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FNA Pitch at MUST Summit 2016


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I am the Founder Financial Network Analytics. We are a fintech company founded in London 2.5 years ago and develop a SaaS platform for mapping financial networks.

I use google maps every time I need to go somewhere. What google maps does is that it simplifies geographic data so that I can easily navigate and find my way. The satellite picture with more data is not so good for that.

The problem with financial markets is that we don't have such maps. We have large amounts of disconnected data that is presented in a complicated way and you need a PhD degree to understand whats going on - and still things go wrong much of the time.

We develop maps that simplify this reality and, in addition, use graph analytics to find hidden interconnections in the data. When we speak to our prospects or partners they are often amazed how after just after a very short time they can start to understand what is going on - something you normally need to be a quant for.

We are addressing a large market, consisting initially of portfolio managers, risk managers and financial advisors.

Our go to market strategy is via embedding our technology as part of other software and working with professional and IT services firms as distribution partners. We already have at least one case for all the bullets here.

We are making revenue and increasingly more so.

We also have a great team together consisting of PhDs and industry veterans who can build the teams we need to go forward.

We are currently raising $500k to build a commercial team and plan to do a series A within a year.

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FNA Pitch at MUST Summit 2016

  1. 1. Dr. Kimmo Soramäki Founder Financial Network Analytics Financial Network Analytics Mapping Financial Networks
  2. 2. Maps simplify reality
  3. 3. FNA simplifies financial markets AND with our “secret sauce” of Graph Analytics identify hidden interconnections in the data. It takes users ~30 minutes to become “quants” with FNA Maps
  4. 4. Market & Traction Addressing a large market ● Portfolio managers ● Risk Managers ● Financial Advisors Go to market ● Portfolio management systems ● Risk systems ● Professional services firms ● IT services firms ● Market data vendors
  5. 5. Dr. Kimmo Soramäki Founder a pioneer in payment simulations and financial network modeling Team Ran Fuchs CEO with a strong analytical background, Ran Fuchs is an industry veteran with a 20 year track record of building global FinTech businesses Ellen Stars Chief Client Relations experienced pre-sales and client relationship manager with over 20 years experience in serving financial institutions Dr. Samantha Cook Chief Scientist ex-Googler, Harvard PhD with 10+ years industry experience Dr. Eugene Neduv VP Solutions a quant with a Columbia PhD and 10+ years industry experience
  6. 6. We are raising a bridge financing round of $500,000 To be used for building a commercial team that will take us to Series A within a year.
  7. 7. Dr. Kimmo Soramäki Founder Ran Fuchs CEO Ellen Stars Chief Client Relations FNA @fnalab @correlations @soramaki LinkedIn Group Facebook Page