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Presentation for resit of mediaaaaaaaaa


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Presentation for resit of mediaaaaaaaaa

  1. 1. First Front Cover Deconstruction •· The slogan September Issue has •The blue, white and orange contrasts well been situated obscure on the front together because it is a bright and eye cover which is going against the catching color scheme. codes and conventions but for a good reason because many parents will •Each picture is taken from a medium shot so know the logo from previous letters you as the reader can see what they are therefore the school could easily get doing and the purpose for the photo. away with it•The editor has put the buzz word ‘Free’ in bold letters to attract the target audience because they will want to read something they dont • Overall I like this magazine front have to pay for cover because the colour scheme fits well and there is enough edits •This magazine front covers layout isn’t on the page to attract the target squashed together and everything fits well audience because if there is too in its place so the target audience can read little it doesnt look professional but everything more clearly if there is too much you dont read the information •The magazine has hyperlinks at the bottom of that could be important. the page so that when the students or parents get home they can access the schools website online to find out more information such as theschools number to contact, oncoming events and much more and this makes the reader feel important because they can ask there own questions and get involved themselves
  2. 2. Second Front Cover Deconstruction •· However the colour scheme•The magazine does not display any content is appealing because blue andtherefore the parent or student will not know white connote joy and calmness what they are reading showing the students would enjoy learning at this facility•· This front cover does not show a date •· I do not like this magazine when it was published which could mean front cover for many different that the magazine now contains old news reasons that I have stated above, the difference between this front •· The colours scheme for the front cover and the previous one I cover is too pale meaning you cannot see deconstructed is that the only the name of the school. If they had used a writing displayed on this magazine darker background the wording would be is blurry and hard to read whereas more eye-catching the other has clear writing which stands out on the page to grab the •There are too many photographs and no target audiences attention to readexplanation of what they are which does not more. The similarities in both appeal to the target audience magazines is that they both show their locations in their pictures of the students being productive and enjoying their school life which will want a parent to send their kids to this school also.
  3. 3. Third Front Cover Deconstruction •It can be suggested that this •The masthead gives the reader a magazines target audience is more for perspective of what the magazine students and not parents. This is shown could be about because red is a by the dialogue only displaying manyconnotation of adventure and catches insights of the schools events such as the readers eye. ‘After-School Clubs’. •It is a uplifting colour scheme •The slogan ‘Exclusive photos from especially with the pictures showing Kew Gardens’ has been placedeveryone smiling. However the pictures obscurely which goes against the codes only display females therefore and conventions but in a good way suggesting this school is single sex. because it adds an educational slant to the magazine•. Also it is apparent that this school could issue their magazine every •The different shapes around themonth as it displays ‘November 2009’ dialogue show that the magazine has underneath the masthead. had a lot work dedicated to it therefore the target audience respect it more and could attract their attention as there is more interesting information displayed.
  4. 4. First Contents Page Deconstruction •Using the numbers next to the •Each photograph that is shown dialogue and pictures goes with the on this page has a different codes and conventions of purpose behind it which interests magazines because the target the reader because they dontaudience will know what page to turn always want to look at the same to for the information they want to type of photo of students read working, its better to show photos of places they could go and what •The colours green, red and white type of things students could do are uplifting colours and symbolise in the lesson the general feeling throughout the magazine •However the only thing that isnt mentioned on this contents page •The masthead Contents is put is an introduction of what is in bigger writing and in a different featured and usually this is font to show it has a higher position written by the editor and situated than the rest of the dialogue either at the top corner of thebecause its what the target audience contents page or at the bottom look at before they read on corner. •The editor has situated the writingdown the side of the page to make it more aesthetically pleasing for the target audience. This also links in with the codes and conventionsbecause you never see the dialogue in the middle of the page.
  5. 5. Second Contents Page Deconstruction•This colour scheme can be a •The colour scheme is very connotation of wealth and professional as the black and luxury, this could suggest to white combined together make the target audience that the the magazine look more formal students do very well in their and could be a connotation thestudies and it is a professional overall school environment working environment. The picture situated in the left •The layout seems a bit basic hand corner can also back and straight forward however this point up as they are this makes it look more dressed smartly which would organised and more easier to attract parents attention to read by the target audience send their children to this facility. •The masthead isnt as eye- catching as most which goes •I think that this magazines against the codes and target audience is for older conventions which could be an students because it doesnt advantage because it makes theshow an element of fun in the magazine look more individual. colour scheme and the whole layout in general is for this •A disadvantage of this contentstarget audience as they would page is it doesnt display an appreciate it more. introduction to the magazine, this is usual situated at the right hand corner and is written by the editor.
  6. 6. Third Contents Page Deconstruction • The school’s logo has been • The underlining the second situated obscurely on this half of the masthead it contents page which does not reminds the read that the fit with the codes and information located inside is conventions. By doing this the directly about the school. editor has made the page look crowded and off-putting to the • The use of symmetry with the target audience. dialogue being in purple and red fits in with the codes and• The editor could have enlarged conventions because the page the logo to show its looks well organised importance to the school so the target audience remember • However this editor has got it scattered dialogue which doesnt look in place as some • The target audience of this writing is larger then others magazine could be aimed at a and looks clustered. variety of ages because some of the dialogue is directed at • The slogan at the bottom of the students such as ‘Year 11 the page ‘Learn- Achieve- Prom’ but also aimed at the Succeed’ suggests how past parents/guardians with students have achieved and mentioning ‘Anti-Bullying at could connotate the schools Brakenhale. overall performance.