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Technology and library support within an ODL environment


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The purpose of this paper is to share information on open distance libraries with specific reference of the use of technology in the Unisa Library: Information Resources Distribution (IRD) Services for student support. It seeks to provide practical information and examples of technology used within the Unisa Library: IRD section

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Technology and library support within an ODL environment

  1. 1. Sophie Van der Walt Search Librarian, IRD Unisa Library Tel: +2712 429 8910 Email: Technology & library student support in an ODL environment
  2. 2. Overview • Library structure • Client Contact Management System • UniFlow workflow system • Self-service technology • Virtual Reference Services
  3. 3. Library structure Unisa Library Client Services IR Content Management Corporate Services Information Resource Distribution(IRD) Request and Information Search Services Request and Delivery Services IR Housing Services
  4. 4. Client Contact Management System –Facilitates fundraising, grant making and bursary management in a single application at Unisa –Adapted to facilitate the capturing and administration of search requests from staff and students –Contact Relationship Management –Document Management –Reporting
  5. 5. Client Contact Management System
  6. 6. Client Contact Management System
  7. 7. -The system allows reports on the requests to be generated -reports on researchers can also be generated
  8. 8. UniFlow workflow system • Unisa’s business process management system to – administer student registrations and related requests – Library material requests • LibFlow (2004) > UniFlow
  9. 9. UniFlow Workflow Receive request Via OPAC Sort into Unisa library and Interlibrary Loans Unisa Library captured on system Student receives automated email, sms and snail mail Staff member opens request mailbox Staff adds item detail (shelf number, location) Staff collects book Collection or dispatch Student receives automated email, sms and snail mail
  10. 10. UniFlow in the library Uniflow system with mailboxes Request record Staff input book details +availabilityPatron receives automated email Receives notification of any issues with request System tracks all interaction with the request
  11. 11. UniFlow in the library Statistics • Available from the SQL system – only supervisors have access • Can access statistics for: – Individual work performance of shelvers (daily/monthly) – Current situation as is – Monthly archive of all requests Per individual shelver Snapshot of current situation Monthly archive
  12. 12. Self-service technology • PreRequest (Sabinet) • LibGuides • AirPAC • Safemail
  13. 13. • enables Unisa staff, masters or doctoral students to complete their own ILL requests via Sabinet • service that is used to obtain books and articles that are not available in our library, from national and international libraries Self-service technology - PreRequest Register via email Receive log in detail Search on Sabinet interface Request item Item is forwarded to partner library Item is collected or dispatched
  14. 14. Self-service technology - PreRequest
  15. 15. Self-service technology - PreRequest
  16. 16. Self-service technology Libguides (F) • LibGuides offer Web 2.0 multimedia functionality • Is mobile-friendly, all pages are optimized for mobile browsers, and does not use Flash, so chat works on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. • Keeps detailed statistics on its use and can create in-depth content usage reports • Main focus for IRD LibGuides will be training on request services as well as Library and information literacy
  17. 17. Self-service technology AirPAC • AirPAC has been developed by Innovative Interfaces • puts the Unisa Library Catalogue in your hand • much of the same functionality as the Web version of the catalogue
  18. 18. Self-service technology AirPAC • Search, request, view your patron record, renew items • AirPac server detects the type of mobile device you are using and deliver displays formatted for that device Classic phone Smart phone
  19. 19. Self-service technology Safemail Request via OPAC Request is handled via UniFlow Item is collected and sent to Delivery Services Item is packed into parcel Parcel is labelled and entered into Safemail system Parcel is given a tracking number Sent to Post Office Arrive at student • South African Post Office parcel tracking product • a delivery system for library books/articles to locally based and international students • Students can track and trace via myUnisa
  20. 20. Self-service technology Safemail Safemail system The student number is entered The parcels detail (weight) is recorded. Parcel has a label with unique label code applied and the label is scanned in. Unique label code is connected to the student number
  21. 21. Self-service technology Safemail - tracking
  22. 22. Self-service technology Safemail - payment
  23. 23. Virtual Reference Services • QuestionPoint – Chat (via the LibGuides) – Knowledge Base • Facebook • Twitter
  24. 24. Virtual Reference Services
  25. 25. Virtual Reference Services Facebook & TwitterQuestions can be asked via @unisalibrary