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How Many Mobile Devices Do You Carry?


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You may be surprised to find out just how many mobile devices people around the world carry with them daily. These survery results shed some light on how many, and what kinds of mobile devices are most popular.

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How Many Mobile Devices Do You Carry?

  2. 2. THE AVERAGE PERSON CARRIES 2.9 DEVICES* 85% The smartphone is by far the most popular device carried… …and the eReader is29% the least popular
  3. 3. DEVICES BY POPULARITY Smartphone 85% Laptop 65% Tablet 48% MP3 Player 40% eReader 29%0 20 40 60 80 100%
  4. 4. Windows is the leading laptop OS carried -twice as popular as Mac and six times morethan Linux. 22% 8% 49%
  5. 5. AVERAGE # OF DEVICES PER PERSON BY COUNTRY 1 Germany 3.12 USA 3.0 3 Canada 2.7 4 UK 2.7 5 Australia 2.6
  6. 6. Germans are most likely to carry a laptop, whilethe device of choice for Americans, Australians,Brits and Canadians is the smartphone.
  7. 7. MOST POPULAR SMARTPHONE BY OS50403020100 40.9% 40.5% 8.9% 3.4% Android beat iPhone by only a whisker, outstripping Windows and the old business favorite Blackberry.
  8. 8. MAC USERSThey prefer to carry the iPhone(62%) and the iPad (45%).But 24% picked an Androidsmartphone and 28% picked atablet running Android.
  9. 9. WINDOWS & LINUX USERSTheir smartphone of choice isthe Android – 44% and 56%respectively.Android tablets also provedthe most popular with 36%and 41% picking them.
  10. 10. *By ”Devices,” we are referring to larger portable electronics, notchargers or accessories. Data displayed is from a Naked Security survey “How do you compare to Steve Wozniak?” conducted in January 2013 of 2,226 respondents visit: to learn more how you can protect all of your devices