Film Diary


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Film Diary

  1. 1. Film Diary
  2. 2. As we were filming at three different locations we decided to film each location on three different dates. The first day we filmed the first victim which was the dog walker, in a field in near to Morrison's in Wokingham. We met after school at 4 o’clock as a group to film the dog walker being stalked then eventually killed by the murderer. The time of the day meant that it was getting slightly dark because of the time of the year, which meant there was a slightly eerie effect given across, but the props and characters ere perfectly visible. All together we got about 20 minutes filmed which meant we had quite a lot we could cut up if bits went slightly wrong. We also tried to get a variety of shots so that we had more chance of not having to have to film in the same location again which would have saved us time so that we could start editing as soon as we had enough.
  3. 3. The filming of our second location took place in a Sub-way on the Reading Road in Wokingham, as it is fairly easy for all the group members and actor to get to. Again we met after school at 4 o’clock so that the light was fairly the same as the previous filming, we also had to consider the light in the sub-way because if it was too dark for the camera to pick up the detail within the filming we would have had to consider another day to shoot this location. As we were in a public place filming the murderer we had to consider the public walking through the underpass. The underpass was a good place to film, as it gave the filming more of an atmosphere as it was dark and the murderer seemed to be on his own, this meant we could get some shots for the trailer to go throughout the trailer so no matter what the murderer was always around. The scene was also very realistic as there was graffiti on the walls, rubbish on the floor and bushes all around.
  4. 4. The last day of filming as a group was the main section of the trailer, at the train station. We also decided it would be better to do it on a Sunday as the train station wouldn’t be quite as busy and we thought that this day would take us longer to film. After getting permission from the office inside early train station we started to film some of the shots we needed. We started off by doing shots on the bridge as we were waiting for a train to come. So whilst we were waiting we did a tracking shot of the boys walking down the platform, then a handheld shot from the top of the bridge watching the boys, with many other shots such as high angle, low angle, whip panning and panning. We then set up for the passing train shot about 10 minutes before the train was going to arrive so that we could get the shot to look perfect otherwise it would have taken ages to ait for another train so we wanted this shot to be perfect. We then did shot reverse shot with the boys on the bench using some dialogue so that we could also have that in our trailer. This location took the longest to film, but we managed to film it within an hour which meant we were finnished by about 1.00pm and the lighting still looked the same as our other footage.
  5. 5. The last day I filmed, I filmed my brother as the young murderer, I filmed him on my own as it wouldn’t have taken very long, and as im with him all the time I could easily get it done. I started the filming at about 7.00pm so that he was in his night clothes, this could make him seem more innocent which raises more enigmas as he turns into a murderer. I first got a shot of him sat with a picture in front of him which he had drawn with Jack on it, as thought out the rest of the trailer he would kill people using garden shears, as a group we decided he should get angry and cut the piece of paper with scissors, in the background I got another sister to sing a nursery rhyme which would give it a creepy feeling, also it seemed like a voice over because we were unable to do voice over's on the imac. At the end of filming I experimented with the torch, I turnt the lights off and with Alfie sat in the corner with the mask on I flashed the torch at him which caused a creepy but effective shot.