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50 Fantastic Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Credible, Visible, Engaging and Sell Yourself!


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Here are 50 tips for you to use LinkedIn on day to day basis and make your profile credible, visible, interactive and engaging. They are some great personal branding tips that will help you market yourself on LinkedIn.

This presentation is made by Sorav Jain, Thinker in Chief, Echovme ( contact Sorav for Social Media training, consulting and services.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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50 Fantastic Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Credible, Visible, Engaging and Sell Yourself!

  1. 1. Tips To Use& Sell Yourself! | | 00919791134451
  2. 2. LinkedIn Statistics Glory | | 00919791134451
  3. 3. LinkedIn Facts & Statistics161 Million LinkedInMember Worldwide 0% 0% Women 42% Men 59% Credit: | | 00919791134451
  4. 4. Members By CountryLinkedIn Europe, Middle East and Africa 44m+ MembersFacts & Europe 34m+ MembersStatistic United Kingdom France 9m+ Members 3m+ memberss Italy 2m+ members Spain 3m+ Members Belgium 1m+ Members Asia and the Pacific 25m+ members India 15m+ members Southeast Asia 4m+ members Indonesia 1m+ Members Philippines 1m+ Members Canada 5m+ Members Brazil 8m+ Members Australia 3m+ Members
  5. 5. How is LinkedIn different from Facebook? | | 00919791134451
  6. 6. | | 00919791134451
  7. 7. Make your professionalismVisible on LinkedIn and grow your network Keep personal and privacy settings to Facebook | | 00919791134451
  8. 8. LinkedIn Daily updates, group activities, LinkedIn Ads, event updates Jobs, Events and and more more. Regular ActivitiesMake it Opportunities for BusinessesSearch Enginefriendly. EngagementInclude Join groups, askKeywords. Visibility questions,Invite friends. answer questions, Credibility integrate it with twitter. Make Your profile Credible Enough, Make it 100 % Complete. | | 00919791134451
  9. 9. Step 1: Make Your Profile Credible Enough! | | 00919791134451
  10. 10. Create Your LinkedIn ProfileDemonstrate WHO you are and WHAT you have to offer Fill out your profile so that it is 100% complete – Everyone on LinkedIn is working to put their best foot forward…you should too! To get the above rolling First Create Your LinkedIn Profile Tip 1: Customize your public profile link with YOUR name. This increases SEO value and keeps it clean. Example: Tip 2: Customize your professional headline to grab attention and increase SEO value. Add words that impacts your personal brand.
  11. 11. Some more examples of headlines… What Make’s A Difference? The above ones are unique The right ones are the usual one that highlights designations | | 00919791134451
  12. 12. Tip 3. Some things to keep in mind when writing a headline.. Keywords — Ultimately, the higher in a search you appear, the more likely you are to be scoped out by a potential connection. Understand what keywords are most likely to be used in a search for someone like you. You’ll want to pepper them through your profile, but having them in your headline will help your search positioning. Take out 10 professional keywords and fit it in! Catchy — If your headline can make a reader stop and wonder, you’re in good shape. Try to craft something that will induce someone to click on your profile, even out of sheer curiosity.
  13. 13. Create Your LinkedIn Profile Build out your personal brand Complete it, Make it credible and visible Get recommendations Connect with people Drive traffic to your blogs Have people follow you Allow people to share your profile page Tip 4. Incorporate Necessary Keywords related to your personal brandwherever possible, this enhances the visibility while people search for your profession or specialization on LinkedIn search. | | 00919791134451
  14. 14. Add keywords wherever possible! Tip5. You can add 3 websites (Blog, your website and any other site) on your LinkedIn profile. Include keywords while describing your site. Helps giving a quality link to your site + include relevant keywords on your LinkedIn profile. Choose Other>>>>>>>> Describe Your Site >>> >>Add Link | | 00919791134451
  15. 15. LinkedIn Content ChecklistInclude keywords associated with your personal brandwherever necessary!
  16. 16. Tip 11. Upload a Picture  It does matter to see you smiling while receiving a invitation from you. Have a picture clicked in your professional attire, clearly showing you!  Avoid using landscapes, flowers, pictures were you are not clearly seen.  Profiles without pictures areLook at the above pictures not much encouraged.and say which one is clearand evident.  More than your profile, your smile matters! | | 00919791134451
  17. 17. Tip 12. Recommendations  Recommendations are key feature of LinkedIn.  You might have your boss and colleague appreciating you verbally, take that opportunity and request them to write a recommendation for you.  Recommendation on LinkedIn are considered highly credible and helps professionals at different angles: jobs, services, decision factors and more.  Golden Rule: Recommend people to get recommendations from them. Be shameless and ask for recommendations. | | 00919791134451
  18. 18. Tip 13. Add Your skills..Find out all those attributes of yours that defines you professionally. Remember, these words must belong to the Industry you specialize in. This help enhance the visibility on LinkedIn search engine. | | 00919791134451
  19. 19. Keeping your ProfileInteractive by using Apps! | | 00919791134451
  20. 20. Add Videos / Presentations / apps on LinkedIn  You can add video by using the google app or the slideshare app.  Tip 14. Tip You can embed a video in powerpoint on the first slide and upload it on slideshare and set it to launch when your profile is accessed.  You can upload presentations on slideshare and it shall reflect on your LinkedIn profile.  Learn here, how to add videos: ILVmltI (Video Manual)  Tip 15. Other apps are for integrating blogs, highlighting books you read, highlight professional events and more. | | 00919791134451
  21. 21. “Tip 16. It should go without saying, but NEVER misrepresent your employment history on your profile. LinkedIn allows legitimate employees to flag your profile, and if you’ve lied, LinkedIn may suspend you or take you out of the system for good” | | 00919791134451
  22. 22. Step 2: Increase your Profile’s Visibility | | 00919791134451
  23. 23. Connect using email addresses Use your personal email Did you carry your address & locate visiting cards? | Add your friends. email addresses here..•Tip 17. Use your email addresses to connect with all those who you havebeen conversing vial email in the past several years.•Tip 18. Collect all the email address from the visiting cards you havecollected till date and send them a LinkedIn invite. | | 00919791134451
  24. 24. Some more ways?•Tip 19 and 20. Use your LinkedInURL in email signature, visitingcards.•Tip 21 and 22. Tweet andFacebook about your LinkedIn
  25. 25. Increase Credible Visibility with LinkedIn Answers Ask a Question! Answer a QuestionLinkedIn Answers helps you ask questions pertaining to industry and answerquestions of others. Helps you building conversation on LinkedIn.Tip 23. Add the ones who answered the question by thanking them for theadvice.Tip 24. Add the ones whose questions you have answered asking them if theyneed further guidance / expertise from you. | | 00919791134451
  26. 26. Step 3. Engage Audience on | | 00919791134451
  27. 27. | | 00919791134451
  28. 28. 1. Tip 25. Identify groups that are in your industry using search terms.2. Tip 26. Join them and introduce yourself.3. Tip 27. LISTEN and ENGAGE on regular basis. | | 00919791134451
  29. 29. Tip 28. Post your blog or articles in groups to catch members of your industry’s attention | | 00919791134451
  30. 30. Tip 29. Post polls in groups to catch members of your industry’s attention | | 00919791134451
  31. 31. Tip 30. Engage with peopleseeking help that your businesscan solve! | | 00919791134451
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Tip 32. Search for keywords related to your company or industry to hear what people are saying | | 00919791134451
  34. 34. Tip 33. Engage with people talking about you or your company
  35. 35. 4. Opportunities for Businesses | | 00919791134451
  36. 36. Tip 34. LinkedIn Jobs – Allows you to do Job posting and get genuine resumes as Industry is firstly filled with lot of professionals. You can advertise your Job to the defined audience and keep it to the specific location. Tip 35. LinkedIn Ads – LinkedIn Ads helps you reach your target audience,professionals as per age, company, designation, geographic location and more. Refer: for complete guide on LinkedIn ads. Tip 36. LinkedIn Premium Accounts – There are accounts for professionals, sales individuals and job seekers. Allows you to send inmails to individuals. See in detail who visited your profile. Tip 37. LinkedIn Company Pages: LinkedIn company pages, allows you to list down your company details and products / services you offer. You can ask for recommendations for the services/products listed. Company automatically lists downs all those individuals who fills the present company section | on LinkedIn. their work profile | 00919791134451
  37. 37. LinkedIn as a CRM tool
  38. 38. Tip 38. Filter connections, organizeand tag them and build relationships •Classifying the network helps you create smart networking and sharing strategy. •Tag connections as you add them and share useful information with them suiting their vertical. •Helps you build relationships. | | 00919791134451
  39. 39. 5. Be Regular!
  40. 40. Be Regular and Proactive!• Tip 39. Integrate your Twitter with LinkedIn. Helps you keep yourLinkedIn profile active.•Tip 40. Update Your Status Frequently and Consistently• Tip 41. Personally Welcome and Acknowledge Your New Connections. Thisstrategy is so valuable for developing relationships and standing apart fromothers who are just collecting connections.• Tip 42. Participate in groups and LinkedIn answer features.•Tip 43. Follow groups and get introduced.•Tip 44. Share jobs from LinkedIn Jobs to your network on LinkedIn, Twitterand Facebook, it might help someone.• Tip 45. Look for connection opportunities via people you may know,LinkedIn groups, alumni search feature, LinkedIn answers, 2nd connectionsof your network etc and build your connections constantly.•Tip 46. Don’t just share content but also engage with audience and be aopinion maker than just a broadcaster.•Tip 47. Give one recommendation a day or request one.•Tip 48. Figure out on daily basis who checked profile and try adding thoseindividuals.•Tip 49. Read and share the updates shared by your LinkedIn friends. Trycommenting on them. | | 00919791134451
  41. 41. Tip 50. The Most Important Tip for LinkedIn | | 00919791134451
  42. 42. | | 00919791134451
  43. 43. LinkedIn will NOT get you a job or generate leads for your company… | | 00919791134451
  44. 44. You | | 00919791134451
  45. 45. Connect with Sorav
  46. 46. Resources:1. LinkedIn Help Centre2. SocialMediaExaminer.com3. SoravJain.com4. Kristidaeda.com5. Social Selling
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