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Featured in Industrial Economist


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I was recently featured in one of the leading Business Journal of South India called "Industrial Economist".

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Featured in Industrial Economist

  1. 1. innovation Chevening Scholars’ MeetFew faces of changing India...In his first maiden visit to India, Eric Schmidt, They chose to be different! R a m e s h M a n i c ka m , C E O, C e n -Chairman Google Inc. stressed on the need for India troid Design, is a first generationto focus on innovation to help local businesses. entrepreneur. His master’s degree from IIT-Delhi and ten years work ex-“There needs to be more innova- more familiar with societal problems. perience had given him the courage totion. The government, as part of its This exposure helps them to innovate venture out and set up the industrialinnovation agenda, should get rid of and revolutionalise the world. design studio which specialises inany hurdles,” he said, at the NASS- Fo r a c o u n t r y o f 1 . 2 b i l l i o n areas of automotive and productCOM event. people, with the largest youth pop- design. In Silicon Valley 40 per cent of the ulation, we complain of lack of Dr Saleem Mohammed, CEO andstart ups are owned by Indians, but innovation. At the recently held, Co-Founder, X Code Life Sciences, hasthe creative exposure and support is Young Innovator-Chevening and UK a PhD in Bioinformatics. It was whenstill nascent in India. Alumni meet organised by the British his parent suffered from diabetes that Facemash, a simple application Deputy High Commission, Chennai, he wanted to find a solution to preventthat Mark Zuckerberg and his friends an array of innovators and budding diseases. And thus X Code was bornDr Saleem Mohammed Ramesh Manickam Vikas Chawla Sorav jaincoded during their Harvard days, led entrepreneurs shared their experi- which focuses on moving towardsthem to disciplinary action then. But ences in taking to less trodden paths. personalised health care.later it took shape as Facebook and Vikas Chawla, Founder Social beatmade him a millionaire at the age Chevening Scholars... and Head of marketing Koolkart, is anof 23. Chevening scholarships and alumnus of London School of Eco- College dropout Steve Jobs revo- fellowship programme is a flagship nomics. His passion for technologylutionised the world with his ‘i’ programme of the British government and love to shop urged him to find thesuffixed products and attributed the which selects future leaders from online shopping website, Koolkart.simplicity and sleekness of his 130 countries and provides them the Sorav Jain, Thinker-in- Chief,devices to the knowledge he gained facilities for full time post-graduate echoVME, has a Masters from Leedsthrough worldly pursuits. level courses with partial or full fund- University. He has designed and Similar is the story of Bill Gates ing. The training gives the students implemented digital & social mediawho left Harvard to set up Microsoft in the necessary exposure and prepares marketing strategies for some of1975. Such stories of college drop outs them to aim high. Girija Vaidyana- the leading personal and corporatebecoming millionaires are common in than, IAS, Principal Secretary/CMD, brands.western countries. Power Finance and Infrastructure These young entrepreneurs are The education system, which for Development Corporation and San- faces of changing India, who havegenerations emphasises on learning tosh Babu, IAS, Commissioner, Indian grasped emerging rote, has degraded the creative Medicine and Homeopathy, Govern- Though they all took advantagespirit of students. The western coun- ment of Tamil Nadu are Chevening of dynamic environment, theyterparts on the other hand are exposed scholars who reminiscence on their also pointed to the lack of supportto life-oriented education and become experiences. system. – JR36 industrial economist april 2013