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Knowledge consultancy

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Knowledge consultancy

  2. 2. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsUSING THE RIVER PATHAPPROACHKnowledge has become the key economicresource and the dominant, if not the only,source of competitive advantage.Peter Drucker“
  3. 3. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsHeadlines• Independent knowledge consultancy, founded in1997• Pathfinders in research, strategic counsel andcreative solutions• Experience of working with the world’s largestprivate and public sector organisations• Track record of successful collaboration with otherconsultancies and associates
  4. 4. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsWhy knowledge consultancy?
  5. 5. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsThe River Path approachWhat’s your problem? Complex, hard to define Crosses boundaries Tight time pressures Needs a fresh approachWhat’s our solution? Bespoke methodologies Adaptable, resourceful Fast, attention-grabbing Turning results into action
  6. 6. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsRiver Path services• Research– Scanning the environment– From ‘what you know’ to ‘what you don’t know’• Strategic counsel– Robust, independent assessment– Controlling risks, increasing innovation• Creative solutions– Transformative thinking– Prototypes and pilots
  7. 7. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsRiver Path toolkit• Research– Communication audits– Top level briefings– Rigorous think pieces• Strategic Counsel– Scoping reports– Strategy labs– Scenario planning• Creative Solutions– Creative labs– Identity, experience and branding– Social software and cutting edge technologies
  8. 8. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsRiver Path AssociatesResearch Case Studies
  9. 9. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsCase Study 1: Opinion Former Research• Client: Vodafone• Annual research into attitudes of key stakeholders forVodafone’s corporate communications team• In-depth telephone interview methodology combiningquantitative and qualitative question sets• Exhaustive analysis in report and presentation form to guideplanning and benchmark against competitors• Substantial trend data emerging as year 5 approaches
  10. 10. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsCase Study 2: Analysis of Complex Issues• Client: World Economic Forum• Analysis and presentation of annual research into privatesector responses to HIV/AIDS• Detailed analysis of data from 8000+ business leaders in over100 countries to build global picture of concerns, action andviews of the future• Creation of report and executive summary for publication andannual launch at Davos• Working in partnership with Harvard School of Public Health
  11. 11. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsSelected publications• Something to be done: treating HIV/AIDS,David E Bloom and River Path Associates, Science, Volume 288,pp2171-2173, June 2000• A Long Peace? The future of unionism,Mick Fealty, Trevor Ringland and David Steven, Joseph RowntreeTrust, 2003• Governance Matters: the role of governance in Asiandevelopment,David E Bloom, Larry Rosenberg, David Steven and Mark Weston,World Economics, Volume 5, Number 4, October-December 2004
  12. 12. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsRiver Path AssociatesStrategic Counsel Case Studies
  13. 13. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsCase Study 1: Strategic Development• Client: Alpha Airports Group• Series of workshops on the strategic development of AlphaAirports Group’s retail operation• Joint exercise with Alpha’s most important customer,Manchester Airport• Developed and presented an innovative vision for the future ofthe ‘airport experience’• Foundation for development of strategic alliance betweenAlpha and Manchester Airport
  14. 14. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsCase Study 2: Fundamental Reviews• Client: Foreign and Commonwealth Office• Independent strategic review of the Westminster Foundationfor Democracy• Assessed the effectiveness of the Foundation and outlinedoptions for its future role• Recommendations made to FCO ministers, and put out topublic consultation• Field work in Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbiaand Montenegro
  15. 15. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsRiver Path AssociatesCreative Solutions Case Studies
  16. 16. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsCase Study 1: Strategic Communications• Client: One 2 One/T-Mobile• Everything Communicates - River Path programme helpingposition One 2 One to market itself to small businesses• Series of activities including an awards programme forbusiness support organisations• Culminated in ‘Everything Communicates’ – a definitive guideto communication for small business owners• Partnership with CDT Design
  17. 17. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsCase Study 2: Online and Social Software• Client: European Network for Debt and Development• Website tracking the appointment of a new head of the WorldBank• A ‘must read’ for Bank senior management, US governmentofficials, and the media• International media coverage following President Bush’scontroversial nomination of Paul Wolfowitz• Extended River Path’s impressive track record of innovation inblogging and use of other forms of social software
  18. 18. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsRiver Path AssociatesCurrent Projects
  19. 19. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsCase Study 1: Strategic Development• Client: University of East London• Strategic and business development for a 120m2gaming labbeing built in UEL’s Knowledge Dock• Focus (i) Casual gaming: gaming for non-gamers; (ii) Activegaming - physical/virtual crossover; (iii) Life-gaming - play-focused emergent communities• Hub for UEL’s dispersed knowledge centres; interface tocorporates/SMEs/public sector• Experience-based foresight, strategic development,organisational learning
  20. 20. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsCase Study 2: Programme Design• Client: British Council• A global programme for the British Council to coincide with G8and EU presidencies, and post-Kyoto climate change talks• Aimed to reframe the international climate change debatethrough a focus on the energy challenges facing the world’sgreatest cities.• Partnership with Magnum Photography, Climate Group, OpenDemocracy• £4-6m programme with activity in 60 countries – ran through2006• River Path now reviewing and refreshing programme design
  21. 21. River Path AssociatesThe BasicsDont get involved in partial problems, but alwaystake flight to where there is a free view over the whole singlegreat problem, even if this view is still not a clear one.Wittgenstein“For more information, or to obtain samples of ourpublished work, contact:Victoria Collis on 01202 849993,or via or...David Steven on 01202 849993,or via
  22. 22. River Path AssociatesThe Basics