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15 Easy Tips for Social Selling on Twitter


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Planning to sell your brand on Social Media? Struggling with Social Selling on Twitter? These 15 tips can make your life easier. Adapt, practise, be consistent and see the magic.

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15 Easy Tips for Social Selling on Twitter

  1. 1. 11. DON’T OVERSELL. USE 50/20/20/10 FORMULA. •  Overselling is selfish and a turn off. It makes it all about you — when it should be about them. And while it’s true that many people follow brands and small businesses on Twi@er because they like to receive discounts and hear about special offers, no one wants a steady diet of that. •  One simple formula that works really well with regard to posCng on Twi@er and all social media is: •  50% Educate •  20% Inspire •  20% Sell •  10% Keep it personal. •  Why? Because if you educate and inspire people, then you have a chance of moCvaCng them, making a quality connecCon and eventually selling them something you offer that can help them. Share your opinions on Global movies, trending topics, your personal opinions on professional events.
  2. 2. 12. Direct Pitch – Yes or No? •  No! Not a great idea at all. •  Twi@er is to build relaConship. •  Direct Pitch only when they already know you! •  Direct Pitch when you observe an opportunity. Once you connect, don’t immediately bombard them with pitches. Instead, read their profiles, get to know them and iden<fy their needs. When you’re ready to approach someone directly, do it privately. “A pre-scheduled call is oCen a great tool, but even a private message or e-mail can be a first step where you specifically reference what you’ve learned about that person through your interac<ons [on social media]. Then you don’t feel like a pushy salesperson but rather a friend with a specific solu<on.” – Forbes!
  3. 3. 13. AcCvate Listening Brand Based Listening • Ramco • Ramco Systems. • @RamcoSystems • Product Names: Example: Empsense CompeCtor Based Listening • List down compeCtors. • List down compeCtor products. • Observe @YourCompeCtor for direct queries raised to them. • Observe #YourCompeCtorCS Industry Based Listening • Relevant hashtags. • Keywords. Need Based Listening / Buying Signals • ‘anyone recommend’ or ‘any advice on’ with suffixes to idenCfy those looking for immediate assistance.
  4. 4. 14. Use Quora to IdenCfy PotenCal Prospects •  Your prospects might raise quesCons on Quora if not on Twi@er. •  IdenCfy them, answer their quesCons. •  Map them on Twi@er. •  Remind them of the answer you made. •  Ask them more quesCons.
  5. 5. 15. Promote Your Twi@er Presence Extensively •  Through your email signature. •  Through your business card. •  Through your presentaCons. •  At the expo. •  At a conference. •  In the Collaterals. •  In the blogs wri@en by you. •  Cross Channels (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  6. 6. 1. echoVME will measure the twi@er profiles aker 7 days in terms of - Bio - Following (Relevance) - Followers Acquired (Relevance) - Tweet AcCvity (including likes/retweets) 2. echoVME will publish a leaderboard based on the same – Ramco Tweet Champs. 3. The Top 3 Tweet Champs would be awarded special prize.
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