Mobile Malware: 10 Tips for Prevention


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Think malware is only a threat to PCs and desktops? Think again. Mobile malware is all the rage among cybercriminals, and you need to protect your company. We provide step-by-step, platform-specific policies and strategies you can employ to protect your data and keep mobile devices safe from the malware writers determined to break into them.

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Mobile Malware: 10 Tips for Prevention

  1. 1. Mobile Malware:10 Tips for PreventionDon’t let their size and convenience fool you—smartphones and tablets are very much a targetof today’s cybercriminals. Our experts offered these10 tips to help protect your employees and yourbusiness from mobile malware.
  2. 2. Enforce bring your own device(BYOD) policiesKeep your mobile devices close, and your enemiescloser. Bringing personal devices to work can bea win-win for the company and employees, as longas your policies are clear and enforced.Download a sample BYOD policy
  3. 3. Educate employees onmobile malwareDo your employees know that smartphonesand tablets are subject to the same risks as apersonal computer? Educate them on the risksassociated with mobile malware, from maliciousapps to SMS fraud.Download our free malware detection toolfor Android
  4. 4. Keep operating systemsup to dateIt sounds simple, but manufacturers and mobilesubscription providers sometimes block operatingsystem updates to support their own best interests.Stick with providers that are applying updates.Download our Malware Goes Mobile whitepaper
  5. 5. Provide secure wireless accessat all timesFree Wi-Fi networks are like an all-you-can-eatbuffet of unsuspecting victims for cybercriminals.Provide employees with secure VPN connectionsand a strict policy for acceptable use.Download our Wi-Fi Hot Tips paper
  6. 6. Install apps fromtrusted sourcesDon’t be afraid to limit the places whereemployees can shop for mobile apps.Larger organizations may want to considerbuilding an enterprise application store theycan control.Download our Malware Goes Mobile whitepaper
  7. 7. Encourage the use ofanti-malware softwareAndroid devices are the most popular, whichmeans they are the biggest target for malware.Require employees to protect these deviceswith the latest security software.Download our free malware detection tool for Android
  8. 8. Prevent jailbreaksNo, we don’t mean employees playing hooky.Jailbreaking is the process of removing securitylimitations on a mobile device in order to accessfeatures. It also provides malware with access toyour data.Read about our mobile control solutions
  9. 9. Encrypt your devicesRestaurants, airports, taxicabs—the places whereemployees can lose their devices are limitless.Protect your data by requiring full encryptionand strong passwords to access devices andSIM cards.Download our free encryption tool
  10. 10. Offer cloud-sharing alternativesBad things can happen in an unsecuredcloud. Provide employees with a secure,authorized cloud-based storage service anddiscourage them from using easily compromisedconsumer-based clouds.Read about our mobile encryption solution
  11. 11. Manage mobile securitywithin your existing frameworkNever compromise the security of your network infavor of end-user freedom. If a mobile device doesnot comply with your IT environment or securityframework, it doesn’t get in.Read about Sophos Mobile Control
  12. 12. We don’t take mobile securitylightly. Neither should you.Employees are bringing mobile devices to work.It’s your job to prevent them from becominga threat to the business. Sophos Mobile Controlprovides the tools you need to manage devices andapplications efficiently within your IT environment.Contact us today to learn more.Explore our mobile security solutions at