Scoreloop - social discovery of mobile games


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An overview of current mobile game marketing trends.
What Scoreloop SDK provides and how social features will dramatically change the way mobile games are discovered.

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Scoreloop - social discovery of mobile games

  1. 1. Short-Term Hype isNo Guarantee forLong-Term Returnsskangas@blackberry.comSonja ÄngesleväMay 2013
  2. 2. “Blaming the app stores for poor discoverability is a little likeblaming Google for not putting your site on the first page of results.Getting found is the responsibility of the publisher, and is as much apart of the entrepreneurial game as building a great product.”Chris DeVore, co-founder of Founders’ Co-op (2012)
  3. 3. Mobile game marketing!   Strategy matters AKA how to make get discovered!   Analyze top 100 games (Learn from other developers)!   Choose right communication channels (Hint: 40 year oldwomen do not typically read game reviews)!   Be accessible (Learn from the customers)!   Choose the right market (Is your app 1 our of 100k or 700k?)!   What about marketing?!   On the market place (Name of the game)!   Outside the market (Community)!   In game (Cross promotion)
  4. 4. How to get discovered?Geographical visibilityBefore release•  Createa buzzFirst weeks•  Be prepared – severalonce time onlyopportunitiesMarketing mix•  What to do?•  What if it doesn’twork?Visibilityimprovements•  Press releases, user acquisitionor blogging?Socialdiscoverability•  How to reach gamers who donot read about games or everfollow app category trends?ASO• Optimize metadata toget discovered in searchDevice distributionPer marketChoose applicationmarket categorieswiselyRanking & RatingSize of the appSocial alignmentPrice
  5. 5. 79910121214142526350 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40BlogMainstream MediaSocial MediaAdvertisementsRanking PageTraditional Game WebsiteFrom other appsWebsite focused on Mobile appsFeatured Apps PageFacebookFriends/Family%Major Discover SourceSample: 15-64 year olds mobile gamers, USSource: EEDAR 2012
  6. 6. 0102030405060708090100Mobile phone gamersAvid mobile phonegamersGame recommendation (%)Source: PopCap 2012
  7. 7. Solution Example services Estimated CPI costTargeted ads Facebook $3-4Analytics andmonitoring toolsGrowMobile, Fiksu $1-2Key word tools AppAnnie,AppTrace, Distimo,Flurry$0-15 (monthlysubscription)Recommendation Hooked, AppJoyAd networks AppGratis, Admob,Mobclix$1-2IncentivizeddownloadsSponsorpay,TrialPay, TapJoy$0.25-0.5Cross promotion Chartboost,PlayHaven$1.5-2.5Video ads Adcolony,EveryPlay, Vungle$ 2-3Other marketing GetJar, operators’market places, non-native marketsPartial source:Jussi Laakkonen/ Applifier 2013
  8. 8. Monthly ARPU – US gamers0.92 0.79 1.111.71 1.5410.4024681012Full mobilegame appIn-gameitems for amobile appSocialnetworkgameIn-gameitems for aF2P onlinegamePremiummembershipfor a F2Ponline gameRetail homeconsolegamesMonthly ARPU $Source: BusinessWire 2013Based on: Interpret study
  9. 9. Social discoverability –clustered long tail-  Game developer needs to think marketingacross the full whole lifecycle of a product-  Scoreloop provides ways to lengthen thelifecycle of a mobile game by turning it into asocial experience-  Marketing = clustered long tail-  Large dark red: core focus, plannedmarketing activities-  Mid size yellow: social marketing-  Smaller dots: Phenomena and activitiesdriven by the fan base / communityTime
  10. 10. Scoreloop =social discoverabilityScoreloop SDK!   Leaderboards!   Achievements!   Challenges!   Gaming data storage (cloud)!   Default UI!   Free and flexible!   We want game developers to be creative!   We know how to turn your game intoa unique social experience
  11. 11. Summary!   Focusing on featuring and short-term hype is not enough!   Marketing is more than press releases or blog posts!   Understand the market, understand the users and use the rightchannels!   Just do it and adjust to improve!   Prepare a step by step process – adjust it across the lifecycle of the app!   There is no single tool that will help you if other parts fail: think, tryout and choose!   Identify the main reasons for your fans to brag, mention, rate or writea review of the game
  12. 12. Learn more!   Quick start guide!   Scoreloop SDK – social features!   BlackBerry game development!   Scoreloop samples, GitHub
  13. 13. Thanks!!   Sonja Ängeslevä!   Twitter @souplala!