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Ipc research all tasks

  1. 1. Task 4IPC is a magazine company that was put together in the year of 1963 joining theUK’s three main magazine publishers- Odham’s press, George Newnes andFleetway (formed internation publishing corporation- IPC.) 1. What types of magazines and target audiences have IPC been associated with over the years?IPC aims to target a range of audiences with a range of different magazinepreferences. For example, they have been associated with the following magazinepublishers:Country Life, Yachting World, Caravan, NME, TV Times, Family Cycle, Marie Claire,Nuts, The Railway Magazine, Ideal Home, Woman’s Own (a popular weeklymagazine) and Amateur Gardening/ Amateur Photographer.These vary in the types of magazines they are and therefore what gender/agegroup they are specifically aimed at. Women’s own is a popular women’smagazine so would be aimed specifically at this gender. Whereas, magazines likenuts and different as they are aimed at men rather than women. 2. Why might IPC be an appropriate publisher for a new music magazine?What sorts of genres of music/types of magazines might they be likely to publish?Why might alternative publishers like Bauer be appropriate?IPC may be an appropriate publisher for a new music magazine because they arewell known magazine publishers and so people would recognise and take it intoconsideration if they were to release a new magazine for this reason. IPC havepreviously made music magazines with NME, this means that they have hadexperience and so are able to know what audiences to attract to music magazinesand how to do this.NME was created in 1952 and since then the music industry has changed whichmeans that IPC may not be up to date to make a success out of magazinepublishing. This is because internet downloading has become more and morepopular since NME first launched. The wide spread of internet downloading hascause a major effect on the interest that audiences will take in reading musicmagazines. To overcome this, IPC will need to publish a specific music magazinethat will work at attracting audiences that are the most dedicated to reading byusing a particular genre.
  2. 2. Task 4bResearch into a specific music magazine that links in some way to your chosengenre and find out who publishes it. Do research into this publisher and why itmight or might not make a suitable publisher for your final magazine.Billboard is a weekly American magazine devoted to the music industry, and isone of the oldest trade magazines in the world; it is a magazine company which isbased on many different genres. The publisher of Billboard is Lisa Howard and theowners are Prometheus Global Media which is organisation based in New Yorkand former publisher of magazines GQ and Vogue – this means that they havehad previous education and this industry and Billboard will be therefore a goodmusic magazine. It was launched in the year of 1995, firstly as Billboard online asBillboard.com. Billboard has become a main source of information to there musicfans providing information about artists, albums, singles, your promoters,publishers and many more.Billboards publisher would be a good publisher for my own magazine because it isa well known and successful magazine that specialises in chart music. Mymagazine will be based on R ‘n’ B which is a genre based within chart music. Mymagazine will have information about the top R ‘n’ B music at that time and wherethey are in the charts, Billboard is a good magazine to look at for help with this.Other publishers may also be good to use for my magazine. Publishers such as,Bauer and IPC who have produced Kerrang and MOGO magazine being othersuccessful and well known magazines. Bauer is a magazine publisher that haspublished magazine for all sorts of genres rather than specialising in one likeBillboard does- this may also be another reason it would be a good publisher touse.IPC have published NME- this is a very large and well known magazine and couldbe good publishers for me to use for my own magazine also for this reason. NMEis an extremely successful magazine although they have only had experience ofpublishing 1 music magazine so doesn’t have as much experience as Prometheuswho published Billboard.Task 5Research into similar music magazines on which you could base your magazine.Map out possible ideas for your music magazine including names, possiblemusical genres and ideas for articles.Task 6
  3. 3. Choose a musical genre/genres to feature in your magazine. List the names ofbands/artists that are part of this genre, a brief history of the genre and the typeof imagery associated with it.The musical genre I have chosen for my magazine will be R ‘n’ B.Names of bands/artists:Nicki MinajJay SeanChris brownTu PacEminemJanet JacksonJay-zCiaraBeyonceRihannaKanye westDrakeRhythm and blues (also known as R&B, RnB or RnB) is the name given to a wide-ranging genre of popular music created by African Americans in the late 1940sand early 1950s. The term R ‘n’ B has regularly changed in meaning over theyears. In the early 1950s and beyond, the term "rhythm and blues" was frequentlyapplied to blues records, for example - John Lee Hookers "Im in the Mood"became number-one on Billboard R&B Music Charts. Starting in the 1960s, afterthis style of music helped with the production of "rock and roll", the term "R&B"became used to refer to music styles that developed from electric blues, as wellas gospel and soul music. By the 1970s, the term "rhythm and blues" was beingused as a term for soul and funk. Since the 1990s, the term "Contemporary R&B"has been used to refer to a modern version of soul and pop music.The imagery that is associated with this specific genre of music is if a particularkind. The people presented on the fronts of the magazine are presented asoutgoing and possibly unfriendly. In comparison, pop magazines such as “top ofthe tops” seem to present the people used on the front covers as friendly andsmiling whereas in this genre of music the people are more reserved – eitherlooking away or have a frown on there face. The men are dressed in baggy clotheswhich portray them as bad boys – this will attract certain readers. The women arepresented as sexy to male readers as the clothes they are wearing are veryrevealing. These are examples of the imagery that R ‘n’ B is associated with.SECTION B. AUDIENCE RESEARCHTask 7Audience Research using quantitative methods such as questionnaires
  4. 4. Audience Research: You need to carry out research into your target audience.Produce a questionnaire focusing on 2 areas: their knowledge about the genre(s)you will be covering (helping you work out where to ‘pitch’ your magazine) andalso their views on music magazines (stylistic preferences, approaches they havefound successful, for example). You should summarise your findings and indicatehow what you have found will influence your final product.Task 8Audience Research using qualitative methods such as Focus groups.Interview 4-6 people who would be members of your target audience (eg if you aremaking a rock magazine that targets males aged 16-19, you would be expected todo a focus on this group of people. You need to find out any specific informationthat you have not already found out from your questionnaires such as theirdetailed preferences or opinions on some of your choices. Summarise yourfindings and highlight how these will affect the making of your final productSECTION C –PLANNINGTask 9Write out a Formal Proposal. Use the subheadings below to make notes.You proposal should contain the following: Title of magazine you wish to produce – R ‘n’ B #MIX Explanation of choice of genre – My choice of genre is R ‘n’ B (rhythm and blues). I have chosen this genre because I feel it is a popular genre of music nowadays. It is possibly not as popular as other genres though, such as mainstream pop (chart music).because this is such a popular genre there is a lot of music magazines in the industry today. Whereas the R ‘n’ B genre I feel is lacking music magazines and there is more space in the industry for this genre of magazine. R ‘n B is a genre that I am interested in myself and so feel I will do the best in creating a magazine based on this rather than other genres. I know a lot about the artists involved in this genre and so this gives me more knowledge also.
  5. 5. Target audience – My target audience will be both males and females fromthe age range 15-21. I have chosen this as my target audience because firstof all it is a genre that will attract both males and females so I will use this tomy advantage and aim to attract more readers by using neutral colours. Themagazine will attract mainly this age group because these are the ages ofpeople who I feel will be most interested in the magazine. I will work atattracting my target audience based on a certain age and gender by carefullychoosing particular colours, images and text to use. It has to attract my targetaudience. Because the age range is young I will make sure my text is not toformal so they are able to understand and therefore take interest in what themagazines about.Initial ideas about front page – My main aim is to make my front page strikingand eye catching for the readers by using just one image so the front pagedoesn’t look too crowded. I have been looking at the music magazine “vibe”which is a magazine based on the specific genre of R ‘n’b that I am basingmine on as well. I have used this magazine for inspiration as I think it is asuccessful music magazine. I will try to make my front page exciting for myreaders with stories that will interest them in reading the magazine. Thecolours I will use for my front page will be a limited colour pallet as I feel thiswill fit in the best with my chosen genre so I will use just two subtle coloursand one bright colour rather than lots of bright colours – I think the targetaudience will prefer this too look at also.Initial ideas about contents page – My contents page, like my front cover willwork at attracting the readers to carry on reading the magazine with lots ofstories based on new artists, chart updates, celebrity gossip on R ‘n’ B artists,some more striking images (more than two on the contents page for addedinterest) and lastly, tour dates and album reviews. This means that mycontents page will be packed with useful information about things that are incomparison to my specific genre and are relevant to the interest of my targetaudiences. I will use two images on my contents page of two different peopleunlike on my front page where I have chosen to use just one. The colours used
  6. 6. will be the same as the colours used for my front page so my magazine as a whole looks professional. The text used will also be the same. Initial ideas about double page spread - The double page spread will have (like on the front page) a different main image of the same person I have used for my front cover as this is what the article will be about. The image will be either on the left hand side and I will make the page look fancy by having larger text for certain parts of the article (the bits that will be more interesting and eye catching for the readers) which will influence them to read the whole article. At the top of the double page spread, in large eye catching and bold text I will write the person’s name so the readers automatically know that’s it an article and who it is I am writing about. I will stick to the same colour and text choices throughout my whole magazine. Initial ideas about photographs – I have already taken some images that I will use in my magazine. I carefully chose the way my person was presented for the magazine by choosing a specific outfit, makeup and hair style. I looked at “Vibe” for inspiration and tried to follow the way that they have presented there people in the magazine. The clothes I chose wear tight fitting and quite revealing because this the same as it was in “Vibe”. I chose to dress her in the colour black for this same reason and it is quite a simple colour. Instead of having my person just standing I decided to have a more exciting and unique pose which will work at interesting my readers more in the main image. I will use another image of this person in the article and pictures of completely different people for my contents page so my magazine is more interesting and different page by page, this means it will not become boring for my readers. Task 10 You now need to draw detailed drafts of your cover, contents page and article.Task 11Take photographs-“Original Images” (minimum of 4) that you intend to use.