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Training and development #6


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Training and development #6

  1. 1. CreativityProfessor Jayashree Sadri and Dr.Sorab Sadri
  2. 2. • The world is changing at a very fast pace.Just to survive people will be forced to keeplooking for new ideas and methods, at theindividual level as well as the organizationlevel. The organizations will have to usecreativity thinking processes to cut downthe costs and provide products and serviceswith a competitive edge.
  3. 3. • People like living in a predictable world,which they can understand and predict.Creativity comes as a disrupting factor in anotherwise controlled world. For many itmay be a threatening experience, whichthey prefer to block.
  4. 4. List of personality traitsattributed to creative people• Highly enthusiastic• Strong wille
  5. 5. Blocks to Creativity• Fear of making a mistake or making a foolof oneself.• Difficulty in changing a mind set• Quick success• Fear of superiors distrust• Refusal to take detour in reaching goal
  6. 6. How to overcome the blocks• Recognize that people at times fail. Wegrow only through learning from ourfailures.• Learn to expect criticism of your ideas andkeep an open mind.• Whenever someone else suggests an ideanever reject it outright..
  7. 7. Contd…• Don’t be afraid to break away fromtradition, it the risks are relatively low andthe outcome is likely to lead to a solution toan important problem.• Never be afraid to ask “Why”? Or “WhyNot”?• Always think positively.• Be committed to overcome obstacles.
  8. 8. Factors that kill creativity• Penalize risk-taking• Ridicule new ideas• Non-recognition• No resources