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Sophie Reese - ADV420 Presentation

  1. 1. ESPN: “Race to the Finish!” By: Sophie Reese
  2. 2. Outline• Introduction• Target Audience• Key Performance Indicators (KPI)• Big Idea• Tools & Tactics• Budget• Summary
  3. 3. Introduction• We have come up with a unique, innovative campaign for ESPN that will them help gain recognition and reinforce their name even more while spreading awareness of a serious issue at the same time.• This campaign is based on kids and teens being healthy and active. Obesity is becoming more and more of a problem each year and we want to lend a helping hand in becoming a part of this healthier lifestyle change.• We are hoping that through social media, help from athletes, and a full proof digital strategy that this will change the way kids and teens eat.
  4. 4. Target Audience• The target audience for this campaign are children and teens. They are becoming the new generation and need to be taught how fun a healthy and active life style can be. However, their parents also need to be targeted as well because they need to help and support their children with this movement.
  5. 5. Key Performance Indicators• The indicators that we will follow to make sure that the campaign is successful will mainly be through social media, such as: • the number of followers on Twitter and “likes” on Facebook • website comments and traffic • interaction via polls and questions • participation in contests that we put on during the campaign on our social media sites• Through these, we will be able to pin point what is working with our campaign and what isn’t.
  6. 6. BIG Idea• The BIG idea we have for this campaign would to get some of these kids’ favorite athletes (football, basketball, baseball, etc.) into their hometown to endorse healthy eating. It would not only encourage these kids to eat healthier and be more active after hearing it from one of their favorite athletes, but it would get great publicity for the campaign in hopes for doing it again the next year.
  7. 7. BIG Idea (cont’d)• We will do contests through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to determine how someone could meet a famous athlete. Contests would include: • creating a healthy Pinterest board with pins that denote healthy food or sports • posting a photo of your favorite athlete on Facebook • “re-tweeting” & “Favorite-ing” tweets that the campaign posts
  8. 8. Tools & Tactics• We will use every social media outlet there is out there to try and engage our audience. These social media tools include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, our website, and a blog. • Facebook will be used primarily for our audience to interact with each other. We find that having our audience being able to communicate with each other will boost their energy and will also be a great support system. • Twitter’s main function will be for quick updates on the campaign, such as contests, times, and ways to help the campaign out. • Instagram is a photo sharing website and we will be utilizing it for its main purpose. We find that posting pictures of healthy eating, being active (sports), being outside, and success stories motivate people.
  9. 9. Tools & Tactics (cont’d)• Pinterest will be used in the same way as Instagram. However, we will be able to make different boards specifically aimed at healthy food, sports, outdoor activities, and how to make working out fun.• Our website simply be for information. We will have an eye- catching, informative website that will engage our audience with information, photos, and contact information.• Our blog will primarily used for ideas and motivation. We intend on having guest bloggers, such as people who have gone through the transformation, to put their story on our blog so others can thrive off of that. We also hope to have athletes put in a word about how they, too, have to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to be at their peak performance.
  10. 10. Budget• The cost of creating and implementing an entire digital strategy will be: (based on a $250/hour) • Strategy: 30 hours = $7,500 • Planning: 50 hours = $12,500 • Build: 50 hours = $7,500 • Implementation: 20 hours = $5,000 • Paid Media (athletes): 10 hours = $2,500 • Contest Fund: $5,000 • Campaign Apparel: $3,000 • Total: $43,000
  11. 11. Summary• The “Race to the Finish!” campaign will not only raise awareness for the issue of obesity, but it will get audiences to engage with ESPN through all social media sites, which will ultimately get them more recognition, an expansion of their name, and a bigger audience.