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Call sheet shooting_schedule_and_equipment_list_ig5_


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Call sheet shooting_schedule_and_equipment_list_ig5_

  1. 1. PRODUCTION CALL SHEET CONTACTS NAME/CONTACT INFORMATIONPRODUCTION COMPANY Fresh Productions Sophie MaloneDIRECTOR Mark GraysonPRODUCER Matt SheeranCAMERA PERSONACTORS Extras are available on the dayEDITOR Sophie MaloneMUSIC ADVISOR N/AGRAPHICS EDITOR Mark Grayson SHOOTING LOCATION TIME/SHOOTING SCENES 10:05-10:20LOCATION 1: Empty Hospital Corridor Sc 1 Sh 1-2 10:25-11:40LOCATION 2: Hospital Corridor Sc 2 Sh 1-12 Doctor-10:35-10:45 Nurse-10:55-11:05 Receptionist-11:10-11:20 11:45-12:00LOCATION 3: Outside hospitalEntrance Sc3 Sh 1-4
  2. 2. Equipment List KIT LIST PROPS/COSTUME LISTCanon D5 Uniforms-doctors, nurses &Tripod receptionist Banners Party poppers