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Analysis of contents page

  1. 1. Codes and Conventions of aMagazine Contents Page.
  2. 2. Both MOJO and ALTERNATIVE show the date and the issue number on the contents page. ALTERNATIVE shows a picture of the front cover of the magazine on the contents page. Not all magazines do this, just like MOJO. However, those who do, the front cover reminds the audience what the main article is and what they should look out for.
  3. 3. Both MOJO and ALTERATIVE use the sametypography on the contents page as they do on the front cover for the title. The typography also has connotations of the genre of the magazine. This is especially highlighted in ALTERNATIVE as it has asplattered red background behind ‘contents’. The red has many different connotations that relate the alternative and rock music.
  4. 4. MOJO and ALTERNATIVE both show credit to those who contributed to the magazine but go about it in different ways. MOJO shows credit to the three who have produced a great article or one-off art piece. It is presented in a jokey manor with irrelevantback stories in some cases followed by a few serious words of their gratitude. This will keep the audience entertained and make them want to look for their pieces of work. ALTERNATIVE presents a more commonly used Editors letter. The editor, Phil, talksabout the magazine and what is included. He also discusses the hard workings of Kat Von D in this article to applaud her for what she has achieved and thank her for being a big part of this issue.
  5. 5. Both images have direct address with the audience. Kat Von D in particular allures the audience. The dark makeup on a dark background really makes her standout. Whereas, Just like the genre the main image of Bob Dylan in MOJO is more relaxed.The picture on the MOJO contents page covers some of the writing at the top, as this is a well establishedmagazine the audience will know what it is. The images relate to the article, the genre and the personality of the singers.
  6. 6. ALTERNATIVE have a large variety of pictures as shown onthe left to present a lot of there articles in the magazine.All picture have the number of the page and the name of the band so the audience know where to find them. Similarly MOJO shows a main image of what is in themagazine but unlike ALTERNATIVE, the artists are shown intheir natural environment and there is not a professionalphotograph. This all relates to the genre of the magazine, MOJO has more relaxing colours and the layout is more upbeat just like there music they represent.
  7. 7. Both MOJO and ALTERNATIVE use the same side headings in a similar style and colour, the different genre’s are not dividing the two. Both magazines have bold titles to direct the audiences attention to that section of the contents page. Both magazines use the colours that are used on the front cover which also relates to the genre of magazine. MOJO has puttheir titles in bold banners which i think stands out more than the other.
  8. 8. Columns are used in both magazines but are used more in one than the other. MOJO has two different columns on two different pages whereas ALTERNATIVE has main column with an add on, then uses a collage of pictures to show what is in the magazine. The layout of ALTERNATIVE and MOJO both relate to their audience with the colours, the font and italso relates to the style of music. MOJO has put their ‘FILTER’in a different colour just like ‘REVIEWS’ has its own section atthe bottom of the page. This shows that it is different to theother articles but just as important.