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Film production risk_assessment_ig5_


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Film production risk_assessment_ig5_

  1. 1. FILM PRODUCTION RISK ASSESSMENTThis document is intended as a basic template to assist in the completion of a risk assessment for film production activities.Detailed information is available from a variety of risk management and risk assessment specialists. Useful information can also be obtainedfrom the Health & Safety Executive conducting a risk assessment, consider all the likely hazards; who may be harmed, property which may be damaged, and the controlsalready in place. Then, for each likely hazard, bearing in mind the controls already in place, record the ‘risk assessment’ level. The furtheraction(s) to be considered will be determined by the level of risk assessment.HAZARD IN WHICH SCENE PERSON WHO MAY PROPERTY THAT RISK CONTROLS RISK ASSESSMENT FURTHER ACTION IS THIS HAZARD BE HARMED COULD BE ALREADY IN PLACE *See chart TO BE TAKEN PRESENT? DAMAGED Wet Floor Scene 1 Cast or Crew Production Signs when HIGH Cast and Crew must equipment appropriate wear appropriate footwear at all time, stay alert. Props Scene 2 Cast or Crew N/A MODERATE Stay alert when filming, keeping look out for props Trailing All Scenes Cast or Crew All production Electrical tapes MODERATE Wires and leads Wires/Cables equipments used to fix wires to kept to a minimum the ground/walls Cars Scene 3 Cast or Crew Equipment Barriers, Pavement Extreme Be aware of cars within the car park at hospital entrance
  2. 2. Risk Assessment ChartHazard likelihood / Consequences RISK ASSESSMENTVERY LIKELY TO HAPPEN or SEVERE CONSEQUENCES (ie. Someone could get EXTREMEseriously hurt)Could happen or mild consequences (i.e. someone could suffer a minor HIGHinjury)Unlikely to happen or minor consequences (i.e. production could be slightly MODERATEdelayed)Rarely happens and very insignificant consequences LOW