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  1. 1. FilmingSophie Moran
  2. 2. We filmed the voxpops in Liscard andLiverpool shopping areas. We askedpeople what their favourite pair ofshoes were. Not many people wouldallow us to film them so this took avery long time and lots of trips. We filmed the title sequence using a tracking dolly. We used many different people in different styles of shoes.
  3. 3. We filmed the walking montages in Liverpoolshopping centre. We placed the camera very lowdown to get a clear picture of peoples shoes asthey walked past us. This gave quite good footage.When first filming Debra Freckleton themicrophone did not pick up the soundso we had to repeat this interview. Wecreated more questions the secondtime round to get a better response.We followed rule of thirds framing. Wehad one cutaway in this interview ofDebra walking in heels, we filmed thisourselves.
  4. 4. We filmed Joan Turley in her house, we had to use thefreestanding light to create better lighting on camera. The lightchanged in some parts so we had to re film this interview a fewtimes to get the lighting right in all shots. We had a variety ofcutaways, some of Joan’s shoes and her walking, we filmed all ofthese ourselves.
  5. 5. For the Claire Mcloughlin interview we werein her office. This had very bright lighting so oextra lights were needed. We tried toconform to the rule of thirds here. Theinterview was done in one session, it was 10minutes long and had to be cut downsignificantly.
  6. 6. This is the Phil Squires interview, we did this in onesession. The lighting was dull so we used the cameratop light. We filmed the cutaways of Phil’s shoesourselves.
  7. 7. Ian Smith’s interview was filmed in the Shoe Market. We hadfilmed a shoe market interview before this one but the ladywe filmed did not give us full answers to our questions. Wre-wrote these questions and went back. We filmed all thecutaways ourselves and filmed Ian working in the shop.
  8. 8. The Grace Watts interview took place in the Dr Marten’s shop, theywere kind enough to close the shop for us so we did not have tocompete with background noise when filming. We had to do a few takesto make sure the questions were clear in the answers. We filmed all thecutaways in the store ourselves and tired to relate them to what Gracehad spoken about.
  9. 9. We filmed Natalie Warren’s interview in her house, we chose thislocation because this is where she produces her shoes. E filmed thecutaways of her shoes ourselves, we did cutaways that representedwhat she was talking about in the interview. We did this interview intwo takes because some questions needed more developed answers.We had to use the freestanding light because the setting was very dark.