objective: To introduce Digital Marketing Summit event to Shafi!
  47. 47. Examples of Introduction Message! 1. “It was nice meeting you at the ____ event. In enjoyed talking to you about ____. Let’s be sure to stay in touch.” 2. “I am a fellow member of the ____ LinkedIn group and I saw your comments about ____. Id love to stay in touch so we can talk more about it.” 3. “It’s been a long time since we talked, hope you are doing well. How are the kids? I see you are now working at ____ company, how is that going? Let’s be sure to stay in touch.” 4. “I was looking at your profile and I see you are a fellow alumni of ____ university. This is where I studied too. Which year did you pass out? I also noticed we have some similar interests. Maybe we can chat sometime over drinks.” 5. “I was looking at your profile and I am very impressed with your accomplishments. Please accept my request to connect, I’d love to talk to you about how you accomplished ____.” 6. “I was checking out your blog and I really liked your post about ____. Can you explain a bit more about ______? Please accept my request to stay connected”.
  48. 48. Examples of Introduction Message!
  49. 49. Examples of Introduction Message!
  50. 50. Examples of Introduction Message after you meet someone at the event!
  51. 51. Remember, they are sample templates, this needs to customized as per your Industry Trends!
  52. 52. Or Get Introduced •Briefly explain how you want to be introduced. •Explain why you want an introduction and how you can help the prospect. •Save the sales pitch for after the connection is made.
  53. 53. Connect in Real Time at a Conference
  54. 54. Dowload LinkedIn and LinkedIn Contacts App, to make it Real Time!
  55. 55. D. InMails Best Practice
  56. 56. Dear Jeff, Hope you’re doing well – love what you guys are doing . Wanted to see if you’d be interested in hopping on a quick call with me < 5 min to discuss how you’re handling your conversion rates. helps eCommerce companies increase conversion rates by implementing key site redesign techniques. We are a full service digital eCommerce agency specializing in eCommerce Strategy, UX/design, development, extension, ongoing support and Mobile commerce. We have helped 100+ eCommerce sites like I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! Steve Smith CEO and Founder, Smithco Inc. According to you, does this look effective?
  57. 57. Mistake 1: Steve sent me an InMail message asking me to believe he knows (and loves) what I’m doing. Of course, that’s bullshit. Steve needs some kind of point of relevancy to approach me. So rather than do his homework he makes up a vague one. Steve has no idea what I’m doing. If he did, he’d tell me exactly what he loves about what I’m doing! Your prospects aren’t stupid. Don’t treat them like they are! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mistakes 2 & 3: Steve wants me to validate the idea of a discussion about his solution. He wants me to invest time in knowing who he serves, learning about his service and invest time on the phone.
  58. 58. Sending InMail or Introduction Messages! TIP 1: Remember -- asking for appointments kills response rates. Avoid this in your "first touch" email. If you forget and do ask for a call? You'll get rejected by 90 - 97% of perfectly good prospects. Be warned! TIP 2: The goal of your "first touch" InMail/email message is to earn the right to have a discussion. Nothing else. It's exactly like an effective cold call. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Let's decide? Hi, Phil. Are you adding new capability to Cigna's sales training in the future? I work with organizations like yours to help sales reps drive new business using social platforms. I'm sure you have excellent sales training in place. Just wondering if you're looking to build on on that success. Please let me know what you decide, Phil? Thanks for considering, Jeff Molander
  59. 59. Don’t forget to build an authentic Relationship with the person before you pitch on LinkedIn! • Offer to introduce your new connection to someone in your network who could also be helpful to them; • Boost their visibility in your network by sharing a piece of their content in your groups; • Send a handwritten note congratulating them on a recent business achievement; and • Connect them to a conference opportunity that increases their visibility with leaders in their field. • Read more on LinkedIn effective Sales Strategy here: http://b2b-marketing- • Also Read, 13 things that really ANNOY people on LinkedIn • linkedin/
  60. 60. E. Using LinkedIn for People Relationship Management!
  61. 61. Use to sync all your contacts! You can make use of LinkedIn contact effectively for the following 5 reasons:
  62. 62. Reason 1: Wish people on Birthday & Job Change!
  63. 63. Reason 2: Send via email, manage your email with LinkedIn! LinkedIn Contacts allow you to send messages to people directly on their email inbox and not on LinkedIn messages alone. Helps you also manage your email with LinkedIn Contacts or else it is difficult to discover much about the people you sent an email to in the past!
  64. 64. Reason 3 : Tag People into different categories! You can tag people into a category for your future reference. For example: -IIMTC Prospect -Database Prospect -Prospects I Met -Prospects I Spoke to -Aviation Event Prospect etc.
  65. 65. Reason 4: Filter Your Contacts Better, Easy to Send Personalized Messages Learn how to filter contacts on LinkedIn here : v=fg6tzMFopTI
  66. 66. Reason 5: Recording Minute Details About Every Prospect Set a reminder for next conversation through LC. Note down how you met, when you met for better customized messages! Check what was your last exchanged conversation with the person. Tag them into categories
  67. 67. Use LinkedIn Contacts as your PRM for an organized experience!
  68. 68. F. Creating Your Personal Brand! Taking Thought Leadership Initiative on LinkedIn
  69. 69. 1. Regular Posting on LinkedIn • Post regular content on LinkedIn. • Content should be relevant to the topic that you want to become thought leader in. • Every Project Manager, R&D Specialist Must Contribute! • Ensure to Tag your brand and relate your leadership thoughts!
  70. 70. 2. Share Interesting Content, Thoughts on Groups! | Start a discussion! Updates: Post on Groups! Every Team member should join about 50 Groups! (Share articles, comment on articles) Sharing content once a week increases your profiles views by 500% or more
  71. 71. 3. Publish Blog Posts on LinkedIn Learn how to publish a blog on Sales Team | R & D Team | Marketing | Project Management Team | Vertical Heads must post / re-post their blog posts that they have published on Ramco Blog
  72. 72. is the best way to keep your content scheduled! Contribute & Don’t forget to do what you see in the next slide!
  73. 73. G. Become a LinkedIn Brand Ambassador!
  74. 74. • Follow Company Page (, • Tag Your Company in Current Work section. • Regularly like / comment / share company updates from company page on your profile. • Recommend careers and openings on your page
  75. 75. Are you on it already?
  76. 76. Thank You! Questions? Wishing you an Awesome 2015! Connect with me on LinkedIn: jain