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HMV Pitch

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HMV Pitch

  1. 1. Sophie Merritt & Gilly Genge
  2. 2. Target Audience HMV’s main target audience would be 16-30’s of both genders. (Browsers who make the odd purchase) You would then have your ‘Music Geeks’ who would be those people who visit the store every week to see what is new. (Weekly visitors who often make purchases every time) And then you have the 60+ audience who would tend to be men who only come in when they need or want something specific. However, HMV’s events and festivals would mainly be aimed at the audience of 16-30’s. Young students and adults of both genders who enjoy music, festivals, alcohol and a social crowd.
  3. 3. The ProblemDespite HMV being the leading retail company forentertainment with 285 stores in the UK, sales arecontinuing to fall due to the recent development andpopularisation of web 2.0More and more people are using the Internet to sourcetheir films and music, resulting in a huge loss in customersfor HMV
  4. 4. Our IntentionsOur intention is to prevent the sales from decreasingfurther and increase HMV’s intakeWe wish to achieve this by advertising other services thatHMV provide that have not already been promoted indetail
  5. 5. The SolutionOne of HMV’s most recent events is ‘HMV’s Next BigThing’, which is based in various venues and runs from2nd-12th February 2012Our plan is to use this event to promote HMV and keep italive – founded in 2010, it is a fairly new event and is stillattracting a new audienceBy promoting and advertising this event in and outside ofthe stores, it shows that HMV can pull through and with itscustomers help, will survive and continue to make a profit
  6. 6. The SolutionWe will use various advertisements to promote HMV’sNext Big ThingThis will consist of: flyers, billboards, posters for HMV’sown venues (i.e. Hammersmith Apollo), designs for theback of train tickets in London, web banners, etc.
  7. 7. DesignsThese are the designs for a small flyer (approximately thesize of a business card) that will be placed in the bags ofHMV customersThese will start being used three months before the eventto give people more time to purchase tickets if they areinterested Front Back
  8. 8. DesignsThis is the design for aposter to be used in thedifferent venues in whichHMV’s Next Big Thing willbe heldThese will be put upapproximately 4 monthsbefore the gigsAs the dates draw closerthe posters will bedisplayed in more publicplaces to attract a largeraudience
  9. 9. DesignsThese are designs of billboards that will be used to promoteHMV’s Next Big Thing, approximately one month before theshowsEach billboard has a different act from the festival’s line up onit
  10. 10. DesignsH V M This is the design for flyers that will be handed out after different gigs or events NX E TB TH G 2 1 02HET They will be distributed mainly IG IN at the venues which the 2nd - 1 th F B U R 2 ERA Y festival will be held in, but also O D N Featuring... outside clubs to attract a illy ilgrim larger audienceL N O Sound Of G Exit Ten uns Eugenge M uinness the history of Hadouken! T apple pie Reckless Love These will start being given weet B P H Little Comets E e d n a S i l e m E E L out about a month before the BOY D F J resh E gigs cG H A iral P dm E M P ikill ane Fallow H A ANG L A E tticus Anthem A V Y S IN AM N S Y T
  11. 11. DesignsThis is the design for the back of a train ticketThese will be used mainly around London, and will beginbeing used about 2 months before the event
  12. 12. DesignsThis design along with various others can be used to promoteHMV as a store… informing the audience as to what the storehas to offer. Various different images will be used to relateeach poster to a particular genre. I.e. Music, Film, Gamingand many more.
  13. 13. DesignsAlso as a form of advertising and promoting a web bannerhas been designed. It is an animated design that introducesthe festival and the store as well as what to expect from both.The animation will be featured on various web pages as wellas the HMV website. It can appear on social networking sitesas a form of advertising to a broader audience.