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Premature babies facts – an overview


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Premature babies facts – an overview

  1. 1. Premature babies facts – An Overview• A pre term baby, owing to less body fat may appear tiny and fragilecompared to a full term baby. The sooner the baby is delivered thelesser is the body weight of the baby.• Besides low body weight, preterm babies have thin skin and oftentheir ribs may be easily visible under the skin. Irrespective of theirnatural skin color preterm babies facts look red and have wrinkledskin. ,
  2. 2. • In case of preterm baby born before the 26th week of gestation, theireyelids will remain sealed until the 26th week.• Preterm babies born before the 24th week usually don’t have hair onthe head as they lack the lanugo. Lanugo is the layer that shields thebody from the 24th gestation week onwards.• The lungs and the genitals of the premature baby may appear to betoo tiny on account of incomplete development.• The movement of a preterm baby may be severely restricted as thebody lacks the much needed body fat and muscle. The hands and legsof these babies may remain in almost the same outstretched positionin the absence of muscle tone.• The cries of preterm babies may be too feeble.• Due to poor muscle tone the preterm baby may be so tiny and fragilethat even natural sucking of the breast milk may be too difficult. Thismakes it necessary to fed the baby small amounts of breast milkthrough tubes inserted in the mouth.
  3. 3. • The composition of breast milk of mothers who have preterm delivery isdifferent from the milk of full term delivery. Preterm breast milksupposingly is richer in protein content and is essential for thedevelopment of the brain. Moreover, pre term breast milk puts lesserstress on the organs of the baby making it easier to digest the milk.• The above explained nutritional advantage makes it necessary to feed thepre term baby with breast milk. If breast feeding directly is not possiblesmall amounts of the mother’s milk is fed through tubes in the nose andmouth.
  4. 4. • Research shows that playing Mozart’s music to premature babies is highlybeneficial as it not only soothes the baby but also helps to slow down themetabolism rate. With less energy expended, the saved calories help thepreterm baby to put on weight and gain strength.• Another effective therapy for premature babies is the kangaroo care. Itrefers to the skin to skin contact of the mother and the preterm baby justlike how a kangaroo carries its baby. The kangaroo care helps to regulatethe heart rate, body temperature and the breathing of the preterm baby.To conclude, with today’s advancement in neonatology, a preterm babydoes not necessarily mean a lifetime of ailments. Surely they need extracare in the early years but soon they will grow up to be healthy like fullterm babies.