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As media music magazine evaluation

  1. 1. There are many conventions of media products, magazines like were the mast head is, how the content page is laid out, what colours are used etc, I took ideas from how the Kerrang magazine is laid out but I wanted my magazine to go against how Kerrang magazine (which was my main inspiration because its my music magazine genre) and other magazine of this genre like NME (rock) I wanted it to not be the same as those magazines but take certain conventions like layout from them. Also I have made a specific house style for my magazine.
  2. 2. I have represented teenagers and young adults, Who are emo/rock music fans. I think I have shown the emo/rock crowd in quite a stereotypical way, in the way I have dressed the model in the photographs up (what she was wearing and her make up) I created photographs though that represented the ideology rebel and hedonists and explorer
  3. 3. Bauer media which produces Kerrang, Q and mojo magazine which are popular music magazines. This would be an appropriate because it produces a magazine that is for my target audience and my target genre which is emo/rock
  4. 4. Age-16-25 year olds Gender- both but predominantly male Education-student Annual income-not much Disposable income-enough for loyalty to brands Buying habits-clothing e.g.converse,skinnyjeans Demographics-DandE Psychographics- strugglers,hedonists,rebelsand maybeindividualists
  5. 5. Blogger I put allAdobe Photoshop CS3 my work on toI edited my thisphotograph on this formy front cover, Ihavent learnt anythingnew from this as I usedit in the studentmagazine media task Slideshare this VideoPadAdobe Indesign Video Editor was used toCS4 I created my this was new to put my powermagazine on this me, I used this points on toagain I didn’t to edit my bloggerlearn anything audience feednew on this but I back videoperfected my skillson itMicrosoft Powerpoint I used this to put I have also usedsome of my written work on, it aloud me facebook, toto put work on blogger so It wasnt long get audienceblocks of text feeback
  6. 6. I have learnt how to represent different genres of ideologies and that they have to be represented in different ways so they are not extremely stereotypical. I also learnt new techniques on Indesign and photoshop that I didn’t know before which helped me out also. I have also learnt how to make my work look professional and what appeals to the target audience and what doesn’t